Top 10 Best Finnish Rock Bands

When people say "Finnish rock," what comes to your mind? Is it the hauntingly beautiful symphonic melodies of Nightwish, the enchanting heavy sounds of HIM, or the versatile harmonies of Poets of the Fall?

Finland has long been a breeding ground for remarkable talent. The country's knack for producing world-class musicians isn't confined to classical music or even metal, for which it is perhaps most famous. In fact, the Finnish rock scene is as diverse and dynamic as it gets. From indie rock to hard rock to glam rock, Finnish bands have been making waves in the global music industry, crafting a unique sound identity that's hard to overlook.

One characteristic that sets Finnish rock apart is its raw authenticity. The music isn't just about sound; it's about storytelling, reflecting deep emotions and the realities of life. The lyrics are thoughtful and profound, often exploring existential themes. Paired with innovative musical arrangements, Finnish rock can evoke a wide range of emotions, from melancholy to joy, sorrow to euphoria.

What we're asking from you is to decide which of these bands rise above the rest. Who managed to touch your soul with their lyrics, energize your spirit with their rhythms, and captivate your senses with their melodies?
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1 Nightwish Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen. It's currently formed by Tuomas, Emppu, lead vocalist Floor Jansen, bassist and vocalist Marco Hietala,... read more

I love Nightwish. I have loved Nightwish since I was 6 years old. They are definitely the best band out there. Not only is their music astounding, but their lyrics are out-of-this-world. I think their best album is Dark Passion Play because it is so dark and deep. I'm not a person who listened to Nightwish's new album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, and said, "They sound interesting." I've been with them since Dark Passion Play, and I love their songs like Romanticide, The Greatest Show on Earth, and Eramajarvi. I love them so much that I can sing songs such as Eramaan Viimeinen, and I don't know the language of Finnish. Nightwish deserves the top spot in anything they do, and Tuomas should totally be the best songwriter ever. Saying Nightwish is terrific is the understatement of the century.

2 HIM HIM was a Finnish gothic rock band from Helsinki, Finland. Formed in 1991 by vocalist Ville Valo and bassist Mikko "Mige" Paananen under the name His Infernal Majesty, the band broke up in 1993, before being reformed in 1995 by Valo and guitarist Mikko "Linde" Lindström.

HIM does have the power to heal, as I found out for myself over 7 years ago. Besides being a lovely group of fellows, they are ultra-talented and serious about their musical pursuits. HIM is a gift from the universe. The best band!

Ville has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard! I was in love with this band from the first time I heard their music and long before I knew what they looked like. Now that I've seen these guys live, I'm even more in love with the music.

You have to love this band, this man! Ville is charming and talented. And if you really want to find something that is typical for Finland, you can find it all in this band. And try not to love his laugh.

3 Children of Bodom Children Of Bodom was a melodic death metal band from Espoo, Finland. Formed in 1993, the final lineup consisted of Alexi Laiho, Janne Wirman, Henkka Seppälä, Jaska Raatikainen and Daniel Freyberg.

Good old kind of heavy rock with new ingredients.

4 Kalmah Kalmah is a melodic death metal band from Oulu, Finland that formed in 1998. In less than a year after its formation, Kalmah was signed by Spinefarm Records.
5 Apocalyptica Apocalyptica is a Finnish metal band from Helsinki, Finland formed in 1993. The band is composed of classically trained cellists Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, and Perttu Kivilaakso and drummer Mikko Sirén.
6 Stratovarius Stratovarius is a Finnish power metal band that formed in 1984. Since their formation, they have released 16 studio albums, 4 DVD and 3 live albums.

Excellent, excellent band! These guys rock!

7 Poets of the Fall Poets of the Fall is a Finnish rock band from Helsinki. The group consists of Marko Saaresto, Olli Tukiainen, Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen, Jani Snellman, Jaska Mäkinen, and Jari Salminen.

If you're looking for some soulful music, beautiful wordplay, and some mesmerising instrumentation, then this is the band you should check out. These poets are far better than their American, mainstream counterparts. Some songs are pure genius, and a few can haunt you (this goes for the music videos of a few too). And the best thing is that each song delivers something new, be it in terms of lyrics and/or in terms of the music! And of course, you have Marko's brilliant vocals! An amazing band indeed!

8 Teräsbetoni Teräsbetoni is a Finnish power metal band formed in 2002. They got their first recording contract thanks to a petition, started by excited fans who wanted a recording contract for the band and sent it to several record companies. In 2008 Teräsbetoni represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest... read more
9 Amorphis Amorphis is a Finnish metal band formed in 1990. Initially, the band was a death metal act, but on later albums they have evolved into playing other genres, such as folk metal and progressive metal.

Amorphis rules! They've been going on for almost 20 years, and they're still going strong, and their albums just keep selling and so on. They are by far the best band in Finland and one of the top five bands in the world.

Kalmah receiving more votes than this band is ridiculous.

Best melodic metal band ever heard!

10 Hanoi Rocks

The 1981-84 version is the first and so far the only true rock band to come out of Finland. Goes to show how out of touch with reality some people are when crap like Poets of the Fall gets ranked higher..

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11 The Rasmus The Rasmus are a Finnish rock band that formed in 1994 in Helsinki while the band members were still in upper comprehensive school.

A long-term favourite band of mine. They're experimental, deep and original. There's little more that needs to be said.

I disagree with anyone claiming they are even minutely similar to HIM.

I love them since I was 15. I'm 26 now. They are different on every album, but they are still good. It's one love, one life...

My favourite, best of best! Forever.

12 Charon
13 Ensiferum Ensiferum is a Finnish folk metal band from Helsinki. The members of the band label themselves as "melodic folk metal."
14 Lordi Lordi are a Finnish hard rock/heavy metal band, formed in 1992 by the band's lead singer, songwriter and costume maker, Mr Lordi.

The best band ever! I have loved them from the first time I heard their songs!

They won the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.

15 Popeda
16 Poisonblack
17 Sentenced
18 Sunrise Avenue
19 Northern Kings
20 Zero Nine
21 Sleepy Sleepers
22 Don Huonot
23 Brother Firetribe
24 Sonata Arctica Sonata Arctica is a Finnish power metal band from the town of Kemi, Finland. Created as a hard rock band named Tricky Beans, they later changed to Tricky Means and finally to Sonata Arctica, when they shifted to power metal.
25 For My Pain
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