Top 10 Best Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Ever Released

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1 Slifer the Sky Dragon

Slifer is definitely not the most powerful card in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! Number one (of the cards on this list) is definitely either Raigeki or Exodia the Forbidden one. I do love slifer, he's my favorite god card, but there are a few things wrong with him. He's way too easy to trample over with card effect. You can use cards like Mind Crush to reduce your opponents hand size or even use something like raigeki or any monster destruction to get past it (as long as its not on response to the summon.) Yes, it can be used for the creator of light's summon, but there are two problems with that too - for one thing, horakhty requires to be tribute summoned, meaning you have to use all three gods ON THE FIELD. It's not like the anime where you fusion summon col. And secondly, even if you had all three gods in your collection, which is a pretty easy feat to accomplish, horakhty has only been printed in japanese so far. Less than 10,000 copies of it have been printed and its price can range to high ...more

You guys have not played yugioh that long if you don't know the true power of Slifer the Sky Dragon. first raw power can kill if used correctly, yet if raw power is not good enough
then use it with the pot of the forbidden flip effects. plus many trap cards being a useful combo like the pot of greed all the mirror forces and lots of others can ultimately win you the game. so next time think about your judgments on a card if you have not used its true power. I am a yugioh player myself so I know how it works lol

I actually find that having a strong boss monster is a poor strategy. Six Samurai cards are the best they are weak alone but when used as a team I win every time. Don't rely on your boss because it could die and then you are screwed but still, Slifer is pretty amazing just don't put too much faith in him. Vote Slifer anyways. (Shadow of the Six Samurai Shien is best card he should be on this list)

Slifer should be number one he's awesome and makes my deck unbeteble even with th other two in my deck it would be useless with out SLIFER THE SKY DRAGON. Thanks to its ability I've beaten other Egyptian gods and it negates the the ability of exodia to 0 and then due to its HIDDEN ability it destroy a monster that power been reduce to zero throw his ability

2 Winged Dragon of Ra

I am commenting to dispel rumors and falsehoods about Super Mega Ultra Chicken (The Winged Dragon of Ra).

Ra, as well as the other god cards, are tournament legal. They've been tournament legal for quite a while now. The rule is, you have to have the tournament legal versions of the cards.

Ra cannot be Special Summoned. At all. Ever. Under any circumstance.

The Winged Dragon's effect to pay Life Points in exchange for giving it attack points will only activate on Ra's Summon. You cannot use this effect at any point after you have Summoned it. Also, you have to pay all but 100 Life Points if you use that effect. This leaves you open to any and all burn cards, including the still somewhat popular Gagaga Cowboy, knocking you out of the game.

The pay 1000 to destroy a card effect is useful, but considering you would have wasted so many cards to play Ra, it defeats the usefulness.

Ra is a card to use if you want to have fun. It is not a good card, though. ...more

I mainly just think this card is the best because if you use Raigki to clear the field and you're playing with 8000 lp, you'll have a direct attack to use on your opponent with Ra. Just activate its special ability, and it then gain 7900 ATK. Play Sabeks blessing so that when you attack your opponent directly, you regain all your life points! Then, get out prime material dragon and activate Ra's special ability once again. But because of prime's effect, you'll now have 15900 life points and your Ra will also have 15900 ATK points. From then, just own!

Yes... I don't understand how the heck you could say that Slifer is better than Ra. Ra could take Slifer any day of the week! Slifer's maximum attack is 6,000 unless you have "Infinite Cards." Ra's attack is usually around 7,900! Ra is unaffected by Slifer's second effect because Ra's original attack is 0! Makes no sense how people think Slifer is better than Ra... Obelisk is not good because he has 4,000 attack!

Winged dragon of Ra is the most powerful I believe b/c it deals with the earth and how all came to be, which means all other cards could be from that to. But anyhow, I just so badly want to own it in its traditional fromat, as a japanese card, obviously. Well, in other words, its awesome. Stupid Konami made the english version weak. I hate them for that.

3 Obelisk the Tormentor

Yikes when this thing could wipe out all your cards and could have infinite attack I pooped my pants (not really). When they gave it a nerf I was veryyyyy happy.

This is in my opinion stronger than Winged dragon AND Slifer. Get 5 monsters on the field and have him in your hand and you can either win or do a lot of damage. It literally cannot die to spell/traps or lose attack. so the only way for this card to die is if the opponent have a monster with 4001 Attack or more. BUT still not the strongest card. he strongest spell/trap is called moon mirror shield and you can equip it to a monster so that the monster gains attack points 100 more to any opposing monster, it may not deal much damage, but it has amazing defencive ability. This list is bad and outdated.

