Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies of 2022

Here is the follow-up list to the Top 10 Celebrities Who Most Ruined Their Careers in 2021. Instead of evaluating how scandals and controversies can ruin a celebrity's career, let's just focus on the scandals and controversies themselves and why they're considered as such. Also in the previous list, some people put celebrity names without explaining why they supposedly ruined their careers. In addition to the name of the celeb, you will also have to say what kind of scandal or controversy they have found themselves into, whether it's an arrest, allegations, adultery, a controversial recording (interview, TV appearance, YouTube video, song), a controversial social media post, erratic/violent behavior, legal troubles, etc.
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1 Partygate Partygate

Boris Johnson is a liar, he breached the rules that he created, I doubt anyone can really trust him. Worst PM in my lifetime we have had.

Following an investigation, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted to having breached Covid-19 rules by throwing a Christmas party at 10 Downing Street in 2020. Although he has apologized, more and more people want him to resign.

How have we, as a country, lowered the bar to such a degree, that people look at this ridiculous man and think "Oh yeah, he's the best person to lead the country"?
What a truly sad state of affairs.

Pretty disappointing when people in power can't follow their own rules. Especially when it's something so inessential.

2 Joe Rogan vs. Spotify Joe Rogan vs. Spotify

His podcast The Joe Rogan Experience has been controversial for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 on Spotify. As a result, Canadian musician Neil Young threatened to remove his whole catalogue from Spotify if the podcast was not removed from the streaming service. As a result, Spotify removed Young's catalogue. Joni Mitchell, as well as Crosby Stills & Nash followed suit to support Young, their longtime friend. Since then, Spotify is being criticized for letting misinformation be spread.

Because of that Joe Rogan controversy back then in February in 2022, some of the musicians decided to remove their discographies such as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. This is why misinformation about the vaccines is dangerous.

To begin with I always found Spotify as just that main music brand app just to listen to the songs you prefer. To know they had a talking point podcast like this get canned, was another way of gaining traction. Well in the world we live in today, of course, somebody is gonna jump on and take cautionary into their hands of taking away that partnership ripped apart.

Fun fact Spotify dropped by $ 4,000,000,000 in value after this despite neither of these two artists being big streaming forces. Also I know this could apply to so many things but Joe Rogan is a UFC commentator why would anyone listen to his advice on Covid 19.

3 Kimye's messy divorce proceedings continue Kimye's messy divorce proceedings continue

Yup, more Kimye in 2022. Despite the two having found respective partners (edit: Ye and Julia Fox broke up), Ye has been trying to win Kim back in multiple ways and has publicly called out Kim for their daughter North's education. In fact, he's against North being on TikTok (she's 8) while Kim doesn't seem to mind it and takes his remarks as personal attacks and manipulations. For once, Ye is not entirely wrong because he's conscious that his daughter using TikTok at 8 is not necessarily good for her development. If it were me, I wouldn't want my 8-year-old child on social media.

Edit: A lot more has happened, including but not limited to: insulting Pete Davidson and canceling his friends who are close to Pete, sending a truck full of roses to Kim Kardashian for Valentine's Day, publicly sharing DMs of Kim, etc.

From what I've heard it's pretty much Kanye's fault their relationship failed but at least he warned her to "Runaway" right from the start.

Kanye West is a jerk, glad Kim finally divorced him.

4 Chris Brown's continued legal troubles Chris Brown's continued legal troubles

As we know that Chris Clown is a woman beater.

Lock this evil woman beater up already!

It's Chris Brown. What do you expect

How is this clown still relevant?

5 Kurt Zouma throws his cat around the house Kurt Zouma throws his cat around the house

The French soccer player was filmed mistreating his cat and got tons of backlash for this horrendous act. Even though he apologized, this incident will surely damage his reputation.

Update: He just pled guilty to animal abuse in front of the British Court.

The UK court now made its verdict for this "catgate". Kurt Zouma and his brother will serve 180 hours of community service and are deprived of owning a pet cat for 5 years.

Oh mean. He is an animal abuser. How did he do that on his cat.

What a terrible guy.

6 Ted Cruz's comments on the Capitol uprising Ted Cruz's comments on the Capitol uprising

He's such an extreme hypocrite, and he called it a theorist attack the day and year before he apologized for something else. Tucker Carlson basically has more control over a sitting politician, which is scary.

