Top 10 Reasons Why Sony PlayStation is Better Than Microsoft Xbox

The Top Ten
1 PlayStation has better consoles

PlayStation has rechargeable controllers, and Xbox has controllers with batteries on the back.

2 PlayStation has better exclusive titles

What does Xbox have, a ton of FPS games? What does PlayStation have: everything.

3 PlayStation has a blu ray disc

Whenever I point this out to people, they just tell me it's "irrelevant."

4 Rechargeable controller

Yes, you can recharge the batteries on an Xbox controller, but come on, we all know that's way too extra when you could just get a regular cord charger. Also, the chargers are less expensive compared to an Xbox controller.

5 PlayStation consoles do not get heated up
6 PlayStation has VR
7 PlayStation is cheaper

PlayStation quality is better. Many of the Xbox 360 consoles were broken after release. Xbox One has lower specs.

8 PlayStation is more organized
9 Xbox copies PlayStation
10 PlayStation has more iconic games

I agree with this. But I still prefer Microsoft, because Xbox 360 made me a hardcore gamer and I just love Windows 10.

Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Shadow of the Colossus, Gran Turismo, should I go on?

The Contenders
11 Free online gameplay
12 PlayStation 4 controller is awesome
13 Xbox is more aimed for mature players while PlayStation is aimed for everyone

It's true, Xbox mostly has M-rated shooters while PlayStation has kids' platforms, shooters, and much more!

14 PlayStation is what we all grew up with

I played Xbox for a while, but I started my gaming career playing Black Ops 1 when I was 4 on my dad's PS3. When I saw the PS4, I switched back and never looked back.

15 PlayStation has Naughty Dog
16 Xbox controllers are complicated
17 PlayStation has a better menu navigation
18 PlayStation 5 has a mic built into the controller
19 Playstation DualShock controllers have a built in headphone jack
20 PlayStation has better graphics
21 PlayStation runs smoother
22 PlayStation controllers have better attachments
23 PlayStation 5 has better graphics than the Xbox Series X
24 PlayStation is older
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