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1 Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump) Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump) Forrest Gump is a fictional character who first appears in the 1986 novel by Winston Groom. Forrest Gump also appeared on screen in the 1994 film of the same name directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Run Forrest run!

2 The Joker (The Dark Knight) The Joker (The Dark Knight) The Joker is a fictional super villain created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson who first appeared in the debut issue of the comic book Batman (April 25, 1940) published by DC Comics. Credit for the Joker's creation is disputed; Kane and Robinson claimed responsibility for the Joker's design, more.

Greatest performance ever by Heath Ledger - Ajkloth

Phenomenal performance by Heath Ledger... How he laughed... He nearly destroyed batman.

Okay, yes, The Joker is a great character, but my god, what a horrendous list. Where's Rick Blaine? Colonel Kurtz? Travis Bickle? Michael Corleone? Henry Hill? Atticus Finch? Norman Bates? Vito Corleone? Ripley?

Simply the best!

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3 Andy Dufresne (The Shawshank Redemption) Andy Dufresne (The Shawshank Redemption)

The absolute greatest, clever character

Best character in the best movie!

Brilliant - PeeledBanana

4 Darth Vader (Star Wars Saga) Darth Vader (Star Wars Saga) Darth Vader was the original dark lord for Star Wars. Darth Vader ruled with both fear and aggression. Originally Anakin Skywalker a young Jedi who was then seduced by the dark side of the force by Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Vader had his limbs cut off by his jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi leaving more.

I LOVE STAR WARS! Those who think otherwise should watch the series once, and I'm sure they'd change their minds.

The Suit, The Voice, The Breath, ALLL of it! Id love to be him! I AM your

NO Luke, I am your father. Best quote ever! - TopTenJackson

Way more intimidating and scary than The Joker - missyweirdo

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5 Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean Series) Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean Series) Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. He is a pirate in the film series.

Wait why is he on the list twice lol - missyweirdo

6 Harry Potter (Harry Potter Series) Harry Potter (Harry Potter Series) Harry James Potter is the title character of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Potter, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard.

What's the difference between the Harry in the book and the movies? There's another Top Tens, and in that one (for the books I guess? ) Harry was #2... But still, he's really sweet and a HERO! - Splashstorm

Yea he is good... good character, good person, good spells, good charms, GREAT LIFE

Not a bad character but he's too overrated.

Harry potter is supermegafoxyawesomehot... If ya know what I mean, and he is also the greatest most beautiful wizard, most sexy wizard in the wizarding world... (And yes I am a starkid fan)

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7 Shorty Meeks (Scary Movie 1 & 2)

Funny character best in scary movie series

8 Brooks (The Shawshank Redemption)
9 Han Solo (Star Wars Saga) Han Solo (Star Wars Saga) Han Solo is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed in films by Harrison Ford. In the original film trilogy, Han and his co-pilot, Chewbacca, become involved in the Rebel Alliance which opposes the Galactic Empire.

Harrison Ford really played him well. - TheFourthWorld

He is so badass! R.I.P! - missyweirdo

10 Seth (Superbad)

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11 Hanson (Scary Movie 2)
12 Wallace (Scott Pilgrim Vs.The World)
13 Tony Montana (Scarface) Tony Montana (Scarface) Antonio Raimundo "Tony" Montana is a fictional character and the villain protagonist of the 1983 film Scarface.
14 Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs) Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs) Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a character in a series of suspense novels by Thomas Harris. Lecter was introduced in the 1981 thriller novel Red Dragon as a forensic psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer.

Come on! He's the most famous cannibal of all time! This thriller made him truly a superstar. He's intelligent and also very dangerous. I believe that he, after the joker in the batman series, is the best villain ever.

He in every way is better then most people on this list he eats people for out loud come on

Dr Hannibal Lecter sports the fact that he is the most cannibal ever. He's complex in the way his character is written and he is so interesting that providing he didn't eat me, I would like to talk with him face to face.

He deserves to be in the top 5.

15 Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones Adventures) Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones Adventures) Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones, Jr., often shortened to "Indy", is the title character of the Indiana Jones franchise.

He is humorous, smart, brave, and brings the whole personality to the movie! Needs to be higher on the list! - missyweirdo

16 Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean Series) Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean Series) Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. He is a pirate in the film series.

I love the part where he almost shoots Elizabeth because she destroyed the rum! Funniest scene ever! - missyweirdo

Want another rum.. Savy?


