BLACK PARADE: The Novel (Chapter 1- The End x Dead)

(This fanfic is loosely based upon the album The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.)

~*Now come on come on to this tragic affair,
Wipe off that makeup, what's in is despair
So throw on the black dress, mix in with the lot
You might wake up and notice you're someone you're not*~

Shade Way Brenwan emerged and walked through the familiar City of the Dead quickly and confidently, wearing the same signature black and silver military jacket that has been passed over by his family generations and generations on end. Hopping over the rubble quickly and nimbly, Shade walked over to greet the newly dead with a sad grin gracing his delicate features, his mismatched blue and green eyes reflected the darkened, unmoving sky above.

The newly dead was a young man with bleached platinum locks and ice blue, almost white-silver eyes. Shade flicked a piece of paper out of his jeans pocket and began reading it, the man in question surveying the area dumbfoundedly.

"Where am I?" the man asked quietly, obviously puzzled at the look of the rubble and stone remains of a once-thriving city stretching out yards before him.

Shade appeared sad as he looked deep into the man's soul, sympathy clearly available in his mismatched blue and green eyes. "I am very sorry but you are dead. Right now you exist in the City of The Dead, or as best known to the living humans, purtagory."'

Shade quickly consulted the folded up piece of paper in his hands as the man looked aro
und in wonderment. "Age, 21. Occupation, painter. Time and reason for death, being shot in an artery by a thief at 00:28 whilst attempting to save his family from getting gunned down in the process. Seems rather heroic and brave in my opinion, good job young man." Shade laughed slightly, no humor present in his youthful but stony dialect, and then the man turned to him quickly as he came to grips with what was suddenly going on.

"So are you dead as well?" he asked quietly, and turned away with a worried expression on his face. Did he upset him, the one boy that had been kind enough to meet him in this new afterlife? Shade grinned and looked unhurt from the direct question, despite what the other dead might have guessed. The man saw Shade's head prick up slightly.

Shade frowned a little wider than he should have, not noticing the questioner go as silent as a rock. The blonde man watched silently from behind as the leader turned away from the man and scanned his gaze around the rubble carefully, hidden fear sparking slightly in his guarded gaze. Why were his neckhairs pricking up so much? Was there somebody out there watching him here as well? Well if there were, then how in the Parade did they get into Purtagory?

The man looked at him with a pair of saddened icy blue eyes, but Shade continued on with the discussion immediately before he could say anything else. The teenager locked his cobalt and green eyes with bright platinum blue, looking warily into the sea of beryl before him. Ripe confusion was clearly visible in the older man's depths while the teenager's emotions were very carefully amended, none visible at any glance. "Okay, so the truth is you now have two choices. You can either wander around purtagory for the rest of your eternity… Which believe me, isn't very fun at all if you think about it, I know first hand….or you could join the Black Parade."

Shade gestured slowly to a couple of dirty middle aged men sleeping on the freezing cobblestone floor of the derelict city, each gripping an empty alcohol bottle and a cigar tightly. "We call the ones wandering around out of the Parade the Purtaguys, the ones that decided to stay forever in Purtagory instead. Believe me, they never turn out right in the head after a decade on their own..."

The man glanced in disgust at the tobacco and alcohol they were using. "Ah... I guessed as much."

The dead man went with the second option of the recruitment offer, and Shade led the newcomer quickly up to a small wooden oak door buried deep among the grey and brown rubble of the City of the Dead, and placed his gloved hand to the door whilst making sure he wasn't pushing on it too hard. Beginning to sing loudly and more beautifully with slowly adding confidence , a small silver light began to encompass his stretched out arm brightly, growing in size as the song went on.

"We'll carry on, we'll carry on, and though you're dead and gone believe me, your memory will carry on" he finished quietly, and the silver light rapidly enveloped the door causing the wooden pane to vanish completely on the spot. Just within the empty space of the door pane, a thick black mist was being chillingly revealed. Shade stepped towards the fog confidently and gestured for the blonde man to follow his trail. "State of the art newish technology. It senses whether or not the voice has any resemblance to Gerard's family and reacts to them alone, allowing only that unique family to open the door to pertagory and beyond there. I am the leader of the Black Parade, Gerard's ancestor, so it works for me."

Shade frowned slightly as they walked at a steady pace towards the foggy wooden door entrance before them, and turned to the young blonde man who was just a bonelength away from the seething black mist. "Go on through there and I will meet you in the room in just a minute. There is something I need to take care of before I follow you in." The man turned to Shade immediately, looked over at the door and nodded briefly in Shade's set direction. "But where will it take me?" he asked quietly and warily, causing Shade to give a quick sigh. "The way to the Black Parade housing sectors. Don't worry about it and just go, I will meet you in there."

