Best Vocaloid Characters

Personally my favorite is Miku Hatsune. I know all of my friend's favorite characters, so I now want to know yours!

The Top Ten

1 Len Kagamine Len Kagamine is a male Vocaloid created by Crypton Future Media. He is the most popular male Vocaloid of all time. He can be bought with his twin sister, Rin Kagamine. He is voiced by Asami Shimoda.

Len can sing songs that are very hard for other vocaloid and doing it flawlessly such as Servant of Evil and Ghost Rule. The great thing about Len's voice is he can do high note and low note as male vocaloid. His low pitch is really nice to hear such as in Dream Eating Monochrome Baku. Honestly Len and Rin are in a tie. Len, I think has lesser power in his voice compare to Rin but that works better in some songs. Len, being a shota is very cute and awesome to witness at concert. He can pull off many genre.

Len's voice is literally the most beautiful voice I've ever heard! He almost always sings better than the original singer when he does covers! All of his songs sound really good and PEOPLE HAVE YOU HEARD HIS COVER OF SHIKABAKE NO ODORI?!? His growl is extremely well done and every Len fan should listen to it. Overall Len deserves number 1 spot on this list! Join together Len Squad! Influence the best meme boi!

Len- do I even need to tell why he's the best? The expression in his voice is just- W O W- Also, his part in Electric Angel made my heart warm, its just so cute!

Oh my god, I can just say so many things about this boy. He's just perfect! Len is just the type of vocaloid who can get anyone's attention. His appearance definitely caught my eye within a second, but what really got me attached to him in particular is his voice. It's flawless. It has an edge to it that I honestly fell in love with. You just don't understand, it's not the songs, it's him. You could make anyone and everyone sing them, but Len has always topped them. In his original voice, or append, he will always be amazing. His voice is gorgeous. Not only that, but he sings with so much feeling, it makes my heart hurt. He has sung so many songs, even in the happier ones, I can hear it. The power, feeling, love, hate, everything. He's died many times in some of these songs, and it literally tears me up inside. Maybe others see how he brings real feeling into songs. Still, him dying all the time makes people get the feels. It's fine, since he sounds beautiful in those songs with the ...more

2 GUMI GUMI is a female Vocaloid created by Internet Co., Ltd. She is the most popular non-Crypton Vocaloid of all time. She is voiced by Megumi Nakajima.

Gumi has a very realistic voice for a vocaloid - she can also sing a variety of genres, too! From upbeat and happy songs, to heavy metal and slow, sad songs.

This is the first vocaloid I ever heard and the first song I heard was copycat since it was a popular gacha life meme and then I heard the full song and I LOVED IT then I started hearing vocaloid but I mostly hear Gumi.

Gumi has a realistic voice in many songs. Depending on how you use her she might as well sound like Miku, you know? Yes, her character design is not the best but the sole purpose of a Vocaloid is to sing and not to model. Many of her songs have become hits too despite not being as popular as other Crypton Vocaloids. There are songs by Miku that she'd covered and I'd say that a lot were great. Also, I know some Filipinos who used Gumi for their original songs such as coma (you can play that song on cytus) and I think because of the fact her voice is kind of low pitch she was able to considerably do well.

I found Gumi when I was looking for a green haired anime girl on the internet just for my new drawing, and I'm glad I found her. Gumi is not just cute but also has a very realistic and pleasant voice compared to any other vocaloid. According to me, she's the best vocaloid. Her songs are amazing, her looks are amazing, her personality is amazing, plus her voice is extremely amazing! Those who still think she isn't that great, better look up to her songs because no other vocaloid have yet impressed me as much as she have.

3 Miku Hatsune Hatsune Miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.

Honestly, I used to think she was overrated like a lot of other people but, to be honest and fair, she's actually pretty great. I guess I just thought that because people usually only listen to her and not other vocaloids who deserve attention. Still, she's pretty great! I feel bad because she has all this pressure on her to be the 'best vocaloid' and people just expect her to be great. She is great, though, regardless of everyone's expectations of her. Miku will always be one of my top vocaloids. I was really bummed that crypton announced she wouldn't be getting updates anymore... V4X forever?

Miku is just so popular I had to vote for her, her songs just play in my head over and over again and I can't help but sing along if I can keep up with her voice, she has many amazing songs but for me I think "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku was the best for me.

Miku , Miku you can call me Miku! She's the mascot of a generation of weebs! People say she's overrated, but I bet to disagree. I mean someone has to be the 1 Vocaloid, why not Miku! She's actually the best candidate! Cute design amazing voice, no wonder why we love her!