17 Agent K (Men in Black) Agent K (Men in Black) Agent K is a fictional MIB agent in the film Men in Black, its sequels Men in Black II and Men in Black 3, and Men in Black: The Series.
18 Jay (Kidulthood)
19 Sam (Casablanca)
20 Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series) Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series)

She is beautiful and intelligent in character

I Agree with that. She was clearly the Grade A Student of Hogwarts and yes, she was beautiful.

21 Jesse Montgomery (Dude,Where's My Car)
22 Greg Phillipe (Scary Movie)
23 George Logan (Scary Movie)
24 The Dude (The Big Lebowski)
25 Red (The Shawshank Redemption)
26 Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid)

"We Did it Mr. Miyagi! We Did it! "
I will never forget that Epic... Genuine Motivation & an Inspiration... - Nirmal1991USA

Miyagi is good fighter and sencei karate, from okinawa. His style is epic.

He is Such a Great Teacher... I wish I could Learn Karate from him!
Rest in Peace, Noriyuki Pat Morita...

One of the best performances ever, great quotes: "Balance, Daniel San."

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27 Paul Blart (Paul Blart: Mall Cop)

Laugh out loud yeeesss!

28 Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean Series) Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean Series) William "Will" Turner is a fictional character and main protagonist in the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Love you orlandooo, will turner will turn all the actors

Lol stupid pretty boy take him off the list he is so bland, dull, and one-dimensional. Nothing special or unique about him! Cookie Cutter Character! - missyweirdo

29 Keyser Soze (The Usual Suspects)
30 Sal (Do the Right Thing)
31 Sir Bedivere (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
32 Chucky (Child's Play Series) Chucky (Child's Play Series) Charles Lee Ray is a fictional character and the titular antagonist of the Child's Play horror film series.

I can't go upstairs anymore without being frightined by chuky doll

33 Dr. Emmett Brown (Back to the Future Series)
34 Ellen Ripley (Alien) Ellen Ripley (Alien) Ellen Louise Ripley is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Alien film series played by American actress Sigourney Weaver.
35 Fat Amy (Pitch Perfect/Pitch Perfect 2) Fat Amy (Pitch Perfect/Pitch Perfect 2)
36 Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) A psychotic death eater who escaped from Azkaban, and is fiercely loyal to Voldemort. Murderer of many people such as Sirius Black, and also a sadist who drove the Longbottoms mad.
37 Saul Silver (Pineapple Express)
38 James Bond (James Bond Series) James Bond (James Bond Series) Royal Navy Commander James Bond is a fictional character created by British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1953. He is the protagonist of the James Bond series of novels, films, comics and video games.

James Bond is very good according to aiming target

He is epic and how many cars he has had I like the astons

39 Raj Malhotra (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge)

Most famous Indian movie character

He is always awesome

40 Vito Corleone (The Godfather) Vito Corleone (The Godfather) Vito Andolini Corleone is a fictional character in Mario Puzo's novel The Godfather and in Francis Ford Coppola's film series based on the novel, where he was portrayed by Marlon Brando in The Godfather and, as a young man, by Robert De Niro in The Godfather Part II.
41 Zero (Holes)
42 Philip Wenneck (The Hangover)
43 Arthur (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
44 Pikachu (Pokemon Movies) Pikachu (Pokemon Movies) Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

Mwahahaha! Pikachu is so much better than Harry Potter. He's cute, lovable, brave, and the best friend you could ever have! He always protects his friends. PIKACHU IS AWESOME!

45 T-1000 (The Terminator Series)

T-1000 is metal oil water robot programe dead to John Connor. T-1000 is gread power, his opponent to T-800. T-1000 is not limited power.

46 Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver) Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver) Travis Bickle, a 26-year-old honorably discharged U.S. Marine, is a lonely, depressed young man living on his own in New York City. He becomes a taxi driver to cope with his chronic insomnia, driving passengers every night around the city's boroughs. He also spends time in porn theaters and keeps a more.
47 Jeff Portnoy (Tropic Thunder)
48 George Bailey (It's a Wonderful Life)
49 Wolverine (X-Men Movies) Wolverine (X-Men Movies) Wolverine is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly associated with the X-Men. His powers and abilities include a healing factor and his signature adamantium claws and adamantium skeleton.
50 Tyler Durden (Fight Club) Tyler Durden (Fight Club)
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