Best Yugioh Cards Ever Released

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1 Slifer the Sky Dragon

It gains 1000 attack for every card in your hand. how could it get any better? - Thousandeyesrestrict

it's op with it's second mouth blasting away 2000 atk points off an opponent's monster

Slifer is not that OP cause you have to draw cards for him to gain power but his effects are really OP if you know how to use them

Slifer if you know how to use it is OP but if you don't your screwed

2 Winged Dragon of Ra

It is the coolest card other that slifer the sky dragon and creator of light it a very cool card I have and use it all the time.

I have the Winged Dragon Of Ra, the only problem is that it's so strong that you can't use it in a duel but sometimes with my friends we make our rules where the only difference is that divine cards are allowed. Get the card!

You absolutely can use it in a duel, there are just certain copies that can't be for some reason - dubsinthetubs

Amazing but why was ball mode created?

I am commenting to dispel rumors and falsehoods about Super Mega Ultra Chicken (The Winged Dragon of Ra).

Ra, as well as the other god cards, are tournament legal. They've been tournament legal for quite a while now. The rule is, you have to have the tournament legal versions of the cards.

Ra cannot be Special Summoned. At all. Ever. Under any circumstance.

The Winged Dragon's effect to pay Life Points in exchange for giving it attack points will only activate on Ra's Summon. You cannot use this effect at any point after you have Summoned it. Also, you have to pay all but 100 Life Points if you use that effect. This leaves you open to any and all burn cards, including the still somewhat popular Gagaga Cowboy, knocking you out of the game.

The pay 1000 to destroy a card effect is useful, but considering you would have wasted so many cards to play Ra, it defeats the usefulness.

Ra is a card to use if you want to have fun. It is not a good card, though. ...more

Lol this card is absolutely terrible. The anime version is super good, but the real life version? It sucks. - Vaing1955

3 Obelisk the Tormentor

By sacrificing 2 monsters on the field, you can wipe out their entire field of monsters, plus 4000 points of damage inflicted on your opponent! You just can't beat that!

Safe from card effects and has awesome attack. The other god cards can get destroyed by a spell or trap, but obelisk can't.

In his current print obelisk is definitely the best of the gods, but he's still nowhere near the best.

This card is just awesome. I really want to get it off ebay because it is basically unbeatable.

4 Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord

Just amazing effect, would always control high power and if you have 5 exodia pieces in your deck then this cards has just won for u, as well I have 5 pieces of exodia and I'm planning on buying this off ebay as well.

I feel like this guy is very powerful, but I haven't played YuGiOh yet.

its powerful and has a great effect

The strongest card in the game. he's called the forbbiden one for a reason

5 Blue Eyes White Dragon

Blue Eyes White Dragon is NOT GOOD. I do not know why everyone gets so FREAKING exited when they here 'Blue Eyes White Dragon'. Anyway Slifer the Sky Dragon is the best card and would kick Blue Eyes's ass. Sorry but ya gotta have some intensity.

Not a bad card when combined with mirror force yet still can be beat with many cards as well as itself I have three blue eyes white dragons in one of my many decks and I can tell you all that when used correctly, power can kill.

First off this card is a normal monster so the no effect means that it should definitely not be on this list. Second off three thousand atk is good but there are monsters with way more atk than that that also have effects. You should reconsider your decision

Kaiba is beast! His deck is awesome and since this card powers it, it is incredible! There are a lot of support cards for it as well, and the Ultimate Dragon is awesome to.

6 Exodia the Forbidden One

Fairly decent card it could be better saying that you can't summon all five at once and I payed 500 dollars to buy two of them and it can come in clutch saying that you have the swords of revealing light meaning free card placement without getting attacked its just what I think

I have this card but it is t really a good way to play the game you need to be strategic on every move you take

It just wins you the game when you get all the pieces it should be second its defense and attack might be lack luster but it can just win you the game

If the five pieces are in your hand than you instantly win the duel

7 Swords of Revealing Light

To good for the game

Very good card for helping set up for an attack

This has saved me countless times

So good helps a lot

8 Dark Magician

Can Someone tell me why on earth is this trash card in the top 10 like seriously this card is garbage

Gotta love this card! It's been around ever since the game started! This card is a classic!