I guess people think that her voice is unrealistic because of how high her voice is. But some people can actually do that. I really love her hair... And her voice!

4 Rin Kagamine Rin Kagamine is a female Vocaloid created by Crypton Future Media. She can be bought with her twin brother, Len Kagamine. She is voiced by Asami Shimoda.

Rin is super cute! Her voice is so powerful, I think she got the most powerful voice letting her to sing such a dramatic songs such as Lost One Weeping. Her powerful voice suits rock and tragic songs the best. Roki is a song that showcase her growl perfectly. Her voice has so much emotion and making the song so pleasant to hear to.

Rin is so cute! Her voice is really nice, and she can sing a huge variety of songs. Tokyo Teddy Bear is one of my personal favourites.

Rin has the type of voice that can sing anything! She can pull off being an unrequited lover in Sweet Magic, to a depressed scientist in "Kokoro", to a sad girl looking for a family, to an evil princess in Daughter Of Evil! It really is amazing how much Rin has grown over the years, and I'm proud to admit that she and MAYU are my favorites. In fact, my first VOCALOID song was The Daughter Of Evil, or Aku No Musume!

Rin should be #1! She has a beautiful voice that can sing anything, from sweet, innocent songs like "I Like You I Love You", "Melancholic" and "Sweet Magic" to sad and tragic songs like "Kokoro" "Paper Plane" and "Meltdown " to dark, depressing songs like "Tokyo Teddy Bear" "Abstract Nonsense" and "Lost One's Weeping" to sexy ones like "Luvatorry" "The Straight Faced Science Girl" and "Pomp and Circumstance" and even downright silly ones like "I Can Take Of My Panties! " Not only is her voice AMAZING, she has an amazing personality-I imagine her as a mischievous girl who loves pulling pranks, eating oranges, and playing games as well as being whip-smart, like in "The Straight Faced Science Girl".I ship her with OLIVER. Also, Rin and Len TECHNICALLY aren't twins, but I think if them as such.

5 IA IA is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by 1st Place Co., Ltd., headquartered in Meguro, Japan. They use Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 3 singing synthesizer technology. Her voice is sampled by Lia.

IA for me is the most realistic sounding out of all the Vocaloids. She greatly resembles her voice provider's voice (which is Lia). If you don't believe me, I would recommend you to hear Tori no Uta, a cover by IA which was originally sang by Lia, you could almost say that there isn't any difference with the way IA sings if compared to Lia.

One thing that caught my attention was her design. It officially speaks "New Era" because she looks like someone from a real generation of teenagers. I don't mean it literally, of coarse, but if you look at her appearance, you can easily say that she is an innocent girl who has gone through problems in life, which is why she looks like a rebel, but she expresses herself through her songs. Teenagers are like that today, they go through problems in life and they need to express their feelings. And that's basically what I see in IA.

For me, IA isn't just a fantasy character. She looks like someone who has a real personality. Not someone ...more

I truly am a big fan of IA and her songs. IA's voice is like an angel and is realistic than any other vocaloid. Her voice is light toned that is clear and her voice is exactly the same as her provider vocals Lia making her the most realistic vocaloid. I also admire her personality very much. Her personality is a strong and honest character who dreams of being friends with everybody. Also IA looks are beautiful. Her face, her eyes, her outfit just makes her look like a real human. Aka Akasaka did a great job on drawing IA I just simply adore tat drawing. Anyways if you don't believe me try listening to her songs for example Tori no Uta, Ayano's Theory of Happiness, Lost Time Memory, A Tale of six trillion years and overnight story, and etc.

Oh man... her voice. She's a middle toned voice, and I love that. And her design is beautiful. She is just gorgeous in every way, I love her.

When I was first introduced to Vocaloid, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Love them all 'main' vocaloids as I may, especially Crypton's (though Internet Co's do deserve some recognition), I still never had a definitive favorite. Until I heard IA's Tale of 6 trillion Years and One Night. The tone and beauty of her voice was amazing - it was so clear and rich in feeling - I could hardly believe she wasn't human. Then comes the IA cover of Risky Game - her voice is so beautiful - the vibrato and melody blends so well, it just captured my attention at once. Her resonant trill, and the overall harmonious, alluring tone makes her my favorite. IA is one of the most beautiful Vocaloids yet, in voice and Design

6 Luka Megurine Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ), codenamed CV03, is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media, Inc., and was initially released in January 2009 for the VOCALOID2 engine. She is the third release of Crypton's Character Vocal Series and is a Character Voice VOCALOID. In March more.

