"Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness" Album Review

This is one of my favorite albums of all time, period. So I thought, why not review it. I'm only going to review my favorite tracks because the album is huge and I am sleepy at the moment. Well, here it goes.

"Tonight, Tonight" is very close to being my favorite song on the album. It has a roaring and atmospheric opening, great vocals, and superb drumming. The lyrics, while clearly open for interpretation, seem to give a briefing before the album starts. Lines like, "We'll crucify the insincere tonight," and "Believe in my as I believe in you, tonight," seem to support this. The song is not like others, as it feels like the singer is actually talking to you, not just into a microphone. Regardless, this is a perfect song.

"Zero" is a very powerful and enraging track. I've always thought of this song as a big middle finger to the entire world. Lines like "She's the one for me. She's what I really need, oh yeah!" are sang in a way where it sounds like the singer is being sarcastic, as if love is foolish and worthless. It's obviously not a very peaceful track, as Corgan's voice is full of rage. It also contains one of the best lines on the album. "Emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanliness, and cleanliness is Godliness, and God is empty, just like me."

"Bullet With Butterfly Wings" was the first song I've ever heard by the band, so I'm obviously emotionally attached to it. The opening line is permanently embedded in pop culture, but the song itself is more than people sometimes give it credit for. It is a song filled with hopelessness, as seen when Corgan exclaims, "And I still believe that I cannot be saved," right after singing that "Jesus was an only son for you." Not even God can save him. He's simply too far gone.

"To Forgive" is probably the saddest track on the album. It's filled with nostalgia, and it's sometimes painful to listen to. The song itself is soothing, unlike the lyrics. "I remember my birthdays. Empty party afternoons won't come back."

"Muzzle" did not impress me upon my first time listening to it, but after awhile, it began to grow on me. In my opinion, it kind of ends the optimistic songs, and begins the songs that are filled with self hatred, loneliness, and confusion. Obviously not physically, because there are songs that come after this track on the album that are optimistic, but in my mind, it does, if that makes any sense. The opening line for Christ's sake is, "I fear that I am ordinary just like everyone." It's all downhill from there. Love has lost it's luster, and just does not seem that important anymore. The singer begins questioning everything, which leads to some of the more depressing and angry songs on the album.

"Bodies" is one of the songs that I was talking about. It is the polar opposite of the love songs on the album, such as "By Starlight." Instead of professing his love, he actually states that "Love is suicide." Well, not exactly states it. He screams it. The song's about a man who took a chance with a girl, lost everything, and now all love is extinguished in his heart, as he is afraid to try again, comparing love to suicide. He'll think that he will get his heart broken again, so love is no longer worth it.

"1979" is a lot of people's favorite song on the album, and it's definitely up there for me too. Like "To Forgive," it's filled with nostalgia. The song is about a bunch of teenagers who just don't care what happens to them or anyone else. They just want to live in the moment. "And we don't just know where our bones will rest, to dust, I guess." It's recognizable by fans and non-fans of the Pumpkins alike, and is one of their best songs.

"Stumbleine" is probably the most underrated song on the album. Like "To Forgive," it's soothing and relaxing, and the lyrics are actually pretty clever and memorable. Sure, it's not the band's best, but it does deserve a lot more recognition.

"By Starlight" is my absolute favorite song on the album. I'm not really the type of guy that listens to love song, as most are cheesy, repetitive, and bland, but this one is filled with emotion, great lyrics, and chilling background instruments. This is one of the highlights not only on the album, but the Pumpkins' career as well.

"Farewell and Goodnight" is one of the best album closers every conceived. It takes the form of a lullaby, which makes it even sadder whenever you interpret the lyrics. Again, this is just my opinion on what the song means. The whole album is about the high and low points of life. Love, youth, depression, anxiety, etc. This song, to me, is about a man who is dying. "Goodnight" is a metaphor for his upcoming death. This song makes it clear that, yeah, life has it's ups and downs, but it is what it is. You can't change it, and everyone dies at some point, so you might as well stop complaining. Just focus on the good points in life, and if there isn't any, make some. Don't be afraid to fall in love. Even if you get your heart broken, you'll die eventually. You might as well try it, because the payoff greatly outweighs the risk.

This album is a classic, and will always be one of my favorites. There are a few songs that I do not enjoy, but most songs are very memorable. This album isn't just music, it's a journey. One that needs to be experienced by everyone. For me, it's a journey that I won't forget anytime soon.

9.6/10 - Great Album

P.S. - I am back. Sorry about being gone for so long. Been very busy. But, hopefully more reviews and lists will be up shortly. Thanks for reading.