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My Opinions Since I was born
2000-04-Too Young to remember
2005-Happy innocent kindergartner. (8/10)
2006-Kind of forgettable, nothing great, nothing terrible. (5/10)
2007-Was bullied, but besides that good year. (5/10)
2008-Awesome major life changes taking place (9/10)
2009-Recession caused problems for my family income. (4/10)
2010-Forgettable, but the music was awesome. (7/10)
2011-Same as 2010. (7/10)
2012-Stressful year of middle school, but outside of it, pretty good. (5/10)
2013-Very underrated year. A lot of things happened, but not much in the negative. (8/10)
2014-One major event in my life made the first couple months suck, but the rest was average. (3/10)
2015-Struggled to find my calling and little progress being done. But not too eventful. (6/10)
2016-Don't get me started about the storm this year gave me. My sister went to college, my best friends moved hours away, and it intensified the political divisions in my family beyond ...more

Uh no 2011 did not have good music. They had crap like Party Rock Anthem - LUDEL

My opinions on this year and others.
2000 - 2001 I wasn't born yet. (? /10)
2002 Great, I was born! (9/10)
2003 - 2006 Too young to remember (? /10)
2006 - 2009 Great! Life was good and nobody I know passed away at this time. (9/10)
2009 - 2012 Not very good at first but got better in 2010. (6/10)
2012 - 2015 Good but not the best. (6/10)
2015 - 2018 Mediocre due to a lot of celebrities dying but I also had very fun in these years. (4/10)
2018 - present Bad! I really don't like these years because I had to move and leave my family and a lot of people in my family died hurricane michael and dorian were not very fun in Florida etc. I also almost committed suicide on June 27, 2019. (2/10)

My opinion since I was born.
2003-2007: too young to remember
2008: fairly good year, just a little kid (8/10)
2009: Michael jackson died, nothing needs to be said (5/10)
2010: happy little first grader (8/10)
2011: nothing good. nothing bad (7/10).
2012: stressful towards the end, other than that it was like any other year (6/10)
2013: stressful year altogether, very meh year (4/10)
2014: ups and downs, ups were too good to be forgotten (7.5/10)
2015: same as 2014, but ups and downs were not as extreme, average year (7/10)
2016: I can't even begin, the world had a bad year, my birthday was in the middle of midterms so I basically. had to study all day, part of my family died, struggle in my family beyond words, huge social downs toward. the end of the year, biggest mistake of my life made, grades were awful (0/10)
2017: best summer ever, very good year, got off to an okay start, 2nd half of the year was insanely good, I was very happy the whole year, ...more

This year was great but I wanted to rate the other years starting on 2004.
2004 - Great 7/10
2005 - Amazing 9/10
2006 - Awesome 8/10
2007 - BEST YEAR EVER! 10/10
2008 - Meh 5/10 Not the best year but not the worst either.
2009 - Bad 2/10 I think this was the start of the fall like Michael Jackson died and a flu was on that year.
2010 - Terrible 1/10 This year was not a good year at all but its not the worst.
2011 - Good 6/10 Things were starting to get better.
2012 - Meh 5/10 In this year it was so hot!
2013 - Good 6/10 A little underrated year.
2014 - Bad 2/10 I was NOT a fan of this year, I got sick, Breadwinners premiered and it was the last time I went to my swimming class.
2015 - Terrible 1/10 I can't even say why I hate this year.
2017- WORST YEAR EVER! 0/10 There was NOTHING good about this year, there was the Las Vegas shooting, Hurricane Harvey, Donald trump becomes president, Harvey ...more


2010 was amazing! I move to Florida and made many friends there, Adventure time released, despicable me, toy story 3, got a xbox 360! 2010 was the second best year ever, right behind 2005.

I loved every year of my life, except 2012, I am having an awesome life and I enjoyed fun times and having amazing times, I only look at positives of each and every year and because of this, 2012 was the only bad year I ever had in my life because there was nothing that was really good that I could look at in 2012, therefore I hated 2012 with a burning passion, 2015 was the best year of my life so far even though 2015 will soon be dethroned by 2020 with being the best year of my life.

Edit: 2015 is still the best year of my life because my Birthday was on a Saturday in 2015.

10 years back, I was 8 years remembering the times of class, the times of elegance where everything was so good. iPhones were just released, good songs to listen. Everything was just awesome

Life was so simple then, however 2010 was the start to a pretty meh decade.

