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1 The