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1 Origin of Symmetry Origin of Symmetry Product Image

for a very long time I ignored this masterpiece simply because my favorite song was from absolution. how lame was I? but anyways, I gave origin a few spins, and suddenly I realize the benefits of open-mindedness.

I used to think drones album was a masterpiece because it was my first and only muse album I listened to. " And boy was I wrong! " Now drones is my least favorite album beside showbiz. That being said, I still like every muse album, even drones and showbiz. Origin of symmetry is my favorite modern day rock album! Thanks to every song being perfect on this album! New born, citizens erased, plug in baby, feeling good, hyper music, space dementia, bliss, (all classics! ). Everyone's first muse album to listen to should be OOS all the way! And listen to the other albums please also! Muse takes you to a whole new world.

Absolutely incredible. The flow from song to song keeps you captured, every detail in every song is so meticulous and intentional - a truly perfect album.

From the first word in New Born to the last word in Futurism, you feel an emotional attachment to the band, almost as if they are playing for you. Truly exceptional, hands down best album ever. When I first became a Muse fan in late 2014, Absolution was my favourite, but I realised that OOS is so much more personal and heartfelt. To top it off, the live performances (for example the "infamous" Le Zenith) were so full of energy and operatic. Any recorded shows are sacred. Citizen Erased will continue to be my favourite song until I grow old. Long live Origin Of Symmetry (and Dom's embarrassing clothes! )

2 Absolution Absolution Product Image

Not only the tracks themselves are mind-blowing, but certainly as a whole album this is Muse's best work so far. This concept album feels like one great cohesive story from the beginning until the end, and it shows perfection and the most ambition in many musical terms (for example the symphonic layers, the even further improved vocals, and so forth! ). Origin of Symmetry is also a great album with especially massive tracks throughout the first half, but it feels like it still needs some polishing. And while listening to Origin of Symmetry may depend on your mood, Absolution will remain the album of sonic assaults you can listen to whenever!

Very good album, so much to be commended for it. The extreme and harsh nature of it in some parts beautifully contrast the beauty of other parts. Another essentially perfect album

My favourite songs are
Sing for absolution, hysteria, Stockholm syndrome, butterflies and hurricanes, thoughts of a dying atheists.

Matt's piano work on this album alone is reason enough to love this album. See the piano solos for Butterflies and Hurricanes and Ruled by Secrecy for example, or the outro to Apocalypse Please. The bass is amazing too, take a listen to Hysteria or Time is Running Out. This is my favorite Muse album.

3 Black Holes & Revelations Black Holes & Revelations Product Image

Really, this album does not have my favorite songs in it, but it is the only muse album that I can listen to any time regardless of my mood. It has a lot of good songs such as Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole, Map of the Problematique, Assassin, and Knights of Cydonia. It is also such a complete album so that I don't ever feel the need to skip around.

Simply the best muse album! This was a hard decision but this album came out #1! Most of their best songs are on here: starlight, supermassive black hole, map of the problematique, soldiers poem, invincible, assassin, exo politics, knights of cydonia, and glorious! Go buy it

Origin of Symmetry is the best, but this is a close second. After Absolution, a darker heavier album, Muse added started experimenting a lot on this album, which resulted in a grandiose symphonic rock album that has become their sound. I love this album.

Love them all but too many great songs on this to ignore. "Knights" was the track that got me into Muse in the first place. It like Queen and Zepplin had a kid and He is on a crusade to take over the world by force. Want the definition of "Epic, " listen to this song as loud as you can

4 The Resistance The Resistance Product Image

Why this is considered one of the worst albums by Muse will always be beyond me. Sure, this album brought some changes in Muses' style; but I personally feel that the changes were just big enough to improve their sound, while not big enough to get rid of the Musey feel. Every one of these songs had a different style. You go from hearing what sounds like an intro to a movie, to some rock, to a rock ballad. This might be too much variety for some, but I feel that every one of these songs of this album are unique, creative, and amazing.

Just a simply amazing album. I watched them live playing this album and it was amazing. I love the songs Undisclosed Desires and Uprising. If Neutron Star Collision was on this album, it would be the total package.

So many people hated this album, listening to this is more art than music, it sounds perfect.

Origin of symmetry is brilliant, powerful and raw/rocky. I love it like I love all their albums but this is the strongest.

This is a great album I don't know why people say its bad or not good enough because I like it a lot. Songs like uprising, resistance and undisclosed desires bring this album higher to make it one of their best

5 Showbiz Showbiz Product Image

This should be at least 4th on this list to be honest. With songs like Sunburn and Muscle Musuem, Muse showed their full potenial of being one of the greatest modern rock bands ever by debuting with this album. I think this album is really underrated and deserves to be higher on the list. And new muse fans, before saying the 2nd Law is their best album, please listen to their other albums before giving your honest opinion.