H ow is this card not in the top ten. This card is an original and is simple to summon. It has good attack and defense and all around it is the best.

Dark Magician is a great card that requires strategy to use effectively.

9 Storming Mirror Force

This card is awesome any sends back opponents attack to itself

Battle traps are too slow, don't play this card.

Great card!

10 5 Headed Dragon

It almost impossible to beat the 5 Headed Dragon in battle plus if you use future fusion and dragon's mirror you can instantly summon the 5 Headed Dragon and another one two turns later even if you don't use the future fusion you can use monsters like montage dragon to send dragons to the graveyard to use the dragon's mirror later it and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to make a exceptional dragons deck

It should be number 1 because it can only be destroyed by light monsters

You do realize Spells and Traps exist and are played in Yugioh right? - Sthenelos

While hard to summon unless running dragon's mirror or future fusion, once it's out on the field it's literally untouchable. Plus, Summoner of Illusions can special summon it once flip summoned, and then play Monster reborn at your next turn to summon it for another go

This card isn't good at all, it can be destroyed with card effects with ease. It requires you to use all of your resources to bring out a trashy card with minimal protection.

The Contenders

11 Monster Reborn

If a god is destroyed it comes right back!

I have defeated one the best duelist in the state with this card and this card should be in every deck.

Very helpful

So epic! I can bring back any card (not dystopia the despondent) so also bad

12 Quaking Mirror Force

Avoids destruction abilities and reduces your opponents usable zones. Even better when used with Ghostricks

Not good, battle traps are slow and garbage.

There is a reason this card has had it's effect changed so many times. Using this card with yata garasu was the bane of all yugioh players existence. It made you quit or die so slowly it was depressing

Well now Link monsters and Super Polymerization are a thing so this card is useless now - Sthenelos

I got this card

13 Exodia

There are more instant win cards but this is the only one on the list and its really good so yeah

have it in your hand you win awesome dude

It's the greatest cards ever, it can giveu an automatic win.,
Unlike horakhty, you need to banish the 3 egyptian gods,
But you just need to draw all 5 forbidden one cards and assemble it in your hand to win the duel

I think this card is the best card I have ever used I always win against my friends they never know what's coming I just put the 5 cars down and then I instantly win

14 Pot Of Duality

This is a good card to have for any deck, beefy or not. This can get cards into your hand and searches for others very well.

I love this card it allows you to excavate the top 3 cards of your deck then choose 1 and put it in your hand and if you use it in a dark magician deck after dark magical circle you know what your going to get or if you should just wait till you have a better draw

Awesome card help me a ton.


15 Mirror Force

It activates just when a monster attacks and its good when an opponent has summoned a lot of monsters. The card helped me when my opponent summoned a truly powerful monster... Machina force. That would be another powerful card too

This card is definitely the best trap card and it should definitely be in the top 5. Its effect is when your opponent attacks, destroy or your opponents attacking monsters leaving your opponents field wide open.

Destroys all monsters when attacks directly, you just won if you have something decent in your hand then there dead

Should be first because it can prevent any attacks and instantly destroy your opponents monster allowing you to directly attack.

16 Chaos Emperor Dragon: Envoy of the End

All other cards on the list suck. They where obviously voted for by people who have no clue how to play yugioh.

Ask any high level competitor what the most powerful card in the game is. This will be the answer 9 times out of 10. It is disgustingly easy to summon, potentially game winning immediately, and the stats are strong. The card used to be even stronger as well, when players could declare priority on spell speed 1 activated (ignition) monster effects immediately after summoning them. No other single card has the same potential to simply end the game upon being summoned, and this one should never again see the light of day in its original form.

Incredibly good card, the fact that this card isn't in the top 10 shows the utter stupidity of casual yugioh players.

I cannot believe this card is not in the top 5, it's super easy to summon and it's effect literally makes it easy to cause huge damage and get close to winning the game, like the other person said, the people commenting on here obviously don't know how to compete, if they did this card would be a top favorite!

17 Dark Bribe

It's worse than Jinzo. How?

Not even close to being the best

18 Jinzo

One of the best cards ever released. 2400 attack/1 sacrifice for its time was amazing, and still is. Negating any pre-existing Traps or Traps to come. Match him alongside Black Luster Soldier ~ Envoy of the Beginning, and it's end game for your opponent.

