The Day that Never Comes


this song is the best since the songs of the Black Album, o.k. it's close to One (e.g. that dual guitar harmony, the uptempo part, drums... )... some might say the song sounds a little like Fade to Black too - all in all I think it's a great hard rock song, sounding really rough... good work metallica and rick rubin and Kirk I do love this solo and the pre-solo riff where james plays on the lower e-string and then kirk the same pattern on the high e-string - something like 0-5-8 and 0-5-7

I remember reading in a "Guitar World" magazine in the Top 100 Metallica songs article and this song was 75th. I though something was seriously wrong with that. This was the song that got me first into Metallica in 2008 when it came out and I love listening to it. This is my all time favorite song by any band.

Being 16 year Old in 2012,90% of my peer group hears Justin Bieber, Lady gaga, katy perry and others. Thus I did not listen to Metallica untill recently when one of my friends made me listen This song! And my world opened to Metallica, therefore this still remains my favourite Metallica song. Others I loved too were, Fade to Black, Master of Puppets and One.

My fav metallica song at the momment, the best song on death magnetic by far!, I think it should be in the top 3! METALLICA RULES! - dragon13304

I really can't think of any Metallica songs quite like this one. With a melodic intro, leads on to a nice chorus, and then some epic shredding solos. My only complaint is the production. All they cared about was "Loudness".

The juxtaposition of the emotion and the music that follows is completely unmatchable, such a long track too so it isn't over before you know it as well

The first part of the song got some very beautiful guitar playing. And the music video that is made for this song is quite what do I say... Go watch it for yourself haha.

I can't stand any song on death magnetic. Not because they're necessarily bad songs but because whoever produced that album did a dreadful job and the guitar tone is not really good.

As a guy with 3 brothers who listen to lots of music but think Rock is rubbish.. I can dedicate my love of rock to this song, it got me hooked on Metallica! And happily blare it out loud in front of my 3 brothers!

This song is a slap on the faces of those who says that mEtAlliCa has lost its ability to make good music... the second half of the song played by james hetfield and kirk hammet is awesome...

Wow this is the best song of Metallica. because of this song I stated loving Metallica they are just perfect seeing this song and then after master of puppets comes.

I don't why it isn't in the top 5 ranks. The intro by Kirk is the best of all intros of Metallica songs. Lars on drums plays really awesome. This was even the first song I learnt to play on my Fender.

Such An Inspiring Track.. I Never Liked Metallica But After Listening to This Track... I Am Also Listed Among The Metallica Buffs...
Its Intro, Vocals, Lyrics, Bass Binds You... And That Creates A Crave In You For This Song...
James Hetfield And Kirk Hammet, Make This Track A Masterpiece... And Maybe that's The Reason Why This Song Shall Be Immortal In History...
Long Live Metallica...

After St. Anger, I never expected Death Magnetic to contain a song worthy of my top ten. I'm so glad I was wrong, because this song is fantastic. The video's a bit rubbish though.

If I was a soldier... At war... I would listen to this song... On and on.. And only this song... Until my end... Because the ending is just creepingly awesome, just not knowing what or whos next..

Death Magnetic is a great album. After average Load, ReLoad and bad St Anger DM is like albums in 80th. The day that never comes is beatiful song with awesome video - metallica92vb

Metallica's best song ever, everything is cool about it. I shall listen and play it on my guitar forever even beyond my death.. This song truly defines them

The best song ever for me... It gives you everything you want in a complete metal track... Love is a four letter word and never spoken here """"the best line of the song

This song should be in the top 5 zone. Lyrics and melody are so good that they may bring tears to one's eyes. A masterpiece in every way, almost as good as "One".

The best intro. It could not have been any better.

Really Good Song The Best Should Be Higher Love It The Solo Is Amazing Vote This Song Please! Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Or Number 5 For Me - mneilan

This is perhaps my favourite Metallica song. But BIG word of advice: If you plan on listening to any song from Death Magnetic, LISTEN TO THE GUITAR HERO VERSION. Because the CD version suffers from abysmal quality, distortion and would probably make your ears bleed.

I don't know why this isn't on top. At least in the top 10's, because this is the most epic Metallica song I've heard.

awesmest song... shld be no 1... what a masterpiece... what a video.. gives m goosebumps... m/
So powerfull ending...

I understand its somewhat sacrilege to vote for a new song, but let's be honest- if this song came out in 1995 it would be #1