2017 2017 (MMXVII) was a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2017th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 17th year of the 3rd millennium, the 17th year of the 21st century, and the 8th year of the 2010s decade.

Best year of my life, everything was just better. 2018 was when things fell apart.

I swear to God 2017 will be a thousand times better than 2016.

I loved every year from 2009 - 2017, except 2012, I had great times in 2017 and 2017 is one of my favorite years so far and I enjoyed doing fun things in 2017. I also got to enjoy some fun activities in 2015 and I also loved the 2015 calendar too and I loved the calendar of 2015 because my B Day was on a Saturday in 2015.

Rating my Years in the Past 6 Years

2012 - SCARY 2/10
2013 - Umm... 5/10
2014 - Nice! 7/10
2015 - Good! 8/10
2016 - Very Good! 9/10
2018 - Bittersweet 3/10


I know a year worse than 2012 that we can all agree on... 2020! The year of the coronavirus, Disney being the Adolf Hitler of Hollywood, Black Lives Matter and other bad things!

2009- great year for me 7/10
2010- awesome, I moved to Florida and made many friends there 8/10
2011- amazing 9/10
2012- best year of my life, nothing bad happened 10/10
2013- pretty bad year for me, 3rd grade happened, T.V. shows started to suck, my and my cousin hated each others, I got grounded a lot in that year. The only things I miss about that year are iron man 3, my sister was born, and my summer vacation 3/10
2014- okay, sucks at the start but got better later on 5/10
2015- good year 6/10
2016- worst year ever! My dad tortured me, my sister ruined me life, I was depressed, my summer was ruined by my dad, every once a month I would have one of the worst days of my life, a lot of my friends had a terrible time in that year, nothing good happened in the news, I got bandages from my dad on Christmas, I got a phone that didn't work for most of the year. The only thing I miss about that year were me going to middle school, spending time with my friends, and I ...more

No, 2012 was the worst year ever, you're just saying that 2012 was a good year because of your personal life.

My opinions:
2010- amazing 9/10
2011- awesome 8/10
2012- best year ever 10/10
2013- terrible, 3rd grade happened 1/10
2014- decent, things got better 6/10
2015- awesome 8/10
2016- bad 3/10
2017- amazing, pretty underrated year 9/10
2018- really terrible, 8th grade happened and my grandmother died 0.5/10
2019- worst year ever, my Instagram account got deleted and my grades were bad 0.1/10
2020- decent, but should get better 6/10

Good year because crime in U.S. were dropping
London has had Olympics
Lots of good music


1989 was beneficial because the Berlin Wall came down, the riots in China stopped, and the world was starting to be prosperous again.

Fall of the Berlin Wall. Wave of Democratic Revolutions and reforms in Europe leading to the collapse of the Soviet Bloc. Truly an amazing year.

Sure was a big year!
Berlin wall is down,
Cold war has came to an end,
Nothing majorly terrible here!

The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the start of the German reunification - a great year for millions.


Year when Hatsune Miku was born and when vocaloid songs became popular

In December of 2007, I did not want 2007 to end. I went to both Disneyland and Sea World this year, so it was pretty good for you.

BEST YEAR EVER! The end of 4th grade and all of 5th grade were the BEST years of my whole life! The summer of 2007 was EPIC! I got to go to Las Vegas. I got the Nintendo Wii, one of my favorite video game consoles ever! This is my favorite childhood year by far!

The weather was perfect this year, plus who doesn't like 07


2010- I was 9 and my friend showed me the game The Sims. This summer I started to playing it and in continues till now in 2020, 10 years after that. With the same friend I for the first time ice-skated at the beggining of the year. It was still the time when the winters lasted in their natural honoured time.

2011- definitely one of the best time of my life. Music was decent- comeback of JLo, Rihanna, Britney, Lady Gaga, Katy were everywhere.

2012- for me, the end of the world really came at the end of 2012. The normal mentality, life-style and cool music have died. Still, it was the time when I was riding on my bike with our friends through the city in the hot spring and summer. It was cool time, I miss these Times.

2013- many sad things happened to me this year, even if I was only 12. There were cool events though- my mother came back from Italy after 9 years. Cool games came out these year- The Last Of Us, Tomb Raider, Beyond: 2 Souls…

2014- I've made ...more

2011 is my best year in life, I have yet to see a year as good as 2011. The only year that comes close is 2010.

