Best Things Related to or that Happened in 2020

2020 has become the worst year of the 21st century, but here are the good things that happened so far.
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1 2nd HIV Patient on Earth Cured

2020 marks the 2nd time in history a patient with HIV is cured. A miracle of a lifetime. We hope more cures come quicker.

This needs to happen more often.

2 Return of American Human Spaceflight

For the 1st time in over 8 years 10.5 months (since the last Space Shuttle mission), America has finally put humans into space (aboard a Dragon capsule on a SpaceX Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral in Florida), bringing a new era for American & general human Spaceflight. Furthermore the demo-2 mission became the 1st manned mission from a non-governmented company, making history. Yet 2 astronauts Bob Benkhen & Doug Hurley were involved in it, doing experiments & spacewalks. They eventually landed in Pensacola (also in Florida) via capsule splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico, marking the 1st splashdown of any kind since 1975 (during the end of the last manned Moon mission). They survived every part of the mission (from liftoff to landing). Space exploration is a peak in knowledge & adventures & it takes an unimaginable amount of courage for anyone to go there with even our current technology yet anything could go wrong & even the slightest error can be fatal. Yet this took us away from the ...more

Good! We need more people up there to learn about science and physics. Plus what if Earth became uninhabitable any moment too soon because of how we treat it or I f an asteroid hit us? We need to keep using our resources and knowledge to survive and explore what's beyond. - Mark

Odd to see that we are coming near to the point that launching space objects is becoming the norm today.

This's the best thing that ever happened in 2020. We put humans in space for the first time since 2011! Proud America's doing this instead of just crumbling to bits by evil crybaby president Trump or the coronavirus. God bless America! - TylerJohnson

3 Last Ebola Patient Discharged in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Even though it's been years since Ebola became a major epidemic the last patient got discharged in the Democratic republic of Congo, which is great because you never know if/when Ebola will become big again.

4 Disneyland Donated its Excess Food to a Foodbank

Disneyland pulled perhaps its boldest move in a generation, donating its excess food to a foodbank. People get hungry & Disney pulled off such a heroic move helping the hungry people. Unlike Disney letting people wait in super long lines in even the harshest conditions & closing down good original attractions & replacing/retheming them into unoriginal garbage, Disney pulled a smart move for once.

5 Australian Bushfires Stopped

Australia has been through perhaps its most extreme bushfire season in modern record of scientific measurements. The fires burned down a whopping ~21% of all trees as well as 2,779 homes & killed over 1.25 billion animals there, perhaps setting a record for biggest loss of any life forms in the 21st century & in modern scientific record since the Toba super volcano eruption more than 73,000 years ago. The fires were caused by a multitude of events (droughts, lightning, manmade arson, pollution/global warming, etc.) & although it was far from the deadliest event when it comes to human fatalities it was a historic disaster never to be forgotten. Thankfully the fires stopped as rain & storms put them out. Though if we keep polluting Earth too much these types of fires there & anywhere in the world will be a normal thing every year.

6 Lower Manmade Pollution Rate

Ever since COVID19 was invented by China in 2019, it caused the deadliest of any disaster/event to humans in 2020 (far worse than 9/11 or most earthquakes this century), but the most positive thing it did was (as a result of putting us in quarantine) lower the rate of manmade pollution. Nature does it's things but we took pollution to far too quickly & quarantine from COVID-19 helped us lower the rate & we should keep it minimal if still existent. If we keep polluting so much then lots of life forms including us would go extinct sooner than later.

Only for now, at least

7 US and Taliban Peace Agreement

Now in August of 2021 innocent people are fleeing Afghanistan to escape the inevitable torture they will endure under the governing of the Taliban.

Peace was what we wanted. Without it there would be war.

This definitely needs to be above anyone's hair.

This is a very good thing keep WW3 away from reality at least for now

8 New Technology Available for Injured/Ill Patients

New technology available from injured or ill patients became available, including technology to treat paralyzed patients. Miracle.

9 Colonel Tom Moore Knighted
10 Biden Won the US Presidential Election

The best part about Biden winning is that we don't have to worry about riots, the DACA program going away and a war with Iran. Hopefully America will go back to normal not just from the pandemic but from Trump's racist presidency that divided our nation and inspired people be racist towards others. Hopefully Biden's presidency will make America happy, unite together and back to normal again.