Best Vocaloid ever I used. She has the more number of EVEC options and her release breaths were insane. I'm using her Japanese Voicebank to make songs of other language(Tamil- South Indian Laanguage). Even I'm making songs of another language, it sounds awesome(Because Tamil and Japanese accents were same).

There are so many better Vocaloids than Miku, but people don't realize it. Sure, Miku is cute and popular, but her voice is nothing compared to most of the other Vocaloids. Miku is almost my least favorite out of all the Vocaloids. It's quite sad how people are too blinded by her appearance and don't realize that her voice isn't good. The original Black Rock Shooter song was terrible. Miku's voice was off key, it sounded annoying, it was just awful. I listened to the Kaai Yuki version of that song and I loved it. Her voice fitted perfectly. This is what always happens. There is a Miku song I like but her voice doesn't fit. I listen to another Vocaloid cover and I instantly love it. Luka is my favorite Vocaloid, but I like Len and IA, too. All Vocaloids deserve just as much, if not more popularity than Miku. I'm sorry if you like Miku, but you need to pay more attention to her voice and not her looks. Maybe someday people will realize that other Vocaloids are so much better singers ...more

Is no fair. Because Miku is popular isn't she best. Why do they pick Miku? Because is she cute? Because of Miku cute voice? Miku look cute, but Miku voice not is good. And why you pick Rin? Len? Rin for same as Miku. Her made by same person. Then Rin is popular. That is why. Len has shota and is boy. He made by same person too. That is why. Luka is made by same person. But Luka has good voices. MEIKO is too. And KAITO. And GUMI. Not fair for they. Miku most popular, but her voice is not good. Luka. MEIKO. KAITO. GUMI. Those has good voices. That is why them is popular. Not for Miku. Miku has bad Vocaloid. Miku is popular. But Miku not Luka. Is Miku MEIKO? KAITO? GUMI? No, Miku is Miku. Luka MEIKO KAITO and GUMI all no Miku. They can be good than Miku. Rin and Len can too.

Luka Megurine is such a good singer! She's also very pretty. Without Luka, Vocaloid will probably be doomed! Everyone should know that she's the best. She also makes the best songs! I LOVE HER! Please vote for Luka Megurine!
GO, LUKA! (Chants)

7 Gakupo Kamui

His voice is so beautiful and versatile and realistic to the point I sometimes mistake him for a human.He does great with the low and high notes.

He has a very breath-taking voice to me, compared to any other male vocaloid, especially Len and KAITO.

What makes him being overlooked is just that most of his original sounds.. a little off, which is, ofc, due to the hardness of controlling his voice,...
...and his long hair.
Well, I think if his hair were a little bit shorter then maybe he could become more popular?

I don't know to most of you fans' opinions, but to me, I also like to judge the Vocaloids' official art style, and honestly, Idl his. Not the design, but the art style, which is, to me, is really important to attract fans to use him.

He should be more popular. To me, it's maybe because of these factors that made him sits behind the Cryptonloids' shadow.

I know that really looks like Gaku-poo, but I don't care. To be honest, I know hardly a thingy about Gakupo, but he has the most awesome voice out of all of them, especially in this one song called 'Glide'. I am learning the words to that song, it is quite easy, and a very cool song... None of the Vocaloids have a personality that I know of, really, but still...
YES, I AM AWESOME! (Hai, watashi wa odoroku bakarida! )
If you haven't seen/heard Glide, then you should really go and listen to it now! What the guy/girl/I don't care is actually saying is kind of mean to whoever they're talking to, but don't worry, it's not inappropriate, just mean...


To me, the most important aspect to vote and judge a vocaloid is his/her voice. I also agree to those who say about him having the most realistic sounding and smoother voice compared to most (some voice type are also awesome, like other of my favourite vocaloid, which have electro-sounding that Lily and VY2 have, which I also found amazing, but I like calming voice better).


OLIVER is definitely one of my favorite vocaloids, and underrated in my opinion! He's cute, his voice is easy to understand and he has... dropdead amazing high notes. Sadly, OLIVER usually has to resort to singing covers but still he does pretty well at that! And of course he has sang his own songs that I have liked. His songs differ, one song creepy and scary and then the other will be happy and cute(though he mostly sings creepy songs.) He has a realistic voice of a choir boy.