Nope, it was TERRIBLE. Lot of tragic things happened on that year. Put that on lowest rank of this list. Ranking #6 is too damn high.

2011 IS THE BEST! 2011 really changed my life and everything in that year for me was good! I praise 2011 for what it has done for me every single day. 2011's memories shall live on FOREVER!


Best Year ever
WWE ruthless aggression is born
Brock Lesnar And John Cena Debuts
2002 world cup
Music was different then that new s***
Justin Bieber weren't famous
It was all different
Nintendo Gamecube was released
The Rock VS Hollywood Hulk Hogan Wrestlemania X8
Beginning of the competition between the Gamecube vs OG Xbox and vs PS2
Best Game for Gamecube in 2002: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Memories
And plus Music was the best on that year
Spidermab was released on that year and so did Harry potter and the Chamber of secrets Star was 2 Attack of the clones and 8 mile was released on that year
THIS YEARS WAS A MIND BLOWING YEAR FOR ME for the win laugh out loud

This was the best year ever I was born in 2002 too!

Great year:
John Cena
Wrestlemania X8
No Bieber
World Cup
The Eminem Show & 8 Mile
Many more

It makes me feel good to see 2002 near the top, not just because it was the year I was born in, but the fact that it seemed like a great year in general. Even though most people were still recovering from 9/11, there were a lot of neat stuff that happened that year. Great movies, great T.V. shows, great video games, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were at their peak in quality, you name it!


In 2013 there was a lot of good music and I was only 7 back then. It was generally a nostalgic year for me but I understand why some people would not like it because everyone's experiences are different,

THIS IS THE BEST AND COOLEST YEAR EVER! Not a single year will ever be as good as 2013. It's a special kind of force who is in the year 2013 that makes it so legendary. Everyday was a combination of Christmas and Birthdays in 2013.

Favorite year overall. Everything was fun and happy and the music was amazing. The memories I made were amazing and unforgettable. And no matter how sad I was I always knew how to be happy again and it made me who I am today. If I could turn back time to any year it'll definitely be 2013.

I love it I cry whenever I realize how long ago it was it was a great year the music was great and all the memories


The first man landed on the moon, and the Woodstock was outstanding.

Why mention woodstock? What about, umm, THE MOON LANDING

The year Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, the Beatles were still a thing, In the Year 2525 was released. Awesome year.

The year scooby-doo where are you was born.

The Contenders


Great movies came out this year over all just an amazing meme year

The Incredibles
Spider-Man 2
Burnout 3
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Shrek 2
Half-Life 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban

It was also a great year for our country Greece where we won Euro 2004 and hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics

The year when I was born and mighty boosh T.V. series and radio series came out. The best magical year.

Spider-Man 2, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, burnout 3, Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban, the Incredibles, shrek 2, halo 2, half life 2, metal gear solid 3 that year was the best


The Soviet Union dissolved, ending the Cold War for good. There was also a total solar eclipse that occurred on July 11th of that year. In addition, Nickelodeon made history with its debut of its first three Nicktoons (Doug, Rugrats, and Ren & Stimpy).

Ozzy Osbourne- no more tears, Alice in chains- Facelift, Metallica- Metallica(black album), Pearl Jam-Ten, Nirvana- Nevermind, the list goes on.

The Super NES launched and Sonic 1 was released. Simple as that.

Best year for music by far. Ten, Nevermind, and so many more.

2018 2018 (MMXVIII) is a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2018th year of the Common Era (CE), the 9th year of the 2010s decade, the 18th year of the 21st century, and the 18th year of the 3rd millennium.

2009-2013: Good music ( counting stars, roar, I gotta feeling etc.) but horrible years for my homeland, Greece.
2013-2015: Good
2015: Another bad year for Greece
2016: Liked some of the music ( Hello, Closer). Medium year
Winter 2017: Great
Rest of 2017: worst year of my life
Worst period of my life: summer 2017-autumn 2018
Autumn 2018: I feel good for the first time since 2013.
Winter-Spring 2019: Excellent, but too much homework.
Autumn 2019: Wasn't it too hot?
2020: No words.