What a hypocrite.

7 Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars

Because of this inexcusable act after Rock made a terrible joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith has been banned from attending the Oscars for 10 years, and probably more sanctions to come. Crazy how a single move watched by millions of people can damage your career.

And just like that, the actor Will Smith messed up his career by slapping someone at the oscars, over a joke. That was literally shocking and outrageous.

Will Smith doesn't know how to take jokes. It is just a joke. Maybe some jokes are offensive but this is not so good.

Why would Will do that?

8 Mason Greenwood charged with rape and domestic abuse Mason Greenwood charged with rape and domestic abuse

The 20-year-old Manchester United soccer player is currently under investigation for assaulting and raping his girlfriend. The latter posted pictures of her bruised face and body on social media. As a result, he has been suspended by his club until further notice.

More charges have been added to him, including death threat. He was also dropped by his sponsor, and probably more to come. Looks like his career is crashing on takeoff.

I support Manchester United, but what an absolute clown.

This was a shock to many soccer fans.

9 Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial

Following an intense televised trial, Amber Heard has been found guilty of libel and a jury awarded Johnny Depp over $10 million in his lawsuit, enforcing his claims that she had fabricated her abuse allegations against him. This trial will probably be remembered not only as one of those that rocked the nation, but also the one that most broke the Internet.

More and more details about Depp & Heard's destructive marriage have been revealed throughout the trial, including degrading messages Depp sent to friends including Paul Bettany about Heard, and disturbing audio recordings where Heard admitted to hitting Depp.

I don't really know or want to know the details of this but I get so many recommendations about this on YouTube I am kind of sick of hearing about it. I kind of feel like they should just be glad to be rid of each other.

Should be way higher

10 Billie Eilish & Kanye West's feud Billie Eilish & Kanye West's feud

Kanye West accused Billie Eilish of dissing Travis Scott after she interrupted her concert to help a fan who was apparently having trouble breathing. However, Billie Eilish hasn't mentioned Travis Scott at any point. It's just Kanye being Kanye as always.

Honestly this might be the turning point between me just saying that Kanye West is a jerk despite really liking most of his music and low key wishing he would be hit by a car (yes I know that isn't right but still).

Kanye West is such a terrible person.

The Newcomers

? Liam Payne's feud with Zayn Malik
? Rudy Giuliani's appearance on The Masked Singer

Yup, the former mayor of NYC actually attended Mask Singer this year. He was reportedly revealed to be the first unmasked candidate, which caused judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke to leave to set. However, he turned out to be the ninth unmasked candidate.

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11 Controversial 2013 MGK interview resurfaces Controversial 2013 MGK interview resurfaces

In that interview, he made some degrading comments about Kendall Jenner, who was then 17 while he was 23. A few weeks after being engaged to Megan Fox, a lot of people are bringing back that interview and criticizing him.

What a dumb guy.

12 Novak Djokovic's Australian visa debacle Novak Djokovic's Australian visa debacle

The #1 tennis player in the world is openly anti-vax and was granted a vaccine exemption to attend the Australian Open. This decision caused outrage in the Australian media and public and the Australian government denied him entry not once but twice. He appealed to his first visa cancellation, but they denied him again after he showed a positive covid-19 test that was made in mid-December while he was filmed or photographed doing something else around that time he said he was isolated. This whole saga is already damaging his career and he will very likely lose his #1 spot on the ATP ranking.

Even as someone who has ever liked Novak Djokovic this was really disappointing. There are already calls for him to be banned from other tournaments. Also all the top 3 are all related to Covid 19.

I feel for Novak. The Australian media and politicians are lunatics when it comes to COVID. Novak has been banned from playing in Australia just because he hasn't had the vaccine, despite the fact that he naturally recovered from COVID. If you think these COVID mandates are ok, then you need to go and see a therapist.

13 Cuba Gooding Jr pleads guilty to sexual assault Cuba Gooding Jr pleads guilty to sexual assault

This incident dates back to 2018 when Cuba Gooding Jr allegedly groped a woman in NYC. His career was already on the low, but this incident could be the definitive end of him.

