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121 Purify

Such an amazing song by Metallica, although it's got a lot to compete with it should still come out near the top

PURIFY YOU AND I! Great song! The number two song on st. anger second to shoot me again!

BADASS SONG! One of the Metallica's best :D

122 St. Anger

Too underrated, the drums sound so cool and are the vocals are great. I don't see why Metallica fans don't like this song.

So underrated. I love this song, probably my favourite. Don't know why no one else likes it.

Such a great song deserves a much higher position

This has to be one of Metallica's most underrated songs. My top 5 are:

1. Master of puppets
2. Enter Sandman
3. St. Anger
4. Sad but true
5. Fade to black

This needs to be in the top 20 or 10.

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123 The Struggle Within

What the hell! This song should be in the top 20's or the top 10's. Everything about this song in my opinion is badass! The intro is pretty kickass and the solo as well!

Are you guys kidding?! This song is one of the best from the Black Album! I can't believe it's number 80 on this list. This should be way higher.

STRUGGLE! And then that epic solo comes in and after that solo ends, a certain riff makes you want to start a mosh pit! This is seriously one of Metallica's best songs!

This song is underrated! Great jam!

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124 Mama Said

This song is really touching.. Great sentiment, rhythm, melody and lyrics... Great to listen and play... You will hardly find any other songs like this from any other artists...

Ummm... this song should be in the top 10. One of Metallica's most beautiful songs. Expertly written and very touching.

This song should be on the top great vocals great lyrics I always remember my mother while I listen to this really heart touching great guitar music too.

TOP 10 must be, should be, has to be, абе заеби!

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125 My Apocalypse

This is pathetic! My apocalypse is beyond godly. One of the best songs ever made. This just HAS to be at LEAST in the top 15. Amazing riffs and the lead is beautiful. Deserves a much better place. After all it's a Grammy nomination! Besides, the new album is one of Metallica's bests.

when you listen this song is sure that you remember a kill'em all album, fast, heavy, noise, sinester-mad riffs, like a brutal hammer pick faster in your head...

Makes me sad to we such a deep beautifully written song so low... Shows you how many casuals there are that simply listen to a few hours and claim to be huge fans... Despite the lack of punch, I've noticed this song to be hugely popular amongst more hardcore fans. Its rare to find a song with such beautiful melody and lyrics. Unfortunately due to a heavy relation to this song, I now have a hard time listening to it.

It's a lot like Damage Inc. in my opinion. This song is awesome though, it deserves to be much higher.

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126 So What

This is an amazing cover of a great song. Out of all of the songs on disc 2 of garage, inc., it has the best production. This is such an underrated song and should at least be in the top 25 of best Metallica songs of all time. Sure it has the most amount of cussing but it is the heaviest song on the whole album.

I know it is cover, but it is Great! It is one of their best songs! What is it doing here?! - ThePavkostek999

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list

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127 Where the Wild Things Are

This song is very Underrated, its a very good song. - dragon13304

UNDERRATED?! MORE LIKE OVERRATED! I hear people talk about how good this song is all the time I hate it! It's my third least favorite Metallica song it's above the outlaw torn and the god that failed

A song that shouldn't be at the very bottom of this list, but shouldn't be at the top either. I think it should be a little bit higher on the list.

This is one of the best songs on Re-Load. I'm surprised it isn't higher on the list. It's very underrated.

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128 Low Man's Lyric

Great Song Ever. I heard this to million times but I getting close to lyric to this song and what a voice of James his impressing everyone and I love share this with everyone. Please vote this song really great work by Metallica. M not biggest fan of Metallica but m best fan. So keep listening to Metallica. M loving It

So emotional and beautiful, can't believe it's not higher up on this list.

I CAN'T believe this song is not in the top 20! Personal favorite. So I lie, lie straight to the mirror, the one I broken to match my face. Priceless.

Beautiful. Harmony.

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129 Holier Than Thou

I would go as far and say that this is the best Metallica song ever.
The guitars and the bass is so perfect in this track, by far the best on the black album.