Oliver is just so cute but creepy. He looks like Dio from Mad Fathers. I wonder if her has one eye or both his eyes. If you never heard of Mad Fathers, it's a horror game about a German girl named Aya that's about 11-12 years old. Dio is her boyfriend. Dio is a person brought back from the dead because of the curse her family has. The good end Dio says goodbye and Kisses her. And later on in life, Aya becomes like her father which is a doctor and murders people to turn into dolls. In the bad end, her dad kills Aya and turns her into a doll. But still, I like Oliver more then Len for some reason. I don't even cry that mich when I'm watching Servant of evil

Oliver is much more popular than I expected 0.0 But he's my favorite English Vocaloid and his voice sounds amazing. It has a nice pitch and he has very nice and unique design as well. He sounds very realistic to me and I just love his character's personality. He is sweet and kind and can be a little creepy at times. I can relate to many of his songs as well. Most of Oliver's songs are creepy (and I like that) but he can sing really sweet songs as well (like Starlight Keeper). He sings fast-paced songs like "eTeRNiTY" also. Oliver gives you that creepy but cute vibe. I don't know why some people don't like him that much. I like almost all Vocaloids, but Oliver's my favorite of the guys and favorite English Vocaloid. He's perfect for those who are terrible at Japanese but absolutely love Vocaloid.

My Little sailor, Oliver from vocaloid 3! He is such a charmer. At first I hate oliver because I don't like the cover on his album, it's too realistic to me.
But when I was searching for vocaloids good songs, I got curious with oliver's, so I give it a shot. And you know what? I fell in love with his voice immediately, his voice has that thouch of angelic voice and... oh my... the high pitch sounds so adorable!
Then when I was searching more about him, I really love his design and his cover picture and all of his fan drawings, now my vocaloid folder is full of him than the other vocaloids... it shows that his voice is a top priority and his looks is a HUGE bonus! So adorable, though I'm curious about his mysterious voice provider...

9 MEIKO MEIKO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application called Vocaloid developed by Yamaha Corporation.

MEIKO is the queen of vocaloid! Powerful and realistic voice, she's sings like a godness. Both V1 and V3 are wonderful, is just know how to tune/mixing her fine to be singing perfectly. People hate her just because of the KAITO x Miku shipp and, honestly, it's ridiculous! They can't accept that MEIKO & KAITO was made to each other, like Rin and Len (as a singing pair). As a first japanese vocaloid, I believe she deserves more, but her company (Crypton Future Media) don't care about her and the other 4 vocaloids that they created, just to Miku. That's sad...

Meiko was the first Japanese Vocaloid and is very underrated. It was announced a while ago that she would be getting an update. I suggest listening to her V3 cover of Senonzakura to get a taste of her V3 vocals. Meiko has a simple design that is pretty badass. Her character item is sake which is why she is portrayed as a drunk. Why many Miku users hate Meiko, I'll never know. All I know is that Meiko is number 1.

I LOVE her voice as well as her design! She has such a beautiful voice, and sometimes I can’t even tell she’s a robot, especially in the song “The Snow White Princess Is”!

Meiko’s voice is probably the most real-sounding vocaloid out there, with the exception of Oliver. I can agree with the other comments here: she’s underrated.

10 KAITO KAITO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Yamaha Corporation using their new Vocaloid singing synthesizer technology under the codename of "Taro".

KAITO is amazing is every way. He has the skill wear scarf all the time! That scarf looks nice and warm... This ice cream loving guy is adorable and his songs are all really good! His voice sounds great in English and Japanese! He is my favorite Vocaloid and I'm happy to like KAITO! All the other Vocaloids are cool as well but I personally like KAITO the most!

This mans doesn't get enough love! He was one of the first japanese vocaloids and he sounds amazing! Who wouldn't love this adorable ice cream man?

When tuned right, he can sound amazing, and he has a more mature voice that I personally love! You can really hear emotion in his voice when he’s tuned properly.

Kaito shion by far has a wonderful voice, and he's cute to x3 For all you hetalia fans, he looks like he's related to russia! And if you think his voice is strange, it isn't. Some lovely examples would be The disappearance of katio, canterella, and ponponpon lenxKAITOxgakupo. And besides, who wouldn't want that scarf of his? He is better then len in many ways, but any lenXkaito song sounds amazing! Try it out. I'm sure he can beat the kagamines and even miku! And definitely gumi.

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11 Utatane Piko Utatane Piko is a Japanese speaking Vocaloid by Sony Entertainment for Vocaloid 2. He is based on the Japanese singer Piko.

Where do I start? Piko mostly sings Japanese annnddd can't sing English (though he's been waiting to learn so PATIENTLY and everyone in the Memesquad is killing him with their English!) Piko is like my brother or maybe even my child! Why can't SONY update himmm? Piko has this nice, calming voice that's kind of soft and sweet and just lower then Len's when he's tuned right (which is almost never because Sony makes it so dang HARD for people to use Piko's voicebank and his voice usually ends up super low with almost no tone... Rip Piko!) Still, Piko has an amazingly great voice and if he was UPDATED his voice could do wonders and I am sure he'd become more popular.

