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1 The Confessions Tour - Madonna

This tour can have you spell-bound! Not only because it's by the Queen herself, but also because of the wonderful special effects, the lights, the dancing, the singing and everything! WOW! - TheSudhanva

My favorite tour by Madge. She did a brilliant job here. It looked like real Magic! All the songs were so deep, beautiful and very emotional - Irina2932

Utterly amazing! Madonna queen of pop, dance, music and tours!

Madonna she is the best female touring artist of ol time the one and only one

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2 The Sweet & Sticky Tour - Madonna

Highest grossing tour by any female. Ever. Also, simply nothing beats this, like, just like straight up, fab.

This is the best Madonna tour for me, followed by Confessions.

It got amazing reviews, it's a continuation of Confessions, and the highest grossing tour by a solo artist ever! £408.3million

I love the songs and her dancing and the whole theme.

Best tour ever seen.

I like MJS but they don't compare, I am sorry

3 The Blond Ambition Tour - Madonna

Rolling Stone named this tour the best tour of the 1990s. - TheSudhanva

The tour of the 90's and joined second for me with Confessions.

1. Sticky and sweet
2. Blonde ambition/ Confessions tour
3. MDNA tour
4. Taking chances tour
5. The Girlie show.

Madonna is the ultimate tourer. Nit just for women but for everyone!

The best tour of the 90's!

This is amazing! Iconic.

Legendary tour by Madonna the Queen of Pop

4 The Circus Starring Britney Spears - Britney Spears

This tour was amazing, like watch 2 shows: Music concert and the circus. This is the best tour of all time

Every performaces are #amazing in Circus Tour and Britney is really best entertainer

5 Awakening Tour - Jackie Evancho

As Jackie approaches the age of 16, her voice, stage presentation and musical talent have developed immensely. Jackie is not just a singer, she is a consummate entertainer and charismatic performer. Anyone who has an opportunity to see one of Jackie's concerts on this tour should jump at the chance. - BobG

Will overwhelm you with her magic. Voice, personality, poise, sense of loving spellbinding presence.

6 Taking Chances World Tour - Celine Dion

Celines was obviously the best! She is so down to earth and real and she can ACTUALLY sing!

7 The Girlie Show Tour - Madonna
8 The Born This Way Ball Tour - Lady Gaga

The best tour to date. This show has everything: The big castle, the lightning, the outfits, and EVERYTHING! I can't' believe this isn't at number one! :(

The tour has everything! Its' cool that she tried something new and didn't have screens on her concerts! Instead of the screens it has a huge and massive castle that's just... Faboulus! She will tape a dvd for the tour in Mexico 26. October, so that's really exciting!

9 The Farewell Tour - Cher

She is simply the original shock [female]artist She can sing (live! ), act and dance.

10 Come On Over Tour - Shania Twain

Oneof the estcountry tours ever. Shania showed much energy throughout the tour! - TheSudhanva

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11 Stripped Live... on Tour - Christina Aguilera

This tour is one of the greatest tours I have ever seen. Mixed with moments of vulnerablity, times of struggle, and ways to overcome came out through her perfect live vocals. I don't understand how someone can compare "singers" or may I say lip-singers to real artists and vocalists. Christina Aguilera's Stripped tour is the greatest tour by any female artist!

An awesome tour! Everything was perfect - the special effects, the costumes, the dancing, the VOCALS! Christina is the only one who can make a great show and sing LIVE every single song.

She is the BEST VOCAL ARTIS, Christina always sings live, and that's wonderful.

Christina is a phenomenon, a true talent and artist, definitily one of the best voices of all time.

12 1989 World Tour - Taylor Swift

I feel like I'm in a fairytale during her tour.

This tour is everything!

i love it


13 On The Run Tour - Beyonce
14 Monster Ball Tour - Lady Gaga

She is just amazing! Hands down! For a debut artist more than $227 million dollars in tours is not matter of left hand... She is fabulous and a great entertainer...

15 The MDNA Tour - Madonna V 1 Comment
16 The Fearless World Tour - Taylor Swift

I'm in love in this tour,
she's my favorite singer ever
i love the way she write,
i feel live she riding my diary

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17 Oral Fixation Tour - Shakira
18 Dream Within a Dream Tour - Britney Spears

The best tour by an female artist ever!

19 Dream With Me Tour - Jackie Evancho
20 The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour - Beyoncé
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