2007: great 7/10
2008: awesome 8/10
2009: amazing 9/10
2010: great 7/10
2011: below average 4/10
2012: great 7/10
2013: amazing 9/10
2014: amazing 9/10
2015: amazing 9/10
2016: The Absolute Worst Year Of My Life. Thank god it is last place on here. 0/10
2017: amazing 9/10
2018: Best year ever 10/10
2019: amazing 9/10

I understand but 2011, I got bullied, 2012, things got better, 2016 was when so many awful things happened and you only cared because of your personal life, and 2018 was just what I wanted

I liked every year except 2011 and 2016 but other than that every other year was cool, especially 2014

Ugh 2018 was no good for me... Although my school year was great in this year, there was lots of rubbish stuff. Music was rubbish (especially mumble rap), my grandmother AND one of my uncles died, I was really unlucky with a lot of things in this year, and of it was just FORTNITE FORTNITE (it was very overrated in 2018 to be honest). So, WORST YEAR EVER!


This had THE BEST MUSIC EVER. Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, Fergie, Usher, Justin Timerlake. The years following were good too, but they don't compare to 2006. There was no people walking mindlessly around on their phone, and people were generally more respectful from what I know.

This is one of my best years (Along with 2006, 2010 and 2014) I actually like it Great year in my opinion because my favorite LEGO City sets of Airplane Airport sets came out in that year also my favorite things like New Super Mario Bros. DS was made back in May 15,2006 also the movie Superman Returns was made back in 2006 of June The best year in the whole planet I was just having a very good year I really want to go back to this year I was 5 but until October I was going to be 6 years old this is thousand times better than 2011 and 2015 this year rocks for me it was 11 years ago now were are in 2017 and I'm going to be 17 in October. 2006 rocks the best year on the planet!

2007-2008 don't remember
2009-my dad got our family car
2010-don't remember
2011-my first ipad
2012-the best year in 2010s
2014-harder math
2015-my teacher sucks
2016-10th anniversery
2017-oh no ew
2018-way better

I disagree with your opinion on 2012, 2017 and 2018.

2012 was the worst year ever
2017 was an awesome year
2018 was below average

Great year for rock music in my opinion, because my favourite album came out that year, One-X, which is from Three Days Grace, and it was also the year Evanescence, another one of my favourite bands, released their album The Open Door.


The year I was born in and the year the Euro was put into circulation. My soul goes out to Europe particularly the UK because of Brexit. Hope they can figure it out. By the way, I'm a South African.

The year of Fight Club and The Matrix. And I was born that year

I was born that year, and so much magical things happened.

The year I was born.


2005 was by far the best year ever because I was born, YouTube was made that year, Madagascar was released, star wars reven of the sith was great! 2005 was a masterpiece!

Life was more simple, violence was lower, just a better time period to live

How was life more simple? 7/7/05... London terrorist attacks happened that year. Not an awful year but not the best either

This was the best year in the world many good things came out like Doom 3 for the original xbox Quake 4 King Kong the movie etc.

I get so emotional when I think of how much I'd love to go back to this year.


The year great movies like Yellow Submarine and 2001: A Space Odyssey were released. Check them out if you haven't!

Should be #2. People were happier less greedy they talked socialized. It was better even though I was not born yet:

Does anybody remember the assassination?!

This is the year my mom was born!


Toy Story was released this year, which was not only the first Pixar film released in theaters, but it was also the first ever wholly computer generated film. Microsoft also made history with the release of Windows 95, and the dot-com bubble started. Likewise, the DVD was invented.

Didn't Pokemon come out in 1996?

Pokemon is one of the stupidest trends ever.

The Oklahoma City bombing happened!


Coolest movies ever made - Texas Chainsaw Massacre being 1 of so, so, so many... check it out on imdb. Picasso and Ziggy Stardust died. I was born.

It is the year cell phone was made.

The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon. Need I say more?


2015 is really one of the better years of the 2010s. It was also the last good year for me. This was also the year I graduated middle school and it was also the point that my childhood ended. I really had a lot of good memories and in my personal opinion it's better than 2017. I guess I can also say that 2015 is the best year of the 2010s next to 2012. I'm sorry for anyone who doesn't agree with me but it's my opinion.

It was the best year of my life until 2017 came and took the spot as best year of my life.

I loved every Year from 2009 - Present day, except 2012, I Rated Years from 2009 - 2020 with 10/10 being the best, 0/10 being the worst and 5/10 being Average.