The most annoying card ever man he is good.

Jinzo is so awesome even in the anime

Special ability is incredible

19 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

Finally decent cards - Sthenelos

All arounn good

Epic card but shame it’s only summoned by a ritual card!

My friends hate me when I use this card and I got an entire 20 OP cards in Taiwan (including this) just by doing one of those road by games. It's in Chinese though but I can read it so MEH - fwed

20 Bottomless Trap Hole

One of the best

Why is this higher than Trap Hole? - fwed

I would surrender my mum to the Chaos Emperor Dragon: Envoy of the End just to look at this card

So op should at least be 19

21 Dragon Master Knight

This card shouldn't be in the top ten, it shouldn't even be in the top 100.

5000 attack if that's not good I don't know what is

Dragon master knight is one of the only cards that can beat 5 headed dragon. Because it gains 500 at for each dragon played

The Dragon Master Knight is really good in attack and defense. But is really hard to summon (for example you have to use Black Luster Soldier which is a ritual and use the spell Black Luster Ritual and Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon which uses Blue Eyes White Dragon times 3 and not only do you have to use all those cards to summon it you have to summon the Blue Eyes White Dragon with 2 monsters cause it is level 8 so it takes about 11 cards just to summon Dragon Master Knight

22 Raging Flame Sprite

Drill barnacle is better. It has the exact same effect but starts out with 300 attack rather than 100

Attack directly when it does plus 1000 in 4 turns can be 4100 attack

Can build up to a really high attack level and direct damage!

23 Kuriboh

Very good with multiply and detonate, you can destroy your opponents deck with just a few cards

It’s kuriboh, of course it’s goo. Although there are a few other kuriboh variants that are better, the original is still good.

Discard it and you can not take damage... This if fun to use when your opponent thinks it's game

It is the best card ever. Why is it not #1?!?!?!?

24 Fire Hand

Fire Hand always keeps a monster on your field (If u have ice hand) AND destroys a monster! TOO OP!

25 Malefic Truth Dragon

I have him

Trash, can be removed with MST. 5000 attack doesn't make a card good.

Best card I mean seriously destroy a silly malefic and then boom 5k attack and defense what more do you want

Maybe removal effects, a better summoning condition, protection, a way to search it. I don't know, just things that ACTUALLY good cards have - Sthenelos

When this card destroys one monster, which it will, all monsters your opponent controls go poof.

26 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Absolutely terrible, what kind of idiot would actually think this card is good. It requires you to play a bricky spell card and makes you go -3 in card advantage in order to bring out a monster with no effect.

Blue eyes is legendary there is only three in the world
And very powerful

Actually there are 4 in the Anime. In real life there are thousands - Sthenelos

It's so cool there is hardly any 3 headed dragons and also he looks awesome and powerful if only there was a RED EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON THAT WOULD BE BEAST!

I don't understand how Blue-Eyes White a Dragon is a higher rank that Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! He has 5,000 attack and Blue-Eyes White has 3,000? What the heck?

27 Revival Jam

Not good

Better with the card that changes the attack target to it though

28 Painful Choice

This card is broken - Sthenelos

Definitely one of, if not the best, card of all time. It lets you send a whopping 4 cards from your deck to the graveyard, 4 times as many as foolish burial, which on the banlist for how versatile and potentially powerful it is, and it one of the 5 cards you select goes to your hand too! If you were playing lightsworns, you could choose three copies of wulf, lightsworn beast, one copy of lost wind, and 1 copy of minerva, lightsworn maiden, and if they choose on of the wulfs, you would get to special summon 2 2100 attack monsters (because of there effect one they are sent from the deck to the graveyard), minerva's effect would send the top card of your deck to the graveyard, and when you opponent summoned a monster from the extra deck, lost world could set itself back on the field. - Yugi10

29 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon



This is awesome

Really really really bad. Brick in every hand unless you get incredible luck.

30 Graceful Charity

Literally pot of greed but better; if it wasn’t banned, the dark world decks would be the best archetype in the game.

Read the card and you'll understand

I have it in my collection. Good card.

