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41 King Nothing

In my opinion, the best Metallica song out there. It isn't very popular because it supposedly is in Metallica's "Dark Ages". However, it is much like Enter Sandman, just... Better.

This should be top 5 for sure I love this song, one of their best, this or master of puppets is their best

High school crazy jeep rides/
Why isn't this in the top ten!


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42 Until It Sleeps

I searched foe the list, only to vote for this song. Amazing music, awesome lyrics, awesome vocals.

Easily one of my favorite Metallica songs. Yes master of puppets is great (and SO OVERRATED ) and wherever I may roam has the best opening ever created, but people should seriously give this song more credit.

This is the best Metallica song ever! You have to take a look behind the lyrics and get into the music to enjoy it as much as I do.

Possibly one of the greatest lyrics and video ever! There's just so much behind it all!

I think this song is about having cancer.
Just makes it more of an emotional tune than it is. - naFrovivuS

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43 Metal Militia

I can't believe that trash metal like this is 83 and ordinary Metallica music like nothing else matter is in the first common its not real metalhead that vote here.

This cannot be true! By far one of the best tracks of the first album. Everyone, please help and get this track to the position it deserves! The opening of this track has been my favorite ringtone for years

One of my favorite, can't believe it's 93 it is better than that for sure!

I don't think this song is very good it's near the bottom of my list. But I like the fast stuff which makes it a song I would listen to if I was driving home at like 1:00 in the morning and needed to stay awake!

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44 No Leaf Clover

Just listen to the vocals, and if you don't get chills down U.spine, you clearly aren't much of a Metallica fan.

Incredulous! This song should be WAY higher... At least in the top 20. This song is one of 'em that a metal fan should never overlook. Amazing lyrics with an outstanding afterglow on life. "When it comes to being the soothing light at the end of your tunnel... Was just a freight train coming your way! " The best oxymoron you can get in my opinion. Flat out fantastic song

Great Lyrics, Great Solo, Great Rhythm, great feeling, great feating with symphony and with the best of James's vocals. This is great man!

Right now, this is at #44 and I'm disappointed with Metallica fans but, hey, it's Metallica, whatevs! - EliHbk

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45 Hit the Lights

Really great version of thrash metal. For me it should in the top 10. The killer solos and the opening riff was superb. It compares to some of the best thrash metal songs of ALL TIME!

This song is just like sanitarium in a crazy version, it just makes you jump around, hit the air and scream with it

I was searching for this song in the top 2 somewhere..! This doesn't belong here..! Get it up! :D Hit the Lighits!

Good song! Underrated!

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46 Bleeding Me

My favorite off of Load! Why 44? Bleeding Me should be in my opinion the top 10's! This song is so awesome. I love singing to it. The solo is epic in this song! The S&M version is cool as well! Vote! - johnpaularguelles

Masterpiece! Great riffs, solos, lyrics, fantastic background guitar work. And just love how the song develops!

Best song to sing along with! Well at least try to anyway! S ^^ M version is pretty killa as well with the echoing vocals

Anyone who says Metallica haven't produced anything decent after the black album clearly hasn't heard this song. It's raw power and intensity is just as awesome as AJAF and Battery

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47 Cyanide

VERY under-rated. One of the BEST from the new 'Death Magnetic' album.

This song is absolutely godly, breath taking riffs, brilliant chorus... Metallica at its very best!
Not to mention highly UNDERRATED

CYANIDE is the best piece of thrash metal anyone would ever listen to, but alas, many do not get such a luxury

I like this song. It's in between the 30-35 on my list.

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48 Phantom Lord

most musically advanced song on kill em' all

Definitely one of my favorite songs from Kill 'Em All, but why is it so low. 48th PLACE?! This deserves to be on the top 10. It should be 10: Battery 9: Sad But True 8: Hit The Lights 7: Creeping Death 6: The Unforgiven 5: Phantom Lord 4: Nothing Else Matters 3: For Whom The Bell Tolls 2: Fade To Black 1: Master of Puppets.

This songs shows the Real Metallica... Bring this up guys! 80s School Metallica.. The best ever!

Best metallica song ever

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49 I Disappear

Needs a mention is the top ten dudes. Far out man its heavy the last 43 seconds of the song is as equal to the last 2 1/2 min of the song One.

What a song and the ending is full on crazy. Metallica gives you heavy in this song.

It is so unique and under-rated because of its Napster back ground. But it a great Metallica song.

Ok it's a phenomenal song but it's nowhere near one. But I love this song!

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50 Eye of the Beholder

Very underrated but it has the grooviest and coolest sound of any Metallica song. the dark lyrics mixed with a heavy beat definitely make this one the best.

58...58?! This is one of their best songs. Their most popular? Not even close. But its a damn fine song and should at least crack the top 20. Anyone who votes the day that never comes over this needs to have their ears checked.

Great song but it and shortest straw for me get kind of forgotten due to all the other songs on justice being better and more memorable. Still better than anything they released after justice.


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51 Escape

Out for my own, out to get free, one with my mind, ages can't see

Escape is a very deep song. If you listen to the lyrics you will set it on at least top 20 just my oppinion. Rate if you want to I don't care

James hates this song. It was a dumbed down more mainstream song that they were forced to make. Only song from the first 4 albums that is worse than what they released afterwards.

The lyrics actually go.
Out for my own out to be free, one with my mind they just can't see, no need to hear things that they say, life's for my own to live my own way!

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52 Of Wolf and Man

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Not even in the top 20? Who ever made this needs shooting, Sad But true should be higher up als

THE BEST SONG FROM BLACK ALBUM! Should say enough! Whenever I hear it I turn into a werewolf! Absolutely FANTASTIC song! Must be at least in TOP 10! Metallica fans, get it out of here! When the "refrain" start, I go WILD!

