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1 Metal Gear Solid

Outstanding story and gameplay. I could still play it today and have more fun with it than most games ever created

Such an amazing story, score, character development, fun gameplay. This one has it all.

In my opinion best 3 games for PS1 are: Metal Gear solid, Grand theft auto and Resident evil. MGS is a really good game and it deserves the first place. It is a great game. Everybody should play it! :)))

It was good no very good, but that inclusion of bosses everywhere spoils it and was a really dumb idea - espyorkshireman

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2 Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Stop voting for Tomb Raider just because Lara Croft is sexy.

The first game I played on playstation! XD The best - Snowflake1992

One of the first I played and for some reason got a demo version of spyro, another great game when I went up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, square.

Stop voting for this just because you like shyte arcade bollox - espyorkshireman

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3 Final Fantasy VII

This game was the primary reason I bought the PSX in the first place... along with two memory cards, which at the time, was something that was never needed before. - MovieSounds

this game was great but I got stuck on DISC 2. I heard that the last battle is with an incarnation of sephiroth - lucario411

Where is final fantasy viii on this list, the game I pure perfection, best game I ever played in whole my life

This is still rensning to this day The greatest rpg of all time

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4 Crash Bandicoot 2 - Cortex Strikes Back

The only truly great crash game. The first was an average at best Donkey Kong Country rip off, the third was good but had WAY too many different gameplay styles, and the rest range from decent to unplayable.

And excellent, addicting, and all-around fun platforming game. - Mcgillacuddy

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5 Crash Team Racing

Probably my most played PS1 game! Great all round, they really need to re-release this for the PS3 with multiplayer online

Excellent Story Mode And Awesome Multi player Fun! Better Then Mario Kart

Favorite ps1 game ever, played it 10 years ago for the first time and even now I play it on pc with emulator

Powersliding till die..! Best thing a developer could Made.

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6 Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Unpredictable levels, great stunning spectacle background music, controls are powerful, a must not miss journey with gorgeous and cool graphics. Totally awesome gameplay. So not a typical game. Creative mini games too.

Spyro was the first video game I remember playing, and has remained my favorite franchise 16 years later. This game was my favorite of the series and potentially my favorite game of all time.

Always loved the small but mighty purple dragon-he's my hero! Dreamy landscapes and funny characters like Moneybags!

My favorite PS1 game - bobbythebrony

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7 Crash Bandicoot

Not the best, but definitely my favorite!

Always played this taking turns with my siblings. Very fun.

The best video game ever made

Loved all crash games

8 Tekken 3

My very first fighting game, brings back so many memories. I wish the tekken series went back to the way it use to be...

There were far too many top Playstation 1 games, so it's really hard to choose the best one, but I wouldn't be surprised if Tekken 3 is the #1. Tekken 3 is one of the best fighting games of all-time let alone on Playstation 1. - Minforever1

It was so good more like so god, had awesome graphics for its time and should defiantly stay at number 1

Tekken 2 was the best of the tekken games and that includes absolute classic which should be in video game folklaw and history - espyorkshireman

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9 Tomb Raider

Metal Gear Solid number one?! That's messed up... Tomb Raider is awesome! It has an amazing soundtrack, one of the most memorable video game characters in history is your main character, and the gameplay is the best I have ever seen. TOMB RAIDER FOREVER!

I love India and some country are good and some country are bad.

This should be 1


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10 Spyro the Dragon

When My Son Darius was 4 years old I Introduced him to the Game Spyro The Dragon. And About 2 minutes of me showing him how to play the game. He Rammed Spyro's head against a wall and Darius would burst out laughing. He Still plays it after 15 years

I like cried when I broke the disc -

Thanks for introducing me to video games, spyro the dragon. - Thepenguinking2

I loved playing Spyro when I was little. I even played The Legend of Spyro games. It's been a while since I played them, but this was the first game I have ever played. Too bad they don't make anymore.

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? Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time

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11 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

4th favorite game of all time and second favorite Metroidvania game. I think you can guess who is above it, but it's a classic nonetheless. The atmosphere, gameplay, and music (oh my lord that glorious music) makes for such an awesome game. - Jmaniac1

Just a beautiful game in General, The storyline and everything was just wonderful.

Good Gameplay, Great storyline, SUPERB AWESOME and KICKASS MUSIC!

This game is a masterpiece, I swear. Even Gameradar rated it as the best game on PSP. This game was one of the pioneers of the metroidvania style of gaming.

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12 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Not the best level in tony hawk games

The music is good for this game

I like the original bet more

The best skateboarding game for the ps1

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13 Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

The most enjoyable game on the PS1. While Spyro 1 has another engine and Spyro 3 has multiple playable characters half the game, Spyro 2 has a perfect engine and has all Spyro in it.

Why is this not first place it is the best ps1 game and it was my childhood and I'm still playing it on my ps3

Spyro had the best gameplay platform on the PlayStation 1 ever. Toe to toe with the Bandicoot!

Spyro 2 riptios rage used to be my best ps1 title until crash bandicoot 3 came knocking on my door.Any way check out this game it is amazing

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14 Gran Turismo

The graphics for this game were OUTSTANDING to say it mildly. Add to that some extremely good car control, and it was clear Sony had a winner on their hands with this game. Still one of my favorite PSX games.

The game that blew us all way with its graphical level, and its unbelievable gxx engine, it was a dream to play, for thanks ps1 this game was near perfection, and in my opinion ALL the NFS games have eaten it's dust

In fact this game is probably the godfather of driving simulators and when we all realised hey it was actually really good fun to mimic reality - espyorkshireman

This is my most favorite PS1 game ever - Fullwalking

Its very fun - VideoGamefan5

15 Silent Hill

Sequels all fall well short. One of a kind. Genuinely scary. The Japanese are the only ones who can make good horror games.

The scariest game in the PSX world!

The best horror game ever in my opinion.

Very cool game for it's time

16 Resident Evil 2

I like this one more than resident evil 3 nemesis because it has a much better atmosphere and the story is more interesting and there aren't that may disgusting monsters as in re4 or 3

The best resident evil game for ps1

17 Gran Turismo 2

This REALLY deserves to be higher on this list. - LordOfTheOnionRings

18 Tekken 2

Best of the combat games in my humble opinion, the secret apart from the smoother gameplay was it's speed which was fast enough th flow, but not so fas that it became a button basher, it was a skillfull duel, and the variety of moves the charaxters had had you coming back for mor, which is also why when you had some buddies around this game was exceptional entertainment and provided many peoplee I know with probably 1000's oh hours ofcompetitive fun...what a wonderful game - espyorkshireman

Tekken 2 is a along with SF2 Turbo and way of the exploding fist absolute masters and godfathers of the beatem up genre...screw crash sonic mario and the feckking rest.. - espyorkshireman

19 Mega Man X5

One of the best Megaman X games

20 Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Should be in the top 3. At least I think so. Very cool and entertaining game. Friendship thing was so funny. And Animality was cool. Awesome game! Vote for it please - Magnolia


Amazing game. Awesome characters and fatalities

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