Spells, traps or monster effects don't affect on Obelisk! Slifer is easily out in the game with deliquent duo, forceful sentry or other cards that reduce hand cards or simply with raigeki break or other card that destroys a monster. If your opponent summons Ra and sacrifices his life just use hinotama, ookazi or some other card that reduces life and you win the game. You don't need to be an expert to understand that Obelisk is the best.

It is invincible unless they have a monster with attack higher than 4000, but those monsters like blue eyes ultimate and five headed can be countered with spell and traps. The only ing it loses to is rainbow dragon

4 Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord

Just amazing effect, would always control high power and if you have 5 exodia pieces in your deck then this cards has just won for u, as well I have 5 pieces of exodia and I'm planning on buying this off ebay as well.

He is so awesome you can automatically win the whole duel! It's pretty worth it for 5 pieces and you play all of the pieces on the field you can summon exodia and you can obliterate your opponent!

This is a awesome card if you have him the exodia pieces and Different Dimension Capsule you can get Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord fast and easy out and ready.

It literally wins for you. For those of you who don't Yugioh, I mean LITERALLY. If you summon it, you automatically win no matter what. Game over.

5 Blue Eyes White Dragon

Blue Eyes White Dragon is NOT GOOD. I do not know why everyone gets so FREAKING exited when they here 'Blue Eyes White Dragon'. Anyway Slifer the Sky Dragon is the best card and would kick Blue Eyes's ass. Sorry but ya gotta have some intensity.

Not a bad card when combined with mirror force yet still can be beat with many cards as well as itself I have three blue eyes white dragons in one of my many decks and I can tell you all that when used correctly, power can kill.

First off this card is a normal monster so the no effect means that it should definitely not be on this list. Second off three thousand atk is good but there are monsters with way more atk than that that also have effects. You should reconsider your decision

Kaiba is beast! His deck is awesome and since this card powers it, it is incredible! There are a lot of support cards for it as well, and the Ultimate Dragon is awesome to.

6 Exodia the Forbidden One

My entire deck is based on summoning Blue-Eyes and soon will be about getting Exodia in my hand. when I get Exodia I will pretty much forget about Blue-Eyes and just try and get all 5 pieces in my hand. Pretty much if you have Exodia and good draw power you have already won.

Well I like Exodia and don't. The reason I don't is because you have to have all 6 parts to summon it. And it's extremely rare to summon.

Tis card is amazing because when have all 5 pieces in your hand you will have automatic victory

This card isn't good, it's gimmicky and only good in casual play. If you want to play an ftk just play competitive yugioh.

7 Swords of Revealing Light

Come on who doesn't like having 3 turns to destroy an oponents monter especially if it's a powerful one like a god card or a blue eyes. I use it a lot and is great it gives me the chance to get a better monster out.

Piss off your opponents and stops attacking happening from their side.

Easily gotten rid of, not worth playing in any good deck.

Very good card for helping set up for an attack

8 Dark Magician

My all time favorite card: guys here is a combo that I only lose to exodia with. DM obviously then get dark magic curtain and spell that makes you not lose life points for activating a trap card meaning a free dark magician on the feild then have thousand knives and hero reborn for killing power house enemys and reviving your DM for free this is my combo and add dark paladen buster blader and DMG(Dark Magic Girl) to your deck and you are unstoppable then add your fave cards to help out

Dark magician may only have 2500 attack but along with many other cards it works with you can still special summon it very easiy with cards like sage's stone, dark magic curtain, skilled dark magician and magical dimension. Wipe out your opponents spells and traps with dark magic attack, attack all you opponents monsters with diffusion wave motion. Then all hope fails and all your dark magicians end up in the have yard, dark magician girl becomes 2900 attack

This card in a word is radical. Only thing is since yugioh is evolving, monsters are being created that are too powerful. Though easy to summon, dark magicians power is slowly seeping away because of newer more powerful monsters

It may have quite a lot of attack points, but it doesn't have an effect, so a card like blue eyes white dragon or acid golem of destruction are much better as they have more attack point.

9 Storming Mirror Force

This card is even more annoying than miroor force, when your opponent summons exodia necross or something like that use this and say get noob

This card is awesome any sends back opponents attack to itself

Battle traps are too slow, don't play this card.