What's this doing in 6th place? Anyway, I'm in love with this album. Instead of a normal debut full of songs that even the band doesn't care about, this album is full of fantastic songs. I could listen to Uno or Escape anytime while still loving the big hits like Sunburn and Muscle Museum. For me, this is probably the best.

Simply the best album of Muse! Listen to the songs like Muscle Museum, Uno, Sunburn and Unintended and you'll be sure about it! Unfortunately, their last album shows that the band totally sold out because it sounds just like a high quality pop-rock. Enough said.

P.S. Sorry for my English. With love from Ukraine!

It's just the best, the skill used to play some of these songs and the notes matt hits. It's incredible. This is the real muse, not the disco pop material they're releasing nowerdays. This is simply the best and they don't play the songs from these albums nearly enough at there shows.

6 Drones

In y opinion, the seven muse albums can be grouped into four categories:
Origin of Symmetry and Absolution are their best and people tend to disagree on which one is first and which one is second
Black Holes and Revelations and Drones come after the first two. I don't think drones is their best, but it's definitely around black holes level, which is awesome in itself.
Resistance and 2nd Law are usually on the end of people's lists, with complaints coming towards the experimenting of the band, which I don't really have a problem with, but I will agree that these are their worst two.
Showbiz seems to be the one that no one really knows where to put it. First of all, it's overlooked by everyone, and second of all, people say it sounds a bit too much like radiohead. But it's no a bad album. Muscle Museum, Sunburn, Showbiz, and Uno all come off this album, and those are all awesome songs. But yeah I don't know where I'd out this one. Someplace between 5th and 7th place. But ...more

Muse may have overkilled their dystopia theme, but this album is more than good enough to overlook it. This album contains the two most epic Muse songs I have ever heard: Reapers and The Globalist. The solo in Reapers is so precise and absolutely perfect for the song that it has become my new favorite Muse song. The layering of vocals in the chorus is so fitting, and the entire song is worth listening to, although they shouldn't have dragged out the final smashing note. The Globalist is so pleasing to listen to at first, and the song wisely takes its time to build into a wonderful masterpiece of progressive rock. Of all the extensive songs I have listened to, this is by far the easiest to listen to. What I mean by this is that the 10 minute run time doesn't matter because every second of the song is worth it to listen to. In fact, the entire album is phenomenal, but if I could only keep two songs, it would be these.

Ok so four of the tracks off this albums have been released and they're all pretty good, especially reapers. That song is incredible. It sounds kinda like rage against the machine. So anyway, since the songs get heavier as the album goes on, so far, I feel like that's probably gonna happen for the whole album, until we reach The Globalist, a ten minute long prog-rock song that's just gonna blow everybody's faces off. I think Origin of Symmetry is their best album, then Absolution, but I'm gonna have to say, as of right now, Drones looks like it's gonna be fighting for third place against Black Holes and Reveations. Can't wait!

In this album, Muse goes back to their roots after the electro-orchestral discs "The Resistance" and "The 2nd Law". To the less sophisticated but still complex sound, the true Muse sound. It's their most complete work since "Absolution", which made them famous. It contains heavy riff-based songs such as "Psycho", "The Handler" and the guitar-shredding "Reapers" and the softer ones like "Dead Inside" and "Mercy". Also, it includes the masterpiece of "The Globalist", at the level of "Citizien Ereased" and "Knights of Cydonia" in my opinion.

7 The 2nd Law The 2nd Law Product Image

Of all the albums I have heard in my life, I have heard nothing with this much variety. I am so happy this album exists, my musical tastes are all over the place, but the 2nd law cover nearly all the genres I like. I can see why a lot of fans hated it, but the Muse fan base has a HUGE problem. When Muse changes their style, they automatically hate it. They are still waiting to this day for them to do Absolution again. But this shows that Muse doesn't seem to care what the longtime fans think, they do what they want to do. Easily my favorite by Muse.

I got to know Muse in reversed order. I fell in love with two songs from Resistance (do I have to tell which two? ) and after I started playing Keyboard myself, my appreciation for music went up. As such I started to appreciate all that's on Resistance and wanted to find out more about what these guys had done in the past. Going back to their previous album seemed the obvious choice to make. And it had never disappointed. I happen to love all the "experiments" they toy around with, since I'm so lucky to like all styles they visit. Be it dubstep, classic, rock, pop and of course a bit of electronics in there as well. Add some strings to the mix and was completely sold. Still am. Love the diversity. For me it all adds up and makes for a very interesting listening experience.

