Best Things About the PlayStation One

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1 The Console Startup Screen

I mean it is by far the most epic intro to a console ever.

2 The Memorable Franchise Games

Crash, Spyro, Tomb Raider, Twisted Metal, Gran Turismo, Hot Shots Golf.

3 The First Video Game Console to Sell Over 100 Million Units

Yes were talking the first console, while the PS2 ended up beating it can't deny success the first one had achieved.

4 PlayStation Underground

A interactive Magazine with Demos, Interviews, and also imported games from other countries to try out.

5 The Controller

The classic with no analogs sticks or a home button to have.

6 The Price of $299

This infamous E3 moment sparked what would become a great console and the rise of Sony, with a fair price compared to oh a 3DO which ridiculously more than that. One of the strategies that had work well for Sony during this time.

7 Great Launch Titles

Standouts Ridge Racer, Rayman, Battle Arena Toshinden, & NBA Jam Tournament Edition

8 Cool Subliminal Messages in PlayStation Ads

Throughout their first wave of ads, including references to the console’s release date, cheat codes for upcoming titles, and enigmatic winks.

9 Introduced to Memory Cards

It was kind of innovated although the Neo Geo deserves credit for being the first, but the most known for using memory cards would be the PS1, PS2, or Gamecube.

10 Sony's Original Mascot

Remember Polygon Man in the PS1? You probably barely recall I see well there's a little history right there.

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11 Parappa The Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy
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