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1 Clarity Clarity

I'm addicted to this song!


Duh. - MaxAurelius

This song is great. but you have to listen to the Zedd Union remix. It was made by Zedd, and after listening to it for a few times, I've decided that I like it even better than the original song.

2 Spectrum Spectrum

A masterpiece of an electro house track and Zedd's magnum opus. It is very harmonically interesting and intricately composed, the vocals are amazing, and the drop is creative and complex. - Atham

How is Stache at number 1? Spectrum is just amazing and its the song that really showed all fans of electronic music what Zedd is capable of! This song is really great and easily his best one! Going into this list my instant thoughts were "alright lets see which of Zedds songs follow behind Spectrum and Clarity" but finding it at No. 6 is something I didn't expect! Please vote up Spectrum! - twittwooiliketopoo

I bought this lovely song

One of the best songs ever.

3 Beautiful Now Beautiful Now

When they put this song in a party, people do not stop singing and jumping all the time

Just amazing

If this song is not in top 5, no others deserve to. Its lyrics intertwines with its beats, arousing ecstasy immediately.

Beautiful now is the best song, and the official video, also is the best thing that zedd has ever created.

4 I Want You to Know

This song is rather new but it has such a catchy beat. I mean the pre chorus has a great lead into a chorus, which lays down a funky beat that's love to my ears. My new favorite

This is an amazing song. Great for dancin' parties yo...

Listen to addicted to a memory, papercut, beautiful now and done with love. THIS AND ALL THESE SONGS ARE AMAZING!

The instrument is killing it and selena's voice just make the songs softer but also strong in some parts

This is the best song I've ever listening to in my life.

5 Stay the Night

This song is so amazing!

Hayley rocks this song as well!

This song should be in at least second position.

This song is awesome! Better than Spectrum!

6 Find You

I love this song man! A powerful voice from Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant and a great beat break from Zedd mixed to one! One of the best song I think

I love this and can't keep myself from singing it!

I wont get over this song. I didn't know the lyrics then but it already did send shivers. When the video went out I died.

Absolutely beautiful, the voices along with the background music work so well together. This song along with Clarity I can't pass on listening to in their entirety

7 Papercut

For me this is the best zedd has some beautiful music along with the soothing vocals of Sivan

I don't get how is this rated 20. This and beautiful now are the best

This is song is very emotional and great I just love it beautiful

Best Zedd song so far. Amazing.

8 Break Free

Zedd did outstanding! I didn't know him until this song. It really needs to be ranked higher.

Ariana & Zedd Totally amazing.

Ariana & Zedd in one song.. Super Awesome probably one of the best of the both..

She got the worst voice... sounds like something is stuck in her vocal chord

9 Done With Love

Could listen to it on repeat for hours, in all honesty. Such a beautiful song

This song should have been at least in the top 3, personally.

I don't like all of the songs on Zedd's new album "True Colors", but I love this song so much, it's amazing

Just a amazing song.

10 True Colors

Its just fantastic

I can relate to this song.
β€œLet me show you my true colors, IT ain't NO RAINBOW! ”

One word: FLAWLESS. - JustListen

The best songs ever 😍😍😍 u guys must listen it 😘😎😚 I am recomended this song to be on 5 ranks

The Contenders

11 Addicted to a Memory

The intro is just the beginning, this is a fitting intro for the True Colors album as it trascends into an electro masterpiece, with sharp beats and a third drop with an epic complextro makeup, this is one of the best examples of Zedd's classic electronic style and will forever be a fan favorite.

Awesome intro, awesome buildup, awesome drop, excellent electro beat, beautiful vocals, and the 3rd drop is almost like another song, it's just awesome and undoubtedly one of Zedd's greatest.

Easily top 3 of Zedd. Don't let the airy intro fool you. You are about to find yourself in beat-laden ecstasy. Best listened at top volume in a sweet ride.

Definitely the best. Has a great drop, and has unexpected elements. yas

12 Alive

An amazing song, this has got to be no.2 or something

This must be the best intro I've ever heard... It will transport you to another dimension!

It's really great, not Clarity-great but good

Beautiful song. Should be at least in the top 5.

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13 Candyman

This should like no4 on the list, like come on

This song is on fire

Come on, this one is very adorable

Love makes the world feel good

14 Lost at Sea

Beautiful song! Ryan Tedder's voice makes the song, deserves to be higher!

This should be number 3 I swear to god this song is perfect

This song should be further up the list. The beat is great!

Should be in top 5 with Clarity, Stay the Night, Find You, and Spectrum

15 Transmission

Seriously, this one and I Want You to Know are the best of Zedd... Such a catchy beat and the anthem-like lyrics make you live life once again!

Transmission's lyrics and beat both are awesome! Shame that this song is so underrated!

