Top 10 Reasons Why the PlayStation Classic was Disappointing

The PlayStation Classic was possibly one of the most anticipated release's with 20 classic PlayStation games what could possibly go wrong apparently a lot unlike the NES and Super NES classic the PlayStation classic fails to come anywhere near to being as successful as Nintendo's classic line ups and here are just some of the reasons why the PlayStation Classic was really disappointing.
The Top Ten
1 No Crash Bandicoot Games

I get that Crash Bandicoot already had N-sane Trilogy remakes but still fans were expecting for at least one of the Crash Bandicoot games to be on the classic especially since Crash was the unofficial mascot for the original PlayStation 1 and not having him or for that matter any of the Spryo and Tomb Raider games makes the classic feel so lackluster.

How can Playstation Classic exist without any of the great Crash Bandicoot games?

2 It Was Rushed

Sony wanted to release the PlayStation classic in time for the Christmas holiday and it really shows just how rushed it was.

3 Most of the Games Run on The Pal Version

Which makes many of the games run much more slowly and choppy.

4 No Tomb Raider Games
5 Bland Menu Screen

The game selection screen looks really bland and lazy like Sony couldn't be bothered to try and make it appealing unlike the Super NES classic in which it really shows they put a lot of effort into the menu screen and really grabs your attention.

Does that effect the games?

6 No Spyro Games
7 Lack of Major Games

Just to name a few that were missing that should have been on the PlayStation classic include
Croc Legends of the Gobbos
Resident Evil 2

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
PaRappa The Rapper
Brave Fencer Mushashi and too many to name

8 No Parappa

(sighs) Sony is just leaving this guy in the garbage bin never bothering to put it on the PlayStation Classic.

I didn't believe this console had much of a success anyway.

9 Twisted Metal 1 Instead of Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 was the superior game while Twisted Metal 1 despite being a classic just doesn't hold up.

10 No Gran Turismo Games
The Contenders
11 Poor Emulation
12 The 100 Dollar Price Tag

100 dollars is asking too much for something with so little value that its ridicules especially since they marked it down to 60 dollars some time after its release.

This console would probably be better if you couldn't play PS1 games ON A PS3. So there's no point in buying it.

13 No Castlevania games
14 Too Many Mediocre Games

Most of the games are games that people barely remember.

15 No USB AC Adapter Included
16 No Analog Controllers
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