Their most daring and in your face album for sure. But it's very pleasing. From the brilliantly done 'Madness" to the head banging Supremacy to the U2 esque Big Freeze, this album is very good indeed.

I think the best moment on the entire record is definitely when Matt hits those amazing notes near the end of Madness, which is also the best song on the album I think.

I wouldn't recommend this album to an Origin Of Symmetry fan, but I think It's worth a listen to ANYONE who likes Muse or wants to start listening to their music. Should you start here? Maybe, maybe not. But this album is as solid as a stone. Very good indeed.

This has to be Muse's best album, followed closely by (so closely that I frequently oscillate between the two) The Resistance. I love all their earlier work and play those albums frequently, but for me, these two albums take Muse's epic-ness to another level. The 2nd Law is the pinnacle of their work. I am still in denial about Drones, and although I play it rarely (hoping that I may hear it differently as the year past), nothing ever changes for me; it's their worst. The first two singles from their soon to be released 2018 album are promising. Hopefully they have reinvented themselves.

8 H.A.A.R.P.: Live from Wembley H.A.A.R.P.: Live from Wembley Product Image

To everyone that loves Muse and has not listened to that, there is a hole in your life that needs to be filled now. It has a mix of perfect live performances from their old and new albums. It is easily the best thing Muse has ever put out, absolutely PERFECT!

I remember when my mother listened on this CD and loved it. H.A.A.R.P is the best live CD.s Muse have done and I think it deserves to be on place 7

I Love Muse Live They are the Best Live Band in the world ever

I wish I could have seen this live

9 Hullaballo Soundtrack Hullaballo Soundtrack Product Image

I'm going to be honest, this has much more good songs on it than both The Resistance and The 2nd Law. There are no bad tracks on this album and if they released it as a full length album separately, it would be considered among the top three albums.

The B-sides on here deserve to be released as an actual album. Very reminiscent of Showbiz, and somehow the production seems better too. Well worth getting for the b-sides, but also for the live performance, where they absolutely rock!

The single hardest muse album is also the most underrated and best in my opinion

Extremely underrated - another chapter of prime Muse that doesn't disappoint.

10 Simulation Theory Simulation Theory Product Image

I will admit that I am a little late to Muse. I discovered them about a year ago, but when I found out about this lp, I was intrigued and, before I knew it, I was hooked! I love how diverse Muse's style is. On this LP, Muse does this 80s retro-futuristic synth pop kind of thing. And I honestly love this album front to back. Every song is just so dang catchy, just listen to Propaganda, I was singing it all day and even in my dreams!. It is really easy to love, and everyone should give it a chance. I know this one will get the same hate that dones and 2nd law got because its different. But how could I be a fan of Absolution and love this lp?

This album is certainly different to previous ones Muse have made but that is practically the essence of Muse, to try new styles and experiment with music. Not all the songs on this album are to my liking, such as Dig Down and, whilst I don't hate it, Get Up and Fight feels like a song I'll need to get more used to. But I could easily see Simulation Theory being one of Muse's top albums.

It's definitely a different one, but I only really liked The Dark Side, Get Up And Fight, Algorithm, and Thought Contagion. Or at least those are the only ones I've heard so far...
If I were to rank those songs, they would go:
1) Thought Contagion
2)The Dark Side
3)Get Up And Fight

Great album! I always listen it from start to finish. It holds a special place in my heart and is one of my favourite Muse albums. Also I think this is their craziest and most experimental album.

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11 Live at Rome Olympic Stadium Live at Rome Olympic Stadium Product Image

Hey Guys This is the Best!

3rd best concert ever

They got 4K Camera!

12 Muscle Museum Muscle Museum Product Image

The single of this song has wonderful b sides: Do We Need This? , Pink Ego Box, Con-science and Minimum all reside on this particular single. As well as those, I also love to bits the single itself, Muscle Museum.

13 Uprising Uprising Product Image
14 Muse EP

Coma is one of my favorite Muse songs. The should have taken it for showbiz, like all the other songs from Muse EP

15 Plug In Baby Plug In Baby Product Image

Seen them live many times, mind blowing this track simply is wonderouse

Execution Commentary is the best Muse track out there ;)))))

That Execution Commentary though

16 New Born Ep
17 Muscle Museum Ep Muscle Museum Ep Product Image
18 This is a Muse Demo
19 Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey Product Image

Bowser makes an epic feature, love to see him gelling so well with the band!

Best bass riffs in a Mario game ever. Wolstenholme knocks it out again

I love Matt's falsetto on this album 10/10

Best muse song ever

20 In Your World Ep In Your World Ep Product Image
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