10 5 Headed Dragon

I find that this is one of the stupidest cards on the list. at lest the god cards (specifically obelisk pre-eratta) have effect protection. this card has only battle protection and it's not even completely protected. I'm a casual player and I play zoodiac and cyber dragon, so this card is not even close to difficult to kill. if you want a hard to kill dragon monster I would suggest the blue eyes chaos dragon/blue eyes chaos MAX dragon, or the blue eyes shining dragon. sure they are harder to summon as well as being rarer, but it's better than summoning a 5000 atk beatstick. heed my advice PLEASE!

While hard to summon unless running dragon's mirror or future fusion, once it's out on the field it's literally untouchable. Plus, Summoner of Illusions can special summon it once flip summoned, and then play Monster reborn at your next turn to summon it for another go

In my opinion, this card is great especially for endgames. This card is almost untouchable on the field. Just use Future Fusion to summon this baby and the enemy will run for the hills. Tribute this monster to summon Great Maju Garzett and you will have an epic 10,000 attack! EPIC ending attack.

It all Depends how Fast You Can summon it so you Can win the duel Five headed Dragon And having the Seal of Orichalcos on the Field (use Seal of Orichalcos before summoning Five headed dragon though) Makes Your Monster Invincible Isn't that a good thought?

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11 Monster Reborn

Now it is un-banned but limited to one due to it's ability to special summon any monster from your graveyard or your opponent's. Many times I have dark holed my opponent's blue eyes or another pleasantly good card, and played Monster Reborn to take that monster for myself.

This crad is great! I have been playing yugioh for quite some time, and when I activate a trap that sends my friend's powerful monsters for the GY, I then an use it for me. It is liking fighting fire with fire, and then taking the otehr person's flamethrower and usign it against them as well.

Because you can't get much better than practically a free monster from either graveyard, when the graveyard is such a big part of the metagame these days its no wonder this card is banned.

I have defeated one the best duelist in the state with this card and this card should be in every deck.

12 Quaking Mirror Force

There is a reason this card has had it's effect changed so many times. Using this card with yata garasu was the bane of all yugioh players existence. It made you quit or die so slowly it was depressing

Avoids destruction abilities and reduces your opponents usable zones. Even better when used with Ghostricks

Not good, battle traps are slow and garbage.

I got this card

13 Exodia

It's the greatest cards ever, it can giveu an automatic win.,
Unlike horakhty, you need to banish the 3 egyptian gods,
But you just need to draw all 5 forbidden one cards and assemble it in your hand to win the duel

I have the secret sixth unknown part of exodius. It comprises of both buttocks of the forbidden lord. It can beat obelisk, gigamonster and the all powerful wizard, kakaballs.

There are more instant win cards but this is the only one on the list and its really good so yeah

This card is an automatic win I mean it may not look super cool but this is an auto win

14 Pot Of Duality

This is a good card to have for any deck, beefy or not. This can get cards into your hand and searches for others very well.

Awesome card help me a ton.

I love this card it allows you to excavate the top 3 cards of your deck then choose 1 and put it in your hand and if you use it in a dark magician deck after dark magical circle you know what your going to get or if you should just wait till you have a better draw

15 Mirror Force

This card has literally saved my butt in at least 50 duels, so... I mean if your trying to get a really good card on the field like Overmind Archfiend, and that good card needs a kind of bad card to be summoned like most syncro monsters, it'll absolutely destroy every single monster on their field, except some god cards like Obolisk, and Ra, so unless they have one of them or something as overpowered like that, you can pretty much instantly win if you have something like 5 headed dragon or, like I do, a very good syncro monster, like Overmind Archfiend.

It activates just when a monster attacks and its good when an opponent has summoned a lot of monsters. The card helped me when my opponent summoned a truly powerful monster... Machina force. That would be another powerful card too

This card is definitely the best trap card and it should definitely be in the top 5. Its effect is when your opponent attacks, destroy or your opponents attacking monsters leaving your opponents field wide open.

Should be first because it can prevent any attacks and instantly destroy your opponents monster allowing you to directly attack.

16 Chaos Emperor Dragon: Envoy of the End

Ask any high level competitor what the most powerful card in the game is. This will be the answer 9 times out of 10. It is disgustingly easy to summon, potentially game winning immediately, and the stats are strong. The card used to be even stronger as well, when players could declare priority on spell speed 1 activated (ignition) monster effects immediately after summoning them. No other single card has the same potential to simply end the game upon being summoned, and this one should never again see the light of day in its original form.

I completely agree that majority of the people voting, have no idea of what is good in competitive play. This card has a atk of 3000 and with its effect you can force your opponent to discard for 300 damage a card. This card could not only destroy a building strategy but also after using its effect, smash through your praised slifer for 3000 damaged.

