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1 Toxicity

Every song is great. My favorite ones are Chop Suey!, Toxicity, Aerials and Forest.

This C.D. is one of my favorites and, in my opinion, was the second best C.D. of 2001.

I love every single song of this album. every time I hear Aerials it gives me goosebumps

Toxicity has to be their best album, you rarely see someone arguing about that

2 Mezmerize

While I love every song on Toxicity, this album is more musically complex with tracks like Question! and B.Y.O.B, and then you have plain awesome metal headbangers such as Cigaro and Old School Hollywood. It's extremely tough to choose between this and Toxicty, however this album will always hold a place in my heart which Toxicity cannot.

Contains some of their greatest songs they've ever recorded (B.Y.O.B, Cigaro, Old School Hollywood) The lyrics to Cigaro are really funny to me.

I have listened almost all their songs since 2014, in the last month I listened the full albums, in my opinion

1. Mezmerize
2. System of a Down
3. Toxicity
4. Dreaming
5. Steal this album

1. Mezmerize
2. Hypnotize
3. Toxicity
4. System of a down
5. Steal this album (I still love this album)

3 System of a Down

Their most heaviest and pure album to date. Sugar and Spiders are played on the radio but those are underrated. Chop suey is good but let's be Honest you can sick of it easily. This album is new almost every time you hear it

They did this without commercial viewpoint, or they at least had less to worry about what people thought and who bought them, that is why this is there purest and best work.

The only System Of A Down album without a bad track on it. It's heavy, it's raw, it's creative in new and astounding ways and it was truly ahead of its time.

This album is if you told a bunch of guys with guitars, drums, bass, and a mic to go mad. Sounds amazing

4 Steal This Album!

Ego Brain
Mr Jack
And my personal favorite System of a Down song, Highway Song
These are just some of the reasons why Steal This Album! Replaces Toxicity as the best System of a Down album

The best of the 5 for me without a doubt. It has the perfect combination of heavy riffs, melodies and harmonies. I can listen to the whole album from start to end in a way that I can't do for the rest of them.

This album is very underrated, it has some elements that was used in toxicity and later influenced the sound in Mezmerize/Hypnotize. I think it deserves more appreciation.

I believe this album is the best of the 5. The vocals are amazing, I'm a sucker for harmonies, even not the best ones (see Roulette)

5 Hypnotize

My favorite one. I don't get why people like mesmerize better, but whatever.

They achieved their ultimate potential with hypnotize.

Mezmerize and Hypnotize are almost at a tie but mezmerize had better songs

All round good album

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