Best Years from 2009 - 2020
2009 - Awesome - 9/10

2010 - Amazing - 8/10

2011 - Good Year - 7/10

2012 - The worst year of my Life, The Costa Concordia cruise sank, people were scared of the end of the world for pretty much the whole year, the year was garbage, I hate 2012 with a burning passion, late 2012 was stuffy as heck, kids were killed in the sandy hook shooting, hurricane sandy, the year was too overrated and underhated, a lot of bad things happened to me, 2012 looked like a breeding ground full of bad days, and I had the worst day of my life so far in 2012, gosh, I never want a year like 2012 ever again 0/10

2013 - Average for the first 7 months, enjoyed the last 5 Months 6/10

2014 - Good for the first 8 months but then kinda lame for the last 4 months 6/10

2015 - The ...more

I disagree with your opinion of 2011 2012 2015 2016 2017 and 2018
2011 was awful
2012 was good
2015 was okay
2016 was awful too
2017 was the worst year ever
2018 was almost the best year

Here's all my year rating after the past 13 years:
2007: Amazing 7/10
2008: Average 4/10
2009: Awesome 8/10
2010: Good 6/10
2011: Average: 4/10
2012: Amazing: 7/10
2013: Got worse since September but Average: 4/10
2014: Poor: 2/10
2015: Best year of my life! 10/10
2016: Worst year of my life 1/10
2017: Average 5/10
2018: Good 6/10
2019: Poor: 3/10
2020: Already poor: 3/10

I strongly disagree with you on 2007, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020
2007 was bad
2011 was great
2012 was the worst year ever
2014 was above average
2017 was awesome
2018 was below average
2019 was great
2020 is the best year ever because the leap day is on a Saturday in 2020!


Atari created the Atari 2600, so I don't know about this year.
It was also the beginning of the Video Game Industry.

Not the beginning. It really started in 1972 (if you're referring to HOME video games.)
The Atari 2600 was the first major success though. - Slither

Elvis Presley died that year. How was that a good year?

Star Wars came out.

AC/DC released let there be rock


2003: was born
2004-2010: don't remember
2011: eh (5/10)
2012: I don't remember that much, but what I do remember was bad (3/10)
2013: things got better (6/10)
2014: this was a really good year, things were great (9/10)
2015: the whole year was just a massive vibe (8/10)
2016: people say it was bad, but it wasnt that bad, sure it wasnt my finest moment but it could be worse (6/10)
2017: second half was great, first half not so much (7/10)
2018: this was the best year ever, all of my best memories come from this year (10/10)
2019: worst year ever, there are parts that were so bad I still get mad about it (0/10)
2020: the first two and a half months were insane for me, but then corona came, I hope things go back to the way they were at the beginning of the year (6/10)

This year everything felt right, I would do anything to be back to 2014

This is the worst year ever and it should not be on the list

This was one of the best years for movies. We got Whiplash, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Edge of Tomorrow, and so much more.


2009 was and O.K. year, but I loved it. 2009 is the second best year for music right behind 2006, and as I was very young I don't remember much, however from what I re-call, it was great.

I loved 2009 I was 4 years old I loved the Nickelodeon Disney television shows. Most of the music on the radio in 09, was amazing unlike today's music.

I got to give 2009 some credit here. It is very underrated and I'm pretty sure some of you agree. To be honest with y'all, compared to 2019, 2009 was the better year music wise and of course life was simpler. Just to give 2009 credit, I'm putting this up here.

This was my year. Everything I did was very memorable, and all my sports went well. (Mainly Federer winning the French Open and Wimbledon. )


YEAH! The world got hippies, people having sex covered in mud, the summer of love, and some amazing music.

I was gonna vote for 1969 because of Woodstock, the Beginnings of the Internet, and the moon landing but you just can't beat the summer of love. It's sad that I was born in 2000, I would have loved those times.

Greatest music. Love hippies. Time when people were vastly more connected and having a buffoon like dumpy in the White House was unthinkable

Even the fact that Jimi played at the monterey pop festivals that year makes it the best year in history. Too bad I was born over 30 years too late!


On June 18th, Southwest Airlines begins its first flights with locations in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. On July 1st, the 26th amendment was passed, switching the minimum voting age from 21 to 18. On October 1st, Walt Disney World, a highly visited theme park, opened for the first time.

Walt Disney World opened this year, and 18-year-olds were given suffrage following the ratification of the 26th Amendment.

Jim Morrison died that year. How was that year good?

Disney World opened in 71

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