Top 10 Best Roxette Songs

Ever since the Swedish pop-rock duo burst onto the international music scene in the late '80s, they've had fans jamming out to their catchy tunes and emotionally resonant ballads. From the irresistible hooks of "The Look" to the soul-stirring depth of "It Must Have Been Love," their music has spanned genres and generations.

But which Roxette song is the ultimate fan favorite? That's where you come in. Vote for the choices you think deserve to be at the top of this list. After all, music is subjective, and what tugs at one person's heartstrings might not even make another person bat an eye. This is your chance to have a say in which tracks are truly Roxette's crowning achievements.
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1 It Must Have Been Love

The best song I've ever heard. It lets you see the inner imaginative strength in you.

"It must have been love" ... I fell. I accept that.
"But it's over now" ... I'm moving on because I said so.
"It's where the water flows, it's where the wind blows" ... Nevertheless, it was beautiful while it lasted.

Do I need to talk about the verses and melody?

I love many songs from Roxette, but this one is my favorite. No wonder it became a real classic. A real hit.

One of my all-time favorite songs!

2 Listen to Your Heart

I kind of relate to this song because I had a girlfriend who never listened to her heart.
This song also makes me cry.

Wish I could see her live.
She rocks!

Best song. The end is just perfect.

So catchy and powerful. Love it!

3 The Look

This has been one of my favorite songs for 30 years! So upbeat and rhythmic, and it ALWAYS puts me in a good mood, despite what was going on in my life!

Come on, people! This song is way more catchy, energetic, and entertaining than both Listen to Your Heart and It Must Have Been Love!

This is the song that got me hooked on them. I could listen to it on repeat forever.

4 Joyride

Top 3 for sure. My favorite. Reminds me of summers as a kid at the water park (this song played a lot).

My personal favorite Roxette song.

I like the way they sang this one!

5 Dressed for Success

This song is so cool and is so different from many other songs in that it has a kind of dialogue. I don't know why it's not further up on the list because it's my favorite, followed closely by How Do You Do.

Such a catchy, lively tune. I like it much better than their bigger hits.

Light pop, perfectly delivered by Marie. A great one live!

6 Dangerous

A lost classic. Don't know how people overlook this one.

I love this show's song!

7 Fading Like a Flower

Yeah, I know you had to scroll all the way down to find this one. How the hell can this not even be in the top 10? Vote for this song and let's try to fix it!

Always liked this song but just found out (in 2014) it was by Roxette. Easily their best song. What a class act!

It is just such a nice song with twists and turns of emotion. It's Roxette's best song and one of my all-time favorite songs.

8 Spending My Time

Possibly the most emotionally charged song by the band, as well as being one of their most underrated singles - in my opinion, it's in the same league as Listen to Your Heart.

I love spending my time with you guys! You rock!

That was my favorite Roxette song.

9 How Do You Do!

OH MY GOSH, this is my pajama song - the one where I dance around, yelling out the lyrics at top volume... definitely my most favorite!

This is my favorite!

10 Sleeping in My Car
The Contenders
11 Vulnerable

I fell in love with this song! It's really nice!

The best Roxette single ever. Underrated.

I love this song.

12 Almost Unreal

Unbelievable song. Everybody can relate to the lyrics at least once in their life. In my opinion, it's number one.

13 Wish I Could Fly

Beautiful song and video.

14 Queen of Rain

Got to be the best Roxette melody.

15 Milk and Toast and Honey

One day I just turned on the radio and then I fell in love with this song.

I love this one too.

16 Neverending Love

I like this song. It's very good, and I love it very much because it's my favorite song.

17 You Don't Understand Me
18 Beautiful Things
19 Opportunity Nox
20 Perfect Day

This is by far the best and most haunting ballad Roxette has ever made. Not releasing it as a single was very odd. For those that don't know, watch Marie sing this song in the making-of-tourism video. Just awesome.

21 (Do You Get) Excited?

Great, edgy song. Should have been released as a single. Very underrated.

22 Things Will Never Be the Same

Such a beautiful, melancholic song! Definitely the best one from Roxette! I can still listen to this on repeat.

Should be way higher. Definitely one of the best Roxette songs.

23 Crash! Boom! Bang!

The best song ever!

24 She's Got Nothing on (But the Radio)

The Look is obviously Roxette's best song, but I voted for this one because it is criminally underrated. It's not even famous, and it's a top song, maybe their 2nd or 3rd best.

Nice modern song with the typical Roxette sound. Great comeback song and nice radio song after 10 years.

25 Silver Blue

Probably the best Roxette song. It's full of emotions that have left me absolutely happy! And sometimes my mornings are much more wonderful when I see the silver blue and listen to the song with such a title.

Great song, great lyrics, great duet!

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