Best Black Dahlia Murder Songs

The Black Dahlia Murder is one of he best death metal bands in history. These are their best songs in the rightful order.
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1 What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse

The melodic riffs are what make this song their best!

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse!

2 Everything Went Black

Everything about this song embodies TBDM. Don't get me wrong, WAHNTHAC is a decent song, but their best? Not even close. This isn't even my favorite song by them. But it's their best.

In my opinion the riffing alternating with the drums and vocals creates the catchiness of this song...

3 I Will Return

I used to pick this song at bars and nobody ever complained. The guitar work in this song is so good and catchy, non-metal fans appreciate it, and it shreds.

That bridge riff...oh my god yes. Cryonics!

4 Deathmask Divine

The story and how papa trevor gets in the head of Count Carl Von Coser is amazing. He finds a way to empathize with the pyschopath, along with it being from the best american blackened melodeath album of all time.

This song is the classic TBDM song for me. It incorporates all of their elements and Trevor is at his height here lyrically. The chorus is so smooth too.

It's not often you see a love song in death metal. But this certainly is one, in a sick, twisted, and beautiful way

5 Moonlight Equilibrium

Musically their greatest work ever, killer riff and awesome drumming plus vocals perfect, this song defines the black dahlia murder music.

Out of everything I've heard from The Black Dahlia Murder, I haven't come across anything that's even close to this song, it's just amazing.

The solo and chorus lead are hands down amazing.

6 Statutory Ape
7 Carbonized in Cruciform

This is perfection! Insane drumming from Shannon that perfectly supports and enhances the melodic, yet agressive guitar riffs. Trevor's vocal is very well harmonized with the melody and song structure. To top all that, the solo is very melodic and intricate, adding to the overall quality of the song without disrupting it.

8 Funeral Thirst

This song represents the start of a sound that progressed through all of their music.

9 Miasma

This is the best song, The Black Dahlia Murder has. This is my favorite band and this I think is there best song. It just never quits, never really slows, but it keeps the melodic riffs through out.

Just heavy and brutal but at the same time melodically beautiful!

10 Into the Everblack

The interlude on this song moving into the solo is so epic on this song. It really makes it feel huge.

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11 A Vulgar Picture
12 Black Valor
13 In Hell is Where She Waits for Me

This is my favorite opening song they ever did and I remember hearing it for the first time I was so excited because I knew I'd heard a future tour staple right there.

14 Necropolis

They need to play this live more often. The opening riff is so much fun

15 Receipt

TBDM's magnum opus, absolutely InSaNe drumming, killer riffs, and bone-chilling lyrics. This is the epitome of death metal

16 Nocturnal

How is this song not on here? It's brutal, and the guitar song is epic!

17 Raped in Hatred by Vines of Thorn

Their best song by far and one of the best Melo Death songs ever written.

18 Nightbringers

Title track of their latest and in my opinion best album. Literally every song could be high on this list.

19 Blood in the Ink

I love every song by them and had a hard time choosing between this, Necropolis, and Everything Went Black, but this comes out on top. I love the symphonic elements. Ryan Knight's solo in this is one of my favorites of all time. It just stands out from their other work, it's so unique.

20 The Blackest Incarnation
21 Map of Scars
22 To a Breathless Oblivion
23 The Window
24 Goat of Departure
25 Vlad, Son of the Dragon
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