The man did just that, stepping into the seething black fog hesitantly and slowly. For an agonizing millisecond nothing significant happened at all, and Shade begun to worry about whether he got the programming for the transportation device correct or not. And then the man gave a shocked sqeak and was just gone, disappearing from Pertagory completely in one swift motion. Shade grinned a little and turned away from the mist door briefly, his phantom neckhair cells twitching up once again.

"I know you are in there..." he hissed into the debris in anger, repeating the same comment in fluent various yips meows and mews soon afterwards. "Come on out. Right now. Unless you want to get banned from the Circle forever."

For a split second afterwards nothing happened visibly at all, and then debris of a ruined cobblestone building began shifting slightly just beside Shade's foot and then stopping dead in it's tracks. Shade gave an annoyed sigh, and then walked over to the collapsed stone wall, kicking the stone blocks lightly beneath his boot.

"OW!" the stone debris roared in nonpareil outrage.
Or maybe that wasn't the debris that spoke after all! A young girl of about twelve and a small black kitten crawled out of the ruins in utter frustration, the girl glaring at Shade with a dark expression gracing her uncensurable pale features. Her bright blonde, almost light yellow hair was dim with the lacking of any sunlight or wind alike. She looked furious.

"Damn it, John! Why d'ya kick me like that?" The girl hissed loudly as Shade walked slowly towards her, completely silent on the steady way forward. "That was totally uncalled fo'!"

Shade looked equally as annoyed at that statement. He pressed his hand onto his forehead and sighed in pure stress and annoyance. "Deception, How many times over this decade have I told you not to follow me into Purtagory without me knowing about it?" he muttered quietly, putting his hand down again and looking around the area slowly. Deception looked at him in guilt and confusion as Shade turned his gaze back onto her. "And don't call me John, okay? I abandoned that pathetic human name years before I traveled to the Black Parade."

Deception was watching him intently in response to that statement, determined to find some sort of weakness in his serious expression and overly careful tone of voice. But she couldn't at all. He was barely ever unconfident with anything. The kitten padded over the debris without any sound and leaped onto Shade's shoulder in one swift motion, looking at Deception in clear disapproval.

"Just, Dee…" Shade continued briefly, petting the small kitten who was playing with his straight black and cyan hair cheerfully. "Don't come here ever again, please… It is just not safe."

The kitten grabbed a lock of Shade's hair under his two tiny paws and quickly swung on it, giving a sqeal of delight before letting go and collapsing into Shade's warm arms. Shade gave the kitten a warning glance saying "behave" before returning his gaze back over to Deception. The girl looked at him, incredibly annoyed. "But, Man!... Why do ah' need t'be careful anyway? We are already wasted!"

Shade reeled up slightly, as if he has been struck in the face hard, Gritting his teeth, he replied...
"Just... never come here again, Dee. Got it?"
Shade quickly turned his back from Deception, signaling the ubrupt termination of the conversation. Deception has been friends with Shade for long enough now to know that means no further squabble is even vaguely feasible, so Deception sighed and turned her back as well, walking back over to the black fog door that Shade had very recently opened and half-disappearing through it.

"Ya know Shade… Ah' get that it is hard to be tha damn leader of something so massive when ya'll be basically only fourteen years of age“ Deception replied slowly, looking back at the boy who was stood only a few fox lengths away from the gaping wooden door, "But loosen up sometimes, will ya?"

And then she was just gone, vanishing through the door with a sqeak like the other blonde man did just a second before her. Leaving Shade Brenwan alone with his piling-up thoughts and worries, painfully alone in the dark ruins of the City of the Dead.

Shade turned back in Deception's direction as she swiftly left the sullen scene, turning his sorrowful gaze back over to the Purtaguys lying in the rubble just below the stone house frame before him. Gritting his teeth, he unzipped the famous military jacket revealing a blue star T-shirt underneath.... and underneath that a small silver locket decorated in an elaborate star pattern unlike anything other. Shade gripped it lovingly, staring out into the distance with a strange ache in his throbbing heart.

"Sometimes rules are just made to be obeyed."

~* Tongue-tied and oh so squeamish
You never fell in love
Did you get what you deserve?
The ending of your life
And if you get to heaven
I'll be here waiting, babe
Did you get what you deserve?*~

(Chapter Two, This is How I Disappear, coming soon)


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