I cannot believe this card is not in the top 5, it's super easy to summon and it's effect literally makes it easy to cause huge damage and get close to winning the game, like the other person said, the people commenting on here obviously don't know how to compete, if they did this card would be a top favorite!

Hands down one of the best cards in the game. It's so good it's banned! It's easy to summon and its effect is a game changer if not a game winner.

17 Jinzo

One of the best cards ever released. 2400 attack/1 sacrifice for its time was amazing, and still is. Negating any pre-existing Traps or Traps to come. Match him alongside Black Luster Soldier ~ Envoy of the Beginning, and it's end game for your opponent.

He's a classic and my friends hate him all is well

The most annoying card ever man he is good.

Jinzo is so awesome even in the anime

18 Dark Bribe

Not even close to being the best

It's worse than Jinzo. How?

19 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

this is actually the only card on this list that is competitively viable. it is the only card that was banned other than chaos emperor dragon- envoy of the end, but that card was Nerfed into oblivion, the only viable strategy of that cad was yata lock, and today, that would still be a bad strategy. this card has an easy summoning condition, 2 great effects with 2 attacks, an ability that makes some cards instant otks (one turn kills) or spell speed 2 (quick effect) non destruction removal that most decks can't do anything about. so it is a beater, win condition or insane disruption.

Mower days it is much later with xyz cards And this card is still considered to be the most useful monster in some decks.
It is a 3000 Atk 2500 definitely and an effect that can either make you destroy 2 monsters or banish one. Plus it is extremely easy to summon by banishing one light and dark monster in your graveyard. I believe that out of the top 10 cards this is now the first

The yugioh world has changed. not even the god cards can be pulled out if they are againts xyz monsters (like the 2800 atk no 9: dyson sphere which can't be attacked and can attack directly) synchro (my personal favorite is the 2500 atk black armor master which can't be destroyed by battle and you recieve no damage that involves this card. once it battles a monster, it can place a wedge counter on it then turn its atk to zero, not even slifer can destroy this card) however, the least safest place on the field is the removed from play card zone, which the classic black luster soldier- envoy of the beginning has the key to send almost anyone there.

My friends hate me when I use this card and I got an entire 20 OP cards in Taiwan (including this) just by doing one of those road by games. It's in Chinese though but I can read it so MEH

20 Bottomless Trap Hole

I would surrender my mum to the Chaos Emperor Dragon: Envoy of the End just to look at this card

Good card, really good card. Stops all strong cards.

People try to summon things like The Winged Dragon of Ra and then BAM! it gets banished and they have 100 Lp remaining.

Why is this higher than Trap Hole?

21 Dragon Master Knight

The Dragon Master Knight is really good in attack and defense. But is really hard to summon (for example you have to use Black Luster Soldier which is a ritual and use the spell Black Luster Ritual and Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon which uses Blue Eyes White Dragon times 3 and not only do you have to use all those cards to summon it you have to summon the Blue Eyes White Dragon with 2 monsters cause it is level 8 so it takes about 11 cards just to summon Dragon Master Knight

Dragon master knight is my favorite card by far.
With 5000 attack and 5000 defense if you think that's bad GET OFF THE WEBSITE!
I picked up my dragon master knight at the local trading card sword. I totally got my money's worth when I won a tournament with it.

Dragon master knight is one of the only cards that can beat 5 headed dragon. Because it gains 500 at for each dragon played

I think this card should be ranked higher because you have to have 3 cards with good attack to summon ra but that is ranked 2.

22 Raging Flame Sprite

Drill barnacle is better. It has the exact same effect but starts out with 300 attack rather than 100

Can build up to a really high attack level and direct damage!

Attack directly when it does plus 1000 in 4 turns can be 4100 attack

23 Kuriboh

If you have a ton of Kuribohs and a few mystical space typhoon just in case you can win by making your opponent draw out all of their cards.

Very good with multiply and detonate, you can destroy your opponents deck with just a few cards

Discard it and you can not take damage... This if fun to use when your opponent thinks it's game

Where's detonate on this list? Google it! See what it can do with kurobohs!

24 Fire Hand

Fire Hand always keeps a monster on your field (If u have ice hand) AND destroys a monster! TOO OP!

25 Malefic Truth Dragon

When this card destroys one monster, which it will, all monsters your opponent controls go poof.

It should be 5th but still it's the best I have

Trash, can be removed with MST. 5000 attack doesn't make a card good.

Yep, you lost once this beast comes out

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