Ah, man. I'm really disappointed this guy was discontinued. He's awesome. Not very proud of t h a t o n e s o n g though (lol I think you know which one)...

I hate $hota songs myself, and HATED that one song (hint: had both Len and Piko and sealed their fates as these), so I understand, Piko-kun. Also that USB cord (do NOT call it a tail, I learned that the hard way) is cute and futuristic. - LittleMissTwili

WARNING: This is coming from the person whose Vocaloid crush is Utatane Piko. This may or may not be biased.

With the warning out of the way, I'll like to offer my opinion why I like Piko.

As mentioned by many before me, Piko is very flexible, unlike KAITO who can only sound masculine or Kagamine Rin who could only sound feminine (not that I have the experience to correctly assume that). Which means you can make him sound manly for a male cover like "Cantarella" or girly for a female cover like "Sweet Devil". Along with that, his voice is very good when used right. (I must give a shout-out to the original songs of "Piko Piko Legend of the Night" and "Checkmate", along with his covers of "Pierrot", "Toosenbo", and "Song of Catastrophe".)

Appearance wise, Piko is very cute, as expected from a shota. Heterochromatic eyes, a curl, and something obviously mechanical like an USB cord also something I haven't
seen very much, giving him a rather unique ...more

12 Fukase Fukase, is a vocal developed and distributed by Yamaha Corporation for Vocaloid 4. He is voiced by Satoshi Fukase, the lead singer of the Japanese band, SEKAI NO OWARI.

Fukase's voice is so mesmerizing and soothing to listen to. And he sounds exactly like his voice provider which is pretty cool!

Fukase is very beautiful voice. The only downside about Fukase is he can't really hit high note well but when play with his good range, he sounds very very like Satoshi Fukase, heavenly. His English vb is so clear. His voice is very clear and less robotic. He sounds real.

I just love Fukase, he is probably my favorite vocaloid. I can't explain it, Fukase is just AMAZING! I love Sekai No Owari and I love him! His voice is super realistic and who could hate the MEMELORD? I love his design, I love his voice, I love his voice actor, I love Point, there is nothing to hate about him!

Fusake not only better than most vocaloids but is a memelord he is a really good sounding vocaloid but not as good as daina cyber diva sweet ann sonika stardust maika and dex I would had put cyber song man here but there was no more room

13 Kasane Teto Kasane Teto is a singing synthesizer and virtual star. She appeared as a prank "new vocaloid" companion to Hatsune Miku on April Fool's day 2008. Even though she wasn't a real Vocaloid, her character was so catchy her fans never forgot about her. So her prank creators gave her a complete voice, using more.

I know she's not a Vocaloid, but she deserves to be one! Her design is gorgeous, her voice is even more miraculous and she's basically the Miku of Utau! She's even sang with the Vocaloids, from time to time. Literally the best April Fools Prank on history!

Teto is a UTAU but hey, maybe they count prank vocaloids as vocaloids here... She has so much emotion in all of her songs, she has a beautiful voice and sings amazing songs! She introduced me to Utaus, like she did to many others, and is INCREDIBLE!

Teto may not be a vocaloid, but I'm still voting for her. She's the one that introduced me to UTAU and caused me to reach the point I'm at now, wanting to make my own UTAU! But it's too hard for me, a little 12 year old...

She may be an UTAU, but she is amazingly well done even with a very robotic voice! Her songs are very cool too~ just take a listen to something like "Kasane Territory" for some of her more happy, cheery songs. Or maybe "Refrain" which is pretty sad...Even "Life is short, Fall in love girls! " is a sad-happy one! Teto has a vide range of songs she can sing, and she can sing many different pitches. Such as in "Sky Swimmer" she has a voice kinda more in a mid tone. But in "Refrain" she sings much lower, and she sounds great high or low!

14 SeeU

*she hasn't got the english library, but she and UNI are the only ones with the Korean library* This is such a great vocaloid, and I'm a bit sad her english voicebank was abandoned but I also understand it... I love how she has little kitty ears, and the other parts of her design are really cute too!

I honestly don't really like Vocaloids to begin with, I do like SeeU though. She is cute, sounds realistic, does not have neon colored hair like most of them, and has a stunningly realistic and beautiful voice. Sadly she is not all that popular and most people prefer Miku. She also does not have her own concerts like Miku does, I actually think Miku is the only one that actually became a popstar hologram. Personally I find Miku's voice to be unrealistically high pitched and rather annoying. I much prefer SeeU over all the rest.