31 Solemn Judgement

Pretty decent, glad it’s unlimited now - Sthenelos

32 Ice Hand
33 Black Luster Soldier

Very confused at why this card is not in the top 100 at the very least! Can attack twice or remove a monster from play! All you need to do is equip it with ribbon of rebirth and something to bump up its attack points and its already game over.

This card was banned for a reason, draw this card on your first turn with Graceful Charity and you can most likely have yourself a first turn kill.

That is black luster soldier - envoy of the beginning

This card is already at 19 why is there another one? - fwed

34 Yata-Garasu

It is banned therefore it is good

It's perma-banned for a reason... Never letting your opponent draw ever again is a pretty overpowered ability

Not perma-banned, first of all. We're at a state in the Meta where Yata returning will have absolutely no impact on the game. It is likely to come back when Spirits get new support.
It has a powerful effect, but nearly non-existent ATK power. It was only ever good because of Yata-lock, but 2 of the cards needed are banned.

35 Soul Charge

Isn't it banned for being to OP

Fantastic card - Sthenelos

36 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon

No way I have uncountable Toon Dragons and all you have to do is destroy Toon World and BAM! By-By Toon Dragon. See what I mean?

Just stop them from destroying toon world with number card

Good twist on blue eyes

Blue eyes plus direct attack for 500 lp megamorph can help too since you nee d to sacrafice at least 1500 lp for first attack which can end the game easily

37 The Winged Dragon of Ra Sphere Mode

Bakugan References

Can be good can be bad u need a nother card two use it

tribute 3 monsters on your opponent's side of the field

What the hell is this?

38 Firewall Dragon

Very overpowered card, allows for many degenerate loops and combos leading to extra links, ftks, or lock downs. - Yugi10

Pretty broken - Sthenelos

Brocken card

39 Exodius the Forbidden Lord


Coolest card

40 Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes

Quite Good, all you have to do is destroy 3 of your opponents monsters by battle using this card and ta-the You win!

This card is so cool but I don't have any reptile monster to help it so its basically useless to me :(

41 Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo

I love the "Gimmick Puppet" cards, but Leo is very bad. Leo will never stay 3 rounds on the field without spell and traps for protection.

Umm tik tok your times running out! Opps looks like I won.

Its da best u can win a match wit it

42 Solemn Warning

Probably one of the best trap cards, because it can cancel anything your opponent does. Who cares about the life points if you already know you’re gonna win?

Good - Sthenelos


43 Helpoemer
44 Dark Hole

It is awesome but the only problem is that it is a banned card so I can't use it in a championship, but you could use it when you are playing with your friends which is ok but I think that it shouldn't be in the banned list. But other than that you can typically use it to wipe out all cards for your opponent if you have no cards and he has a ton!

I have this and who cares if it's banned, I don't do competitive anyway. - fwed

I especially value this card, because the power of gravity is so strong! Additionally I like the artwork of this card and hence it should be even better than place 22.

Very good cars. I have the spectacular edition one with the ultra rare golden border. Defiantly a great card to have in your deck. It deserve like 15

45 Stardust Dragon

You can tribute it from your hand to stop your opponents monster effects, then it destroys your opponents monster, and can be summoned from the graveyard at the end phase, and you can also summon a stardust dragon from your graveyard when it is destroyed

Why isn't this card in the top ten. You can tribute this card to negate any effect and then summon it bak on the field in the end phase, it also has 2500 attack and 2000 definitely (as good as dark magician).

I don't understand what kind of losers inhabit this forum, because this card is really good, far better then a weak blue eyes.

I have this card in my deck and I have never lost a duel

46 Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

This card is completely OP

True, galaxy eyes is one of the best.

Galaxy-Eyes isn't at the top? Clearly this is a broken list.

This is one dope card

47 Man-Eater Bug

This card is almost too powerful because ANY monster can attack and it would be destroyed.

Use to kill opponents who think there gonna win

Best card ever


48 Master of Oz

Looks like it has a boner lol


Highest attack lv in English game


49 United We Stand

united we stand is truly the best eqip ever!

This card is the worst it sucks belief it is so sucky.

A truly overpowered card.

I remember getting this. I was unbeatable - awesomenessdefined

50 Performapal Monkeyboard

Hey a Pepe card - Sthenelos

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