Best Use of a Song in a Movie Soundtrack

Unlike the other list of "Best Use of a Song in a Movie", this list includes songs that were not a part of the plot. This means that the characters in the movie did not interact with the song in any way.

The Top Ten Best Use of a Song in a Movie Soundtrack

1 Eye of the Tiger - Rocky III
2 Will You Be There - Free Willy

The king of pop, rock and soul!

3 My Heart Will Go On - Titanic

This song is no human creation and james horne and celine dion are definitely not human. It directly connect with one's soul and delivers the message to the heart. Most beautiful piece of art ever

This great song and the rest of the soundtrack made Titanic perfect in every way it can be

This is the most emotional soundtrack ever

This song makes me laugh hearing it

4 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Armageddon

This is the best suited to this flick. It makes me cry every time.

The best soundtrack ever.
great movie, great band

5 Mad World - Donnie Darko

This song is so good and its message is incredible in music... One of the best songs in a movie in my opinion. The ending is so touching and its definitely a tear-jerker.

This is by far the best use of song in a movie... I don't know why it's so far down the list.

The ending of the movie itself makes me cry, but this song with it puts me over the edge.

6 Supermassive Black Hole - Twilight

That one use of a Muse song made that movie (almost) acceptable

The song that saved the movie.

7 Where is My Mind? - Fight Club

As one of the most beautiful movie scene is going on, this amazing song makes it a real wonder. I was speechless and crying. Wow.

Awesome song that perfectly complements the crescendo of an amazing cinematic sequence.

Enough said a great song in a great movie... The best

8 Unchained Melody - Ghost

It is this song that makes the scene as powerful and memorable as it is

i cry everytime its so incredible

9 Lose Yourself - 8 Mile

This song is the greatest. How could you not love it?

10 Angel - City Of Angels

The Contenders

11 Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangsta - Office Space
12 Take My Breath Away - Top Gun

This song is really taking my breath away

13 What I've Done - Transformers

Everything about this song just fits perfectly with the movie. The atmosphere of the song is very descriptive of the movie and I think this song should be higher on the list! Anyway Transformers is a great movie with an awesome soundtrack.

14 The Great Gatsby - Over the Love

The best soundtrack ever after titanic's my heart will go on. Over the love tells the story of gatsby. All the symbols of that great book are in the song. The green light, the yellow dress, piano, champagne, bridge, ocean and the phrase "i ve turned it over in my mind"... All these are gatsby! The best song at the movie by far. Lana's song is very good but over the love is a Masterpiece. I hope that florence and the machine win the oscar but academy people rarely do the right. Finally the vocals are awesome. The high notes of florence give me goosebumps and they make me wanna cry!

A MASTERPIECE by Florence and The Machine! That song is epic and perfect for the film! Florence's voice is breathless! The best song I have ever heard! Thank you florence of making that awesome music!

A MASTERPIECE by florence and the machine! The perfect soundtrack! Enough said!

Please everybody listen to this song now!

15 Wake Up - The Matrix
16 Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
17 Sunshine of Your Love - Goodfellas
18 What a Wonderful World- Madagascar

The song playing as animals are being eaten by even bigger animals, and Alex the Lion is rolling painfully down a hill. LOL! And LOL again!

19 Only Time - Sweet November
20 May It Be - Lord Of The Rings
21 The Rain, The Park and Other Things - Dumb and Dumber

Played in the background while Lloyd is daydreaming about being with Mary Swanson

22 Let Go- Garden State

The perfect ending to a wildly emotional film

23 Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon - Pulp Fiction
24 Fortunate Son - Forrest Gump
25 Perfect Day - Trainspotting

The best scene in one of the greatest movies ever.

Deserves to be much higher.

26 Bittersweet Symphony - Cruel Intentions

omg if you haven't watched the movie and scene this goes to then you haven't lived

27 The Little Things - Wanted
28 'You Could Be Mine - Terminator 2
29 Misirlou - Pulp Fiction
30 Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) - Men in Black
31 Nadia's Theme - Nadia
32 The Blower's Daughter - Closer
33 Stuck In the Middle With You - Reservoir Dogs

None of the songs that immediately came to my mind were listed here. After reading I would have to concede a few but I had to add this. Easily top three. After seeing this scene, you can't listen to this song without cringing.

34 Kissing You - Romeo and Juliet

wow it sends shivers down my spine

35 Jumpin' Jack Flash - Mean Streets

DeNiro entering a watering hole in slo-mo, riveting stuff

36 Behind Blue Eyes - Gothika
37 Chicago- Little Miss Sunshine

breathtaking imagery juxtaposed with an amazing Sufjan Stevens original- can't beat it

38 Cruisin - Any Given Sunday

Smokey robinson cruisin during the bar scene in 'Any Given Sunday' which if you add all the tunes from that film togehter has the greatest movie soundtrack of all time

39 Boom - The Longest Yard
40 Die Another Day - James Bond: Die Another Day
41 This Used To Be My Playground - A League Of Their Own
42 Spirit Dreams Inside - Final Fantasy Spirits Within

L'Arc~en~Ciel contributed a song for Fianl Fantasy Spirits Within

43 Childhood - Free Willy 2
44 Baby Fratelli - Hot Fuzz
45 Don't Stop Me Now - Shaun of the Dead
46 The Sound of Silence - Watchmen
47 Thunderstruck - Battleship

I think the best use of this song yet.

48 A Real Hero - Drive
49 Hero - Spider-Man
50 The Goonies "R" Good Enough - The Goonies
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