SeeU has an adorable design and a mature yet cute voice, she is utterly irresistible! Her design has so many details, such as her shoes having soundwaves light them up, or the stars in her eyes. KKUEM designed her to be a "cute and lively yet mysterious looking 17 year old girl", and I personally think KKUEM did a FANTASTIC job! It's such a shame she's so hated, I hope she gets more popular, she deserves them, especially for being (so far) the only Korean Vocaloid, and having some English triphones (whether hard to use or not). Her Japanese voicebank is adorable and her Korean voicebank so powerful, although both still have her lovely accent, it's a great choice! SeeU is the only Vocaloid I listen to and I always feel better, I want to thank her for that. I love you SeeU, long live the Queen!

She probably has the most versatile voice out of all vocaloids and gets a lot of undeserved hate (some racism). Having a Korean and Japanese bank, she can not only sing those two languages but can recreate good English. Not to mention she can sing low and high and can be tuned to fit almost all songs well.

15 Neru Akita

Neru, while not being my favourite, is something special.
She was created to save Miku when she was unserchable on places like Google, and when her article was terminaited
On Wikipedia.
Akita was made by Anti-Miku Haters and illustrated by Smith Hiyoka.
Her voice can be made by editing Mikus voice higher, or making Rin's voice.
The reason she's in Project Diva is because, she is recognised by Crypton (the company who made MEIKO, KAITO, Miku, Rin, Len, Luka. ) and was put in the game. Other characters noticed by Crypton are, Meiko Sakine, Tako Luka and Haku Yowane.

I love Akita, despite being made by anti-Miku fans, I love her. Yes, I love do love Miku and Rin, but Neru is something special. Akita Neru is a 'Fanloid', and her voice can be made by editing Miku's voice higher, or editing Rin's voice lower. She is reconissed by Crypton, along with other Fanloids like, Haku Yowane, Meiko Sakine (not official MEIKO, younger Meiko) Tako Luka, Hachune Miku and Calne Ca. Neru was made by people who frowned upon Otakus, which often get confused in countries like America, in Japan, Otakus are displayed as fat, grown up men with backpacks and have an unhealthy obbesion with moe anime series, or anime in general. Despite being made by people who tried to get rid of Miku, I still love her, and I tend to look past her backstory, and look at her as a cute, 17 year old tsundere, who loves her phone.

I really like Neru. She sounds really cool, she has an awesome look, and she is my second favorite Vocaloid (next to Kamui Gakupo). Why is she so low on the list? This gal should be in at LEAST the top five!

Even though see doesn't have an official voice I still think shes one of the best vocaloids, even if shes only a derivative. I honestly think she should be higher on this list, and hope that one day she and Haku become official.

16 Yukari Yuzuki

She has a very beautiful voice that works for a lot of diffrent genres. She also sounds quite realistic. I really like how her voice is a bit lower than most vocaloids making her sound a lot more mature and less annoying.

Honestly, when I first heard Yukari I sincerely fell in love.
A lot of vocaloids seem to have higher voices if they are girls (I'm looking at you Miku, Aoki, and Rin! ) And that's fine. But I love Luka and Meiko's and IA's deeper, more mature voices, so when I found Yukari I was instantly infatuated. She sounds so smooth and emotional! In my own opinion, when she is used correctly she is the most human sounding vocaloid. Sadly, she can be horribly misused. I have heard songs where she sounds almost... chipmunky. That is not how she should sound! She has a deeper, softer and more mature voice. I don't quite understand why she is not as popular as other vocaloids, but since she is relatively new, I hope she grows more popular!

Yuzuki Yukari is my favorite vocaloid! Her high voice is rarely used, but awesome, and her low range is awesome too! I've been watching her rise in popularity for the last year.

Listen people, you guys only focus on Miku, Len, and Rin and Gumi. They just don't bother looking at any other ones. They don't know the other ones well and the other vocaloids are way better. I've heard Yukari is the best that people want to compare her with Miku and go against her. When she sang insanity with Cul, it was awesome. And she does have 1 song she sounds the best in. When you type her name on youtube, there are videos that appear. The name of it is 2 much to say. It's this one where At first you hear her talking in the picture of a moon then it shows her farther away then the camera starts getting closer to her while she sings. Also when she sangs with Mayu in Hurting for a very Hurtful pain and if you haven't known, she is also a witch. Her color is lavender, not purple. Her color also glows and her voice isn't 2 dramatic like IA's. She is also a voiceroid. Her voice is deep and beautiful and she is the most amazing vocaloid of all time. Her act seems so awesome 2. ...more