Higher! It's just a cool song and definitely better than others above.
I just love the part when the three guitars come in after the bass

Come on! This song should be higher than 75! Probably the "thrashiest" song on the black album. Pretty much everything about this song is awesome! Especially the solo and the bass part! Vote.

How is this in #129...?

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130 Invisible Kid

This is an amazing song! I think that is just really underrated because of the fact that it's from St. Anger. It's such a good album and its just so underrated it hurts me. This has to be at least the 2nd best song on the album.

This song rocks! This, along with Shoot Me Again, are the best songs off of St. Anger. Ronnie is better than both this song & Shoot Me Again? Ronnie is one of the worst Metallica songs ever!

Invisible Kid is a good song. It has okay lyrics. This is one of the only good tracks on St. Anger, but that's just my opinion.

It's ok

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131 The Unnamed Feeling

Great song. Awesome destorted guitar, and the lyrics are so deep. I love st. Anger don't care what anyone says

This song just explains how I feel almost all the time. I love it.

Such an underrated song. The Unnamed Feeling is honestly some of Metallica's best work! Love this song and it should be much further down!

Higher no doubt

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132 My World

This is a good song

One of the best song on St Anger


133 Dirty Window

Upvoted this song because in my opinion it's the saving grace from St. Anger.

This song and St. Anger is WAY BETTER than All Within My Hands, and its way better than that poopstorm album Load.

134 2 x 4

What? Why 89th place? In my opinion, 2 X 4 is one of the best Load songs! The solo is the best part of the song! Everything else in this song is pretty good as well. 2 X 4 should be higher. At least in the top 40's! - johnpaularguelles

I really love the groove to this song. Especially the solo! Everything about this song is awesome. Too bad this song is underrated! Should be at least in the top 50's or higher. Please vote for this song!

An underrated song, but still awesome! This song has an excellent groove to it. Why isn't this song in the top 20's? Please vote for this song!

My second favorite song on Load. My favorite is King Nothing.

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135 Poor Twisted Me

What the hell? Why is this song number 94? This should be in the top 30's. This song has a great groove to it! I love it. I think in my opinion, this song is one of the best from the Load album. This song is probably the grooviest song Metallica has ever made. Please vote!

This song is underrated, but is still an awesome song. Why isn't this song in the top 20's? This song has an amazing groove to it!

Some people don't really care for this song, so I heard it for the first time, I gotta say... A pretty cool song! Poor Twisted Me should be a little higher on the list.

This song isn't all that good.

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136 Cure

I DO BELIEVE that Cure is a pretty good song! I DO BELIEVE it is also pretty underrated as well. I DO BELIEVE that this song should at least be in the top 60. The solo in Cure is pretty cool! Nothing else really needs to be said about this song other than VOTE NOW! One of the best from Load.

I agree if master of puppets is the best song, but at least "cure" has to be in top ten.

It's ok

137 Ain't My Bitch

Ain't My Bitch 106?! Should be at least in the top 50's in my opinion! This song is the first Metallica song to have a slide guitar as a solo which is pretty cool in my opinion. It's also one of the heavier songs on the Load album! Ain't My Bitch should be higher. Please vote!

This was my favourite Metallica song at one point in time... Shame to see it get swept so low to the bottom. Awesome tune.

Yes this song is great number 2 song on this album ( second to king nothing ) this song is definitely a top 15 by Metallica.

This is GREAT!

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138 All Within My Hands

This song needs to be way higher than 122! It has good riffs and all that. I also like the acoustic version of this song. In fact, I like the acoustic version a little bit more than the studio version. Please vote!

All Within My Hands should at least be in the top 60's. I say 60's because a lot of people aren't gonna vote for this anyway. But I think it's one of the best songs on St. Anger. I also love the acoustic version as well.

Not easy to listen especially the last 2 minutes. Well, James just came back from clinic. Still top 100.

I sometimes feel like the only one who likes this song. It's among my top 10 for sure.

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139 Free Speech for the Dumb

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list

140 Tuesday's Gone

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list

Metallica owned a lot of their covers but not this one Skynard forever R.I.P. ronnie

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