This should be in top 5...

Should be at 1

16 Stay

Easily should be in the top tens


Best song ever! I mean,who could someone dislike this amazing song? this guy and woman are both talented and her voice is absolutely amazing in this song! All you have to do is...stay! man, this woman is just so talented at everything,she don't need any auto tune to sing her songs! Her voice is amazing

Awesome new song, amazing vocals!

17 The Legend of Zelda

I'm surprised this ain't in the Top #10.
Awesome song.

You got to be kidding me. Should be no. 2 or 3. With Clarity at no. 1

I've play this game on Nintendo 64. This song is so good

Deserves to be in top 5

18 Get Low
19 Fall Into the Sky

Is Ellie Goulding in this?

This is very strong

Amazing Djing in the song & sweet voice by the singer...

I don't like this song

20 Push Play

When I heard this, I push Play Again. A Great song.

I don't think Miriam is very good at this

21 Stache

Zedd is crazy about this

Zedd has some DJ magic for me

22 Shave It

I have never heard this before

It is just a good song to lesson to when your done (in my a pinon)

The best dj remix ever

23 Happy Now
24 Bumble Bee
25 Epos

Great blend of sounds! Progressive, but not too much for the average listener to enjoy.

An amazing progressive house tune by Zedd! Starts off mellow and then it rips in to it at the end! Such an underrated DJ and has a massive future ahead of him!

I like this one.

This song is a masterpiece. From the beginning to the end, it alwas stays extreme, complex, and beautifully textured. 3 years after it was released, it still feels new, despite having eplayed it 746 times.

26 Starving

I like the production, and Hailee's vocals are okay, but the lyrics are so awful...
GOOD - ProPanda

27 Save the World (Zedd Remix)
28 Hourglass

I just love this song! At first, you can hear LIZ's beautiful voice, that piano and the ticking clock. But when the snare kicks... it's like you're floating on cloud 9!

Nice opening track, really well merged with shave it up

This should be in top 10. amazing intro, with the clock, and the mesmerizing entrancing piano loop, and then the awesome drop. really poetic and really cool. I also like how it turns into shave it up at the end

29 Codec

Awesome mash up nothing beats this

Pleasant progresive house track.. Zedd has a good future in djing...

Yes, it's a house track. But,the way Zedd mixed everything,is really something else which makes Codec different from other progressive house tracks.I never get bored of it.

30 Slam the Door

Boom boom chika chika, boom boom, Zedd I think he amazed me with this song

31 Shotgun

Why is this so low? Should be in top 15s

32 Human

This song is amazing. The nasty edge on the beat is so appealing to me. Definitely should listen to it, I don't think you would regret it.

33 Ignite

First Zedd song heard by me and my favorite so far.

34 Breakn' a Sweat (Zedd Remix)

It can make your day energetic!

35 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix)

It's pure dance beat

36 Follow You Down

Some of the most creative chords! I love it! Definitely too ten! Just unknown.

I love this song and now I'm looking for it online and I cannot find it

I can't believe this song isn't in top ten

Shame. this song should be way higher

37 Daisy


This track is the next big thing! The best track on True Colors, in my opinion. Julia Michaels' voice is perfect for this and the overall production is just magnificent! A must listen!

Damn...this song is my favourite from True colours...please listen to this and UP YOU GO


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38 Autonomy
39 Scorpion Move

Amazing song, wish Zedd would do more like this...

That's really a nice one :)...

Love Zedd's attempt at dubstep. Gorgeous song, it almost puts me into a trance. If you haven't heard this I would suggest going on Spotify right now and listening to it. Now. What are you waiting for?

40 Adrenaline

Much too underrated. Geat and innovative tune!

A Zedd song I dislike. It finally happened. But yeah, this is awful

EDIT: Yeah, it grew on me. It's his worst, but has a nice vibe, fun to dance to. Zedd you are my favorite artist ever, I'm sorry for not liking this - ProPanda

41 Let Me Love You

That moment when you make a remix that blows the original out of the water. I never thought I'd say this for Bieber, but 7/5, and one of the best of the year, this is just LEGENDARY - ProPanda

42 Rude

The band Magic! I think is gonna like this

Nice music by zedd and nice vocals

43 Beauty and a Beat

Thanks to Zedd first for making this beat are famous and cool

Zedd inspired Justin Bieber

44 Shave It Up
45 This Year
46 Straight Into the Fire

Amazing, breath-taking.

This song is my anthem.

47 Illusion

Beast Song!

48 Stars Come Out
49 I Don't Like You
50 Dovregubben

This is one of the most underrated Zedd songs, but it's absolutely amazing! At one point, there is a brill-trill sort of sound that goes so high up it starts to mess with your mind a little... if you have good headphones, that is.

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