14 Whoopi Goldberg's comments on the Holocaust Whoopi Goldberg's comments on the Holocaust

The comments said here were way wrong on all accounts. In the past, people on a talk show (or just news gigs) get canned. Member Matt Lauer, Megyn Kelly, & Sharon Osbourne? If it wasn't evident enough, some shows do have a toxic workplace. It seems obvious when watching a clip of The View.

If she was in Germany, she would be arrested as Holocaust denial is illegal there.

If she was white, she'd be toast.

15 Amber Heard is cast in an ableist movie Amber Heard is cast in an ableist movie

Yup, Amber Heard is not only a horrible spouse, she's also an ableist. She accepted to play the mother of an autistic child whom she believes is possessed by forces of evil. I know Amber is already disgraced but this ableism in film really needs to stop. Sia's Music was already offensive enough so no more ableist movies, please!

Edit: the name of the movie is In The Fire and filming has unfortunately just begun.

Why am I not surprised?

16 Fred Savage fired from The Wonder Years Fred Savage fired from The Wonder Years

In case you didn't know, beloved sitcom The Wonder Years (1988-1993) had a reboot last year, with Fred Savage as the director and executive producer. Recently, there was an investigation launched against Savage after multiple complaints of inappropriate conduct, which led to him being terminated from the series. There had already been complaints against him for misconduct in the past, and this could be that moment where he ruins his career.

For some reason I thought of the band when I saw this item.

17 Doja Cat’s Twitter rant Doja Cat’s Twitter rant

On March 26th 2022, Doja Cat went on a rant in Twitter about the 4 years of music she went though & she decided to quit music for good after a long rant. This taught us for 1 thing music isn't all fun & games & neither is being famous in general. Yet social media also has some negative effects on people depending on how it's used. She also taught us her true colors. But I mean betraying fans like that was the real scandal & Twitter was the real controversy.

I don't get it. Why would she rant?

18 Jason Derulo's hotel fight in Las Vegas Jason Derulo's hotel fight in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas huh? Recently, American singer Jason Derulo got physical with two individuals who called him "Usher" and insulted him. He was subsequently kicked out of his hotel. The fight was filmed by a witness and could damage Derulo's reputation.

Since when is being mistaken for Usher an insult anyway. Usher is awesome.

I'd never thought I'd see Jason Derulo involved in this type of thing.

19 DaBaby's altercation with his ex-girlfriend's brother DaBaby's altercation with his ex-girlfriend's brother

In February 2022, DaBaby and his crew were filmed fighting with Brandon Curiel, the brother of his ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh, in a bowling alley. Following this fight, Curiel filed a lawsuit against DaBaby, claiming he had psychologically damaged him, but DaBaby said he was acting as a means of self-defense. However, DaBaby had already fallen out last year because of his homophobic comments at Rolling Loud, and this might be the definitive end of him.

Another allegation under his belt: he was recently accused of shooting someone outside his North Carolina house.

20 Damon Albarn vs. Taylor Swift Damon Albarn vs. Taylor Swift

The Blur and Gorillaz frontman claimed that Taylor Swift "doesn't write her own songs" (which is FALSE), which led to a huge backlash from Taylor Swift and Swifties alike. Damon has since apologized but there's no doubt this incident will potentially damage his career.

These last two aren't really as serious as the other entries but I don't like what they represent.

21 Nelly's ageist comment on a Madonna picture Nelly's ageist comment on a Madonna picture

The 47-year-old rapper commented a sexy picture of Madonna, 63 years old, saying "Some things should be covered up". As a result, he was slammed by a lot of Twitter users.

22 Blac Chyna vs. The Kardashians/Jenners Blac Chyna vs. The Kardashians/Jenners

Blac Chyna has sued Kris Jenner as well as Kim, Khloé and Kylie for allegedly spreading false reports of assault towards Rob in order to cancel KUWTK spin-off "Rob & Chyna" and ruin her career. Recently, Rob has testified that Chyna pointed a gun to his head, strangled him with a phone-charging cable and hit him with a metal rod while under the influence of substances. More details to come.

23 Kevin Spacey charged with sexually assaulting three men in the U.K.
24 Jay Barker charged with domestic violence Jay Barker charged with domestic violence

The former quarterback was arrested after he allegedly tried to hit his ex-wife, country singer Sara Evans.

25 Golden Globes happened without a TV show or stars Golden Globes happened without a TV show or stars
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