17 Aoki Lapis

She is so underrated, personally her voice is more realistic than many other vocaloid, her design is superb "think the future" with headphones is just incredible.
Think about listening :)

Her voice is probably one of the cutest in Vocaloid. Her description is also very unique, being a fairy with a height of 15 inches. About her songs, I have to agree that she sounds like other Vocaloids in most of her demos. But songs like Schwarzschild Radius, Silent World, Carnage Ninja Girl, and her cover on Gumi's Coward Montblanc (which I think Aoki sang it better) would let you know how original and beautiful her voice really is. You really shouldn't miss this Vocaloid!

I think she's overlooked because she's a V3. She actually has a smooth voice that's great for soft songs, lullabies, and the like. I love her rendition of Last Night Good Night, and I also love her originals, like Think the Future and Twilight Scape (? ).

I love her voice it sounds cute and sweet also I could fall asleep hearing her I love her and she's adorable too! I've also been hearing corruption garden from her A LOT and I love it! Luka's the original singer and she sings it awesome too!

18 V Flower

Her song "Goodbye Honor Student" moved me, it was so beautiful and made me so happy when I listened to it, I don't know why she isn't higher on this list, she has plenty of other amazing songs but that one gave the strongest impression for me.

She sounds great to me in both low and high pitches. Her voice mainly works for rock and metal for me, I really really like her growls and screamos, a lot of vocaloids sound very robotic doing them but hers sound so human.

why is she this low? I was starting to notice that she was getting more love these days, but turns out shes still as underrated as I thought. keep voting for flower, she needs more attention!

wow I can't speak english today

I like her for the same reason I like Luna Loud from The Loud House: both started out very girly (flower in her v3, Luna in her backstory) but became very rebellious.

Also, she's a kuudere. - LittleMissTwili

19 Iroha Nekomura Nekomura Iroha is a female vocaloid character produced by AH-Software Co. Ltd for Vocaloid 2. The voice sampled for her was confirmed to be Showa-style singer Kyounosuke Yoshitate.

Ok so Iroha might not be the most popular vocaloid, but her voice has power, range and a realistic voicebank. Iroha is a vocaloid with potential and if she's used right, her voice can sound like a real human. She also has a unique design that would appeal to a lot of people it's also really cute. Her vocal range is wide and I'd love it if she got more voicebanks for Vocaloid3. She can reach high, mid and low notes with ease. She really deserves to be on stage and to have more attention! Some people find her voice unique and they are right. I've honestly never heard a vocaloid like her and if you've listened to covers made by fruu tella, she sounds like a human. Her original songs have depth, meaning and life. She has the most human sounding voice in my opinion. Kudos to her :-)

She can sound so realistic if she is used in vocaloid properly, for example, fruutela on youtube can make her sound more human than vocaloid 3s. Even though her design is meant to appeal to those who grew up with Hello Kitty, I find her design very unique compared to other Vocaloids. And I believe her voice can appeal to a larger audience, even the people who believe anime and Japanese voices are all just high pitch and squeaky like Miku's

Of all the Vocaloids, Iroha is listed as having the least problems with only having trouble with softer vocals. Her voice is strong and if rendered properly can have a very realistic tone. Though when her voice is used for English songs it gains a robotic sound to it, she still is able to pronounce the words with clarity. Of all the Vocaloids, I find Iroha has the most interesting design and is the easiest to work with.

Iroha's voice HAS to be one of the most realistic Vocaloid voices ever. Yes, she sounds a bit like a boy, but on the other hand, her high notes are amazing! Her voice is very unique within the female category, and her design rocks! It's great to see that she is getting a V4 update. Hopefully she'll get a bit more attention then.

20 SF-A2 Miki

Miki probably has my favorite voice out of all the vocaloids, plus I really like her android design because it’s just so cute and different. Unfortunately I’ve heard she’s a bit hard to tune, but when you do it right she sounds amazing. Her song INSaNiTY actually got me into vocaloid, and it also was my first ship (Miki x Kaito is so cute omg)

I have NO clue why people underestimate Miki so much! She is my absolute FAVORITE Vocaloid! What I love about her is how absolutely unique she is. She is made to look and sound different than most other Vocaloids. She is made to look robotic or cybernetic. And it is beautiful. Her design is very different than the others. It's so unique and cool! And because she has a hard time pronouncing things sometimes her voice sounds more syfy than most Vocaloids. It makes her songs sound awesome and different in my opinion. She also has a really sweet personality, too. Her voice is kinda hard to control at times, but she is still so AMAZING. She's mostly used for rock songs, but she has some sweet and sad songs too. A perfect example of Miki's awesome voice is "iNSaNiTY." iNSaNiTY is what got me into Vocaloid in the first place. She's also really good at pronouncing English for a Japanese Vocaloid. "Our Belief" is great example of her English. I'm sorry it's just that Miki deserves so much more ...more

Miki is SO much better than Miku. Just listen to Insanity, and you'll see where I'm coming from. She also happens to have great English pronunciation, which is unusual for a Japanese Vocaloid. I personally think it's cool that she's a robot. It really suits her voice.