Yes. Let's make this #1. That's the best thing that has ever happened in 2020. No more downplaying the pandemic, No more immigrant children in cages, No more bromance with the North Korean Leader and especially No more President Trump. He wasn't a great president he was a bully and a liar. I'm glad he lost. Best thing in 2020.

Trump was terrible. He was obviously wrong yet his supporters support him just because he says he's right. He did nothing for America except a few small bad things, which should, in time, mark him as one of the worst presidents in US history (wait, he's already known as one of the worst, so maybe the worst)

I am not going to pretend that he is going to be some kind of saviour but still it's good to know Trump is out. Honestly the worst part about him wasn't really anything he did but how anything he said was treated like gospel by his supporters even when he was obviously wrong.

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11 More Endangered Species Became Common
12 Confederate Statues Taken Down

So removal of history is just ok now. You can't just remove something because people disagree with it. Plus this is just the first step, after statues they will take down flags, then museums, then any mention of something that is now considered racist. Empires have fallen due to the attempted removal of history. It always backfires. I fear the same will happen to us.

No. The only thing accomplished by doing this is erasing history. Just because the Confederacy was bad we still need to at least acknowledge it so we can learn from it and hopefully it will never happen again

Shouldn't they just be moved to museums instead?

Sure Confederate flag was a bad one, but we need to keep them, so history wouldn't repeat itself.

That's not a good thing. They should be moved to museums so at least they don't get destroyed. All these people are doing is erasing history.

13 Good Music Making a Comeback

Invent, Animate has two great albums, Erra's self-titled is excellent, Periphery went with the latest "Djent is not a genre", Deftones released Ohms, Sabaton's latest album is probably my current favorite, Spiritbox is a thing, and heck, even Godsmack and Ozzy Osbourne are doing great despite them deciding no longer to do new albums or touring, respectively. Plus, the lame meme songs from the 2010s will be dying out soon.

We have mostly nasty music filled with dark, vulgar & even racist lyrics since 2017 & it got really bad til some artists like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa & the WeekNd started filling that dark void with some good songs. Though they're only a fraction compared to all the good artists & songs we used to have, it's great to see some artists both old & new make good songs even at a time like this. Yet these good artists are putting effort, creativity & talent into their songs unlike most "artists" these days, which's a refreshment in today's music & entertainment industry, whereas the other "artists" are only trying to sell & make money, proving how greedy they & society became lately.

I agree to an extent (I hadn't really noticed a lot of improvements on music this year, mainly because of my obsession of VGM). However, I think this should be lower because this is pretty subjective. Like, I'm pretty sure good music has always been around, along with bad music, of course.

14 Joe Biden Picked Kamala Harris as Vice President

Good vice president pick, and I now feel more excited to vote for Joe Biden.
I was also hoping for Susan Rice to be his V.P.

15 Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Released
16 YouTube Deleted Views on BTS's Songs

This was especially true with On.

It's about time

17 South Park's Pandemic Special Episode

This episode explains how stupid society treats the pandemic as well as racism.

18 President Donald Trump Tested Positive for COVID-19
19 Charli D’amelio Got 100 Million Followers on Tiktok

On November 22nd, Charli D'Amelio finally made it to getting 100M followers on TikTok in just 1 year. She achieved TikTok history as the 1st & fastest to ever reach that number. She made it even amidst all the hate drama in the wake of the cooking video "scandal" on YouTube. It might not seem like a big deal compared to other items on this list, but for her & her fans, it's out of this world & that's an understatement for her & them.

And how is reaching 100 millions followers for having no talent a good thing?

20 Taylor Swift Released her New Album Folklore

Taylor Swift released her newest album Folklore, which's her 1st after Lover & it focuses on Indie/folk pop given its name. It's unlike anything else we have playing today & the closest we've ever come to having the old Taylor back. Yet she made it because of how quarantine regarding COVID19 made her feel. it made history in all sorts of ways in music for plays, streaming & scores on charts.

21 Justin Bieber Released a New Album
22 Kansas City Chiefs Won the Super Bowl LIV

This was a moment of history for the Super Bowl overall.

23 MLS, MLB, NBA, & NHL Return

That's good but now we get the football dilemma. This'll be interesting

24 Peace Agreement Between Israel and UAE

Thank you to NuMetalManiak for this addition.

25 Zendaya Became the Youngest Actress to Win an Emmy for Best Role in a Drama Series

With no expectations, Zendaya won an Emmy award for the youngest actress with the best role in a drama series, Euphoria. She was also the 2nd black person to ever win an Emmy. Groundbreaking history. Her top highlighted reward in life.

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