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Digimon is a Japanese media franchise that encompasses virtual pets, games, and anime series. This franchise centers on the titular creatures, known as Digimon, who inhabit a Digital World. This world is a parallel universe that originates from Earth's communication networks.
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1 Omnimon

Not the strongest digimon but Omnimon X is a complete different story as he can delete and reconfigure data of the entire digital world. So basically he is resetting all of the digital world. He also possesses the Omega In Force which allows him to see the future. He also leads the royal knights as Alphamon isn't there. The only other digimon better than him are Armageddemon and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

Omnimon is not even in the top 10 strongest. Most people think he is strong with his all delete attack. But that's only a attack, Apocalymon can use his attack to wipe out 2 dimensions! Omnimon couldn't even defeat Dexmon! And IF Omnimon's all delete attack is the strongest. That doesn't mean Omnimon himself is the strongest. just like saying Seraphimon with is rising halo attack that creates a big bang! And a level 1 goldeen with its horn drill attack that does an instant KO. So that is my reason ( and someone eles ) why Omnimon IS NOT THE STRONGEST.

2 Kari

The reason Kairi/Hikari is the best Digidestinied/Chosen Children is becuse:

1. Her Digimon is both cute and powerful
2. Her crest makes her look like Jesus
3. She is the one that has actually helped the Digidestinied most.
4. She is absolutely the cuteSt in 01 and she is still cute in 02(cuter then T.K)
5. The name: Hikaru is also cute, her English name could have been Kairi, instead of Kari in my opinion
Hikari/Kairi Yagami for life

She is the cutest Digidestined ever. She's also cute when she was a small child in the movie. Digimon Adventure 1 version of her is the cutest!

3 Angemon

He was eager to sacrifice himself and he turned from the defenceless patamon to angemon.Despite the fact that he was the last to reach the ultimate level, he could compete against ultimates and he seemed as an equal among them

Angimon is a very strong digimon
He my favorite digimon even in the show. I can't believe he died in the show he was so strong he left his partner

Very powerful digimon. He's saved the children in many critical situations.

4 Keenan Crier

Unexpectedly voiced by the queen of tsundere in the Japanese dub...

5 Matt Ishida

He is protective, seeing as he's an older brother. He's supportive of everyone, backs up Tai's choices all most always. And if he objects to anything, he never does it for himself; he only does things for other people. T.K., Sora, Tai etc.

I love how he developed during the first season. I simply love his character! He takes care of everybody even though you can't always see it!

I don't care what some people say about him, He is (and always will be) the best digimon character to me.

6 Marcus Damon

Marcus was one of the coolest human characters in the digimon franchise. Come on admit it we were all getting sort of tired of the main character in the digimon seasons having goggles and marcus breaking that trend was one of the best things. But what I love the most about him is his personality due to the fact that unlike everyone else who lets their digimon do all the hard work, marcus actually throws a few punches at the bad guy.

Tugh, adventurous, Heroic, a street fighter. Those are the qualities of Marcus Damon. He's hilarious and nothing more needs to be said.

7 Agumon

Agumon is a pepper flame mega awesome beast. He will kill you and he will rip your face off. Agumon is a awesome demon who will kill anyone in his path you better watch out cause he is stinkin awesome.! Peace losers

Argh! I forgot who all these guys are. Except for agumon the yellow dinosaur thing.

My Most favorite Digimon for Past, Present & Future. It can digivolve into shinegreymon (burst mode)

8 Angewomon

She is an ultimate level digimon with powers that surpass regular ultimate level digimon. Her celestial arrow defeat Myotismon with one hit. She can also digivolve into Magnadramon one of the keepers of the golden digiegg and is one of the most powerful mega level digimon!

I don't think humans should be on this list. My favorite human
Character is kari and I just angewomon is kind of cool
I don't really like this list

How could you not like Angewomon?

9 WarGreymon

Wargraymon is just perfecz. He synthesis defense-attack-speed. His special move is like a planet of fire. Also most of us think that fire types are the best. He is also my favourite digimon of all.

Coolest and best ever! His attack is like spirit bomb of goku!

Guays just amazing...even before omnimon this digimon was the original god tier

10 Ken

To me Ken is the best character in digimon. His past is really heartbreaking and sad, and after he realised what he had done as the digimon emperor he felt sorry for everything and he was so ashamed of himself, he tried his hardest to make up for all the terrible things he had done and when the digidestined wanted him to join them he felt like he didn't deserve their forgiveness. Ken is an amazing and strong character and I really truly love him and I'm proud of him for realising all the awful things he did and trying to make up it. And it's a plus that he is very handsome.

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11 Thomas H. Norstein

The first time I love digimon savers is Thomas up until now.

After I love bleach & uryu. He's really resemble a lot to him. Being born from a wealthy yet noble family. Clashed with hot headed main characters. Despite they're genius and rich, both of them are a lonely person. Both of them are lonesome person. Cold outside but sweet and gentle inside. Lost their beloved mother when they were still a kid. Have a complicated relationship with their father. Genius, calculated, have a sense of humor(especially with a main character) and athletic. Their very funny in their own way, especially their sarcasm and when they're arguing with a main characters.

12 Henry Wong

Henry is AWESOME! I kinda like him, and he should be on the first page.

How can you not love Henry Wong?!?!?!? He is so kawaii (cute in Japanese) and he's a pro Martial Artist. He is also very caring for Suzie and Terriermon

He's my favorite character in the 3rd season!

13 Venusmon

She is such a divine babe with an elegant outfit and voluptuous figure

14 Tk Takaishi

He had he crest of Hope, as in I HOPE he shows up again in digimon.

15 Mervamon
16 Shoutmon
17 Beelzemon

Hell yes! Such a boss. Who the hell is omnimon and angemon is a stupid happy angel. Beelzemon is a dark and evil angel! Those wings... That motorcycle... That accent... Those colors.. Ooo baby. Plus is the strongest digimon to exist! I mean man he doesn't even have to use an attack and can just crush or jab another strong digimon with his shear strength to kill them. Awesome! And even as impmon he's a bad ass!

Hands down the strongest digimon to exist. Beelzemon is so cool. No other digimon can match up to this powerhouse! Also is he from Brooklyn? He sounds like he is. Wouldn't want to get on his bad side that's for sure!

18 Laylamon
19 Dorulumon

I'm only judging based on the show. but I think he is a cool character

I know he's from digimon fusion but he's like the best character ever so BADASS

20 Davis Motomiya
21 Kazemon
22 Mikey

Everybody, listen. This guy has more digimon than ANY other Digi-Destined leader.

23 Lucemon

So much cooler than Myotismon, he destroyed whole moons and has a badass dragon thing as a final form!

I remember him from that episode in digimon fusion. he starts off as a good guy, but then after he is elected president or something, he reveals his true nature as a evil person. and you wouldn't expect it either. lucemon may be an angel, but he's really a demon

24 Darcmon
25 Magnamon
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