I feel like its weird that like a small percent of the reasons I voted for her was just because my headcanons for her are funny

21 Yuki Kaai

I love Kaai Yuki. Yuki is just so adorable. Her design is cute and she has the voice of an innocent little girl. She's very sweet and fun-loving and always wants to know more. What isn't there to like about her? I absolutely love her cover of Ponponpon. I just think it sounds better than Miku's. Don't get me wrong--Miku is awesome, but Yuki is just ADORABLE! KAWAII

I voted her because her voice sounds so kawaii and also she is so underrated shes supposed to be one of the most popular vocaloids because of her sweet and charming voice

She's the best Vocaloid, at least in my opinion, her voice, for me, beats Miku and much other Vocaloids voice...

Kaai is sooo cute! I don't understand why Miku and Rin are used for all of the cute songs while Kaai sings creepy children's songs!

22 VY2

All the famous vocaloids such as Miku, the Kagamine twins, and gumi have such high pitched voices and such fast-paced songs. VY2 Yuma's voice is calm, relaxing and smooth to the human ear. Sure, people have their own opinions, but VY2's deep and soothing voice (and awesome character design) makes him my all time favorite vocaloid.

Personally, I prefer deep, masculine male voices like VY2's and Gakupo's to voices like Piko's. VY2 has a very realistic voice! Just because he is quite new, does not mean he cannot be better than the others! VY2 for the win!

VY2 is too underrated. He should be more well known. His voice is really amazing and unique and realistic too. I don't understand why good composers rarely use him, maybe because it's hard to tune him well?

VY2 Yuma first caught my attention when I listened to his cover of Cantarella. I loved his voice which sounded just wonderful in a duet with Gumi. Yuma also impressed me with his vast range of vocals and adorable design.

23 Otomachi Una Otomachi Una, sometimes referred to as Una Otomachi, is a female Vocaloid created by Internet Co., Ltd and MTK Inc. She is voiced by Aimi Tanaka.

I think this is one of the cutest vocaloids figure her voice is so clear and smooth. I suggest more people should use her or even listen to her.

I voted her because her sound is so powerful and deserves to be one of the popular vocaloids around

I love una! She is probably only down here though because she was just recently released.

Why is she so low down? This is one of my favorite vocaloids of all time! I LOVE YOU UNA!

24 MAYU MAYU is a female Vocaloid created by EXIT TUNES Co., Ltd. She generally has mixed reception. She is voiced by Mayumi Morinaga.

Mayu is so underrated! Her voice is amazing and I can't believe she's at 22! People need to start listening to her songs like a lie and a stuffed animal.

Mayu has a lovely design based off of Gothic Lolita fashion, that's both "dark" and "cute". Her voice is very cute, without being so high it's annoying, like Miku's can be in some songs (Miku does of course, have some very good songs, but she's not always tuned very well). Mayu's voice also sounds very realistic to me. The premise of her being a yandere is interesting as's nice to see a vocaloid with an actual set "personality" so to speak. All in all, Mayu is a great Vocaloid, though, it is a shame she only has a Japanese voice bank.

Come on, bruh! Mayu is an amazing Vocaloid! Her looks are perfect, her style is perfect, her songs are perfect, and her voice is good too! She really deserves MORE votes! Did you like ever listen to her song "Hide and seek"? because that's my favorite one for now. She really deserves to be in the top 15

Great Vocaloid. Her voice is amazing. In my opinion it rivals Miku's. My favorite song that she sings is ' Love Logic'. You should check it out. She deserves more votes. Though she is a Yandere, she is still amazing!

25 Cyber Diva

I can sing her songs! She's my favourite English Vocaloid! And she's my fourth favourite cause I love her voice!

Cyber diva is god at music she sings the best. Well almost theres two a top of her but sweet ann needs to be higer

New but very clear pronunciation. Her and Luka are my two go-to's.

I love her voice. It's really realistic and clear!

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