Top 10 Biggest Events of 2023

The biggest and most important things to happen in 2023. Feel free to contribute. There will be much more to add as the year progresses.
The Top Ten
1 The U.S. Speaker of the House Election Fiasco
2 The Brazilian Congress is Stormed by Jair Bolsonaro Supporters
3 Pope Benedict XVI's Funeral
4 Mitch McConnell Becomes the Longest-Serving Leader of the U.S. Senate
5 Damar Hamlin is Hospitalized

He had cardiac arrest which led to his hospitalization. Thankfully he was given CPR right on time. Most people with cardiac arrest lately passed away. A miracle for him, his family & sports.

This caused the first cancellation of an NFL game since the 1980s.

6 Mitch McConnell Joins Joe Biden to Tout Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
7 The Ukraine War Drags On

Ukraine is still in crisis by Russia. Dark times these are.

8 Continued Twitter Files Releases
9 Some Countries Bring Back COVID-19 Restrictions
10 Turkey-Syria Earthquake

This was such an absolutely devastating wakeup call for Turkey & Syria. Countless people's lives are gone in a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. It was deadlier than any other worldwide since Haiti 2010 as well as Turkey's deadliest since 526 & Syria's deadliest since 1822. What's worse is that it happened in freezing conditions & people are likely to get hypothermia due to the lack of homes & shelter as many got destroyed. This should definitely be above everything else on here at this point. R.I.P. to all the lives lost & pray for their families, Turkey & Syria.

Syria has already gone through enough with that civil war that has been going on for over a decade and now they had to deal with a huge earthquake and Turkey was also badly affected by it too. RIP to the victims.

The Newcomers

? Sweden Wins the Eurovision Song Contest
? Train Derailment in East Palestine
The Contenders
11 Adam Kinzinger Joins CNN

A big downgrade for the network though.

12 The Release of Flowers by Miley Cyrus

It's literally the biggest single of 2023 to date & broke female streaming records on platforms & is climbing on the Billboard Hot 100. It's very self-empowering & catchy at the same time. Practically her best new single yet.

This is not an event, much is better.

13 The Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets Released

It's a great movie!

14 The Death of Lisa Marie Presley

This was such shocking news for the world & especially her family. The only child of Elvis Presley passed away from cardiac arrest on January 12th just 3 weeks before her birthday. She would've turned 55 (which's way too young anyway). She was a country pop rockstar known for hits such as Dirty Laundry, Weary & more. 2023 is not off to a good start for rock 'n' roll music. Yet we lost Jeff Beck (another rock 'n' roll legend) 2 days earlier. We knew no year would be perfect, but this was such a wake up call for music & entertainment. Prayers to the Presley family though. R.I.P. (1968-2023).

15 Tom Brady’s Retirement

An absolutely big deal for the NFL. The greatest NFL quarterback & coach announced his retirement on February this year & this time it's for good. Farewell Tom Brady after 23 seasons & 7 Super Bowl wins.

16 The Death of Raquel Welch

She was in such good shape for her age & then a brief illness ended her life. She passed away after Valentine's Day. She will always be remembered for her role in Fantastic Voyage & for her cultural impact in fashion. R.I.P. (1940-2023).

17 Revealed Texts from Fox News Hosts Including Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity Prove They Knew the Big Lie Was a Hoax

Fox News admitted that they knew they were peddling lies in order to boost ratings. While they were openly promoting The Big Lie that the election had been stolen, behind the scenes they made it clear they know Joe Biden was the rightfully, legally, and democratically elected President of the United States.

"Sidney Powell is lying by the way. I caught her. It's insane." "It's unbelievably offensive to me. Our viewers are good people and they believe it." - Tucker Carlson

"Sidney is a complete nut. No one will work with her. Ditto with Rudy" - Laura Ingraham

"that whole narrative that Sidney was pushing, I did not believe it for one second" - Sean Hannity

"Please get her fired. Seriously... What the f***? I'm actually shocked... It needs to stop immediately, like tonight. It's measurably hurting the company. The stock price is down. Not a joke." - Tucker Carlson after fellow Fox News correspondent accurately ...more

18 Jimmy Carter Enters Hospice Care

February 18th, 2023, Jimmy Carter's family announced he underwent hospice care instead of undergoing further medical treatment, therefore he wants to spend the rest of his life home. He was the oldest U.S. president on Earth & better than many other presidents.

19 The Death of Jerry Springer

The legendary pioneer of trash TV lost a battle to cancer on April 27th. A huge loss for TV. R.I.P. (1944-2023).

20 The Death of Bessie Hendricks

The most horrible way to start a year for America as the oldest American ever recorded passed away on the 3rd day from COVID-19. China really jumped the shark with COVID-19's attack on America. She could've even outlived Jeanne Calment as the oldest verified human. R.I.P.

21 The Death of Ken Block
22 The Death of Ronnie Cunningham
23 The Death of Lynette Hardaway

1 half of the duo Diamond & Silk (the top political YouTube channel by a duo) passed away from an unexpected condition on January 9th. Only 51. It seems they were really looking forward to 2024 (which's said to be the year Trump hopes to become President again). An absolute legend gone too soon. R.I.P. (1971-2023).

24 Jeremy Renner's Snowplow Incident

Miraculously, he survived.

25 The Death of Annie Wersching

A major loss for entertainment. The best soap opera actress of all time lost a long & private battle with cancer near the end of January. She played in more shows than most people ever will. This was easily the biggest & most shocking loss of 2023 so far. She left us way too soon. R.I.P. (1977-2023).

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