Popular vs. Best

On TheTopTens, I have seen some lists, like Best Movies of All Time, that had some items much, MUCH higher than critics and most people say. For example, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and THe Dark Knight are on best movies. Of course, there are lots of people who do think this should be here, but most people think it shouldn't. TheTopTens isn't formed by famous critics, so the most popular items, even if they're not the best, are appearing on these lists. I'm not trying to change any opinions with this post, I'm just trying to send a message to anyone coming to this site that it doesn't matter that the best of the best are so low down in certain categories, because 1. These items are generally known and liked, that's why people vote for them and 2. the better items that are lower down are items that TheTopTens goers don't know as much about. One reason why that's true is because most people on this site are young or young adults. But if you feel strongly that something should be higher, please vote and tell other people to vote. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.


The thing is, many people have voted on the movies they have only seen, or in other words, they don't know a thing about the other famous ones. How many of the visitors you think might have seen all the movies before they voted on this list? Possibly only 1%. Those who saw only the Dark Knight or Lord of the Rings would vote on one of these two. Who cares if they didn't vote for the movie such as Star Wars or the GodFather?
Kids most probably will see one of the current popular ones and not the old classics. So it's not a surprise if you see a Dark Knight there in the top 10. - Kiteretsunu

That is very true, most people nowadays will vote for whatever is on the hypewagon. Then when that's over, they'll vote for the next and next and so on. - NerdyPweeps

Star Wars is from the 70s and 80s and A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back are in the top 10 on that list. - PeeledBanana

I partially agree with you since I've seen Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises listed in the Top 20 all time best movies. However, the titles you named are actually seen as some of the best of their genres by both critics and the audience, so they are not the best examples. If I follow your reasoning actually almost every list on this site is useless because no one can possibly know all titles that show up in a specific list with often more than 100 items. The rankings only represent the crowd. - visitor

That's what this post is all about. And yeah, this reasoning can be applied to all the lists here. - Kiteretsunu

My reasoning doesn't apply to every list. Maybe I used bad examples, but don't think that I think this way when I see every list. - Songsta41

I'm sorry pal but I disagree. Well, mostly I agree. Like the avengers and the lion king shouldn't be infront of Back to the Future. But my only disagreement is The Dark Knight. With or Without Heaths death, I love it. But that's my opionion and I respect yours x3 - LpsDisneyTmntFreak


I like our movies. Thank you everyone for participating that participates. - visitor

I agree. 2001: A Space Odyssey and Back to the Future under The Lion King and The Avengers is crazy! - MontyPython

Back to the Future is above The Lion King and The Avengers now, TLK is at 16 and Avengers is at 23, while BTDF is at 11. - PeeledBanana

Well it's the same argument you can use for the Billboard music charts. Everyone should know that just because everyone has seen or heard it doesn't mean it's the best, that's just common sense. It's decided by a unanimous acceptance, not just a loud minority. - visitor

Popular vs best = me vs me - gemcloben

I agree. I would probably vote for Star Wars, but I honestly don't think it's the BEST movie. (though Empire Strikes Back is definitely top 10) That's why I always vote for The Princess Bride, the movie I believe is the best, or is the best I have seen. - LarkwingFlight

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