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21 The Hills
22 Headbangers Ball

Best show with the best musical guests - LizardKing99

23 120 Minutes
24 Aeon Flux Aeon Flux
25 Geordie Shore

100x better than Jersey shore!

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26 Wild n Out

Definitely, it's the only show on MTV that's still entertaining and/or funny.

27 Boiling Points
28 Jersey Shore Jersey Shore Jersey Shore is an American reality television series which ran on MTV from December 3, 2009 to December 20, 2012 in the United States.

You Can't Be This Stupid.

There plenty of "reality shows" but Jersey Shore is bar far the funniest and thus hugely entertaining, It's a shame MTV ended it, but hey ALL things must come to an end!

Jersey shore is the best show ever

Jersey shore unfortunatly had gone from good to not so good any more :S but still actions here and there which makes it watchable, in my opinion I think they should get rid of some of the casts like vinny because he is a good guy! And for ronny and sam because they are no longer fighting ^_^ and get rid of the big boob girl I forgot her name "wonder why" because she is no longer on the screen anymore she only baby sit, your a memeber not a body gaurd or a baby sitter do something for crying out loud! And Mike omh mike is good evil but good he wants the best for the show but unfortunatly his roommates are just so boring and just wants a happy ending, which it is something we don't want to see on Jersey shore, the more drama and bad sitiations we got, the better the show will be hope the cast get changed just keep mike and get rid of all the others

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29 Parental Control
30 Girl Code

One word: Hilarious. Guys and girls will enjoy.

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31 MTV Unplugged
32 Next

Lmao this show is harsh! But its great when the cocky arrogant ones get 2 hear that 4 letter word NEXT! Nal.

33 Wild Boyz

How dare you leave out the wild boyz. HOT HOT HOT and hilarious, above all. Chris Pontius is the sexiest man alive.

34 Room 401
35 Fist of Zen

If anything is funny, this is!

36 Exposed

Loved the gotcha moments

37 The Real World

the real world is just amazing in every way. its got a lot of making out and messing about but its still really good. the only bad thing is the fact that there is a lot of fighting

Even though this show has certainly evolved, it's influence is still present in countless reality shows to this very day.

38 The Fabolous Life Of
39 Sucker Free
40 Room Raiders

i love seeing peoples rooms and to see who wins but this show need to go back on

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