Extremely underrated song. It really should be higher than this, a lot higher. Obviously there are a lot of stand out tracks on the "Metallica" album but this is at least 3rd or 4th best behind "Enter Sandman, " "Nothing Else Matters" and "Sad But True" and maybe above "Wherever I May Roam" and the "Unforgiven"

This is one of the most underrated song in the black album. Seriously, should be ranked higher

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53 Jump in the Fire

What this song should be at least top 20, one of the best dave mustain works with metallica and one of my favorite trash metal songs of all time

One of the best songs off of kill 'em all. Maybe the best.

The more I listen to this song the more it grows on me!

Jesus crised this should be in 20 or smth come on people!

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54 The Shortest Straw

This song should be Top 3 easily. (With MoP and Battery)

The most underrated song in the most underrated album in the history of music that I can think of. "One" is the only well known song from "... And Justice For All", despite "The Shortest Straw" is WAY better from start to finish.

Most people don't seem to get the broken and ever changing pace of this song or it's riffs, but this has to be the most brilliant metal song of all times, considering how it breaks these most important rules of successful music and still works:

1) Uneven beat (both Tempo and Time signatures change multiple times)
2) Shaky harmonies (especially in the solo, which sounds awesome)
3) Short sections and alternating riffs (most of them refrain 3-4 times during the song)
4) Next to no traditional structural build up (except in the solo where the structure is pretty close to classic slow build up ascending towards the climax)

Trust me, once you understand the song, you will ...more

Why do people continue to appreciate only the most-known Metallica songs? I mean, now a man makes himself be called Metallica Fan because he really likes Master of Puppets, or Enter Sandman. There are lots of better songs, and these are really underrated: The Shortest Straw (fantastic lyrics, great solo), Metal Militia, The Call of Ktulu (how can thus masterpiece be in a lower position than Whiskey in the Jar?! ), all the great AJFA stuff, My Friend of Misery (one of the three songs Jason wrote), Through The Never, The God That Failed..

The best song off of their best album. Has everything that sums up how good Metallica got before they tried to appease everyone. So glad they returned to the style of "... And Justice For All" for "Death Magnetic"

Superb song!

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55 Suicide & Redemption

Really? 46? Come on folks this one's bleeding symphony! This song so efficiently represents the musical intellect Metallica has to offer. Beautifully constructed and love the way it builds up. All the instrumentals should be in the top 20 in my opinion.

10 minutes of thrash metal.. best of Metallica's riffs, and the solo is heavenly. for me it's in top 10s

2nd best instrumental by Metallica, after Orion. But why this is here. Please guys vote it.. Don't remember Solo's of James ^^ Kirk? Very disappointing

The number four instrumental in Metallica history in between the call of ktulu and to live is to die! The only major problem I have with this song is it's almost 10 minutes long!

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56 The End of the Line

Its 52...? It my favourite song from death magnetic... Awesome drum, vocals and every thing... Just great Metallica song... All songs of Metallica are awesome... I agree with this list but this song should be in top 10...

Momentum of the metal which works much.

Compositional quality? Check. Riffs? Check. Creativity? Check. Result: Perfect song

I've listened to this song and I think it's ok. It's around the 60ish area on my list.

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57 Moth Into Flame Moth Into Flame

This is probably one of the best Metallica songs since...And Justice For All, and almost as good as some of the 80s Metallica songs, but I have a feeling that this will be the best song from the album, meaning that the album will probably be worse than Death Magnetic was. - DarkenedBrutality

Gotta say, this is the best Metallica song in a while. It may not be the best of all, but it still deserves the top 10. This is the Metallica that everyone knows. The lyrics tell a tale of a greed a fame, as if it were a moth addicted to light. The drums and the guitar make the song epic. This song needs more attention because it's a good song

Awesome man! I love this song. A masterpiece of metallica, classical thrash. This must top many metallica songs and will do better in the near future. This album would be better than anyone would think.

I fell in love with metallica because of this song. Definitely top 10 - vskdharmasena

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58 My Friend of Misery

. . . man this song is so under-rated. . . start listening people. . . good song - metallicman0012

Agreed, very underrated Metallica song. Lyrically it is for certain their best song. Also has some great guitar riffs. The lyrics... Are just amazing

A forgoten but great song.

Greeeat man!

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59 Some Kind of Monster

Some kind of monster is the evilest of the evil that Metallica usually use, to be fair I can understand why its not higher but it really should be around at least 30 or better really though 50? Monster deserves better

I just can't believe this song is so down below in the list... the start is awsummm man, this was the first thing I ever played on guitar ON MY OWN without any reference to chords or tab... this song just sinks in me, whenever I feel angry or when someone betrays...
Also love the way, he sings in satans voice

I can't believe that this fabulous song is in 51th place, when it supposed to be in 1rst place.

It's gets annoying very quickly. It's around the 30-40ish spot on my list.

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60 That Was Just Your Life

Metallica openers always have a certain ferocity to it, and this one is no different. I love the relentless pace of this song, Lars' double bass beats, the killer riffs, Kirk's uber solo in the middle, and the relentless pace of this song.

Did I mention the blistering fast relentless pace of this song?

Most of the best songs from Metallica are the ones that they play FAST and MEAN. Try Fight Fire with Fire, Battery, Damage Inc., Dyer's Eve, etc.

This songs introduction is truely amazing, Just as this entire song is. This song is very under-rated though. Listen to it a few more times, you may just fall in love.

How can you not recongnise music? Went to to see them at Manchester, MEN. They opened the show with this song and it blew me away.

It starts off good and then it slowly gets worse. Around number 50 on my list.

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