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So remember the Playstation one, and when the internet was not nearly as fast as it was today. Well there was a time back in the Playstation one Era in 1997 where the new hip thing was the interactive magazine known as the Playstation Underground which was a bug success in getting gamers invested in these new games to try out in various discs. Eventually they discontinued it in 2001 to keep up with the times in the console wars with then rivals (still today) Microsoft and Nintendo.
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1 The Vault

This the main reason you buy the subscriptions is for the games, I would assume so.

2 Debriefing

These are basically interviews of how they developed a certain popular game as they in depth about it.

3 The Intros

Pretty much every disc has at least a unique open to them. From the first being the people monitoring the camera to eventually getting a blonde model near the end of it's run it had that vintage moment of the game is talking to me.

4 Behind the Scenes

A look behind makings of video games, commercials etc.

5 Alphas

Basically a trailer for any upcoming new games that would probably be on the next disc coming soon.

6 Hidden Content

There were hidden Easter eggs in these dics, not all of them however had that secret gem.

7 Code Book

This was the time your internet was slow, so the only you could find cheats would be right here.

8 Download Station

You want to know what this was meant to be the modern day DLC of the 5th gen era. Meaning that whatever you stick in your memory will now be used for that game you should have now added in such as secret levels, characters, and other addition content you store in your memory card.

9 Imports

Games from other countries to try out, sometimes all you get is one at the very least.

10 Event Center

It highlights big monumental moments like for instance the 98 E3 which they did have.

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11 PaRappa the Rapper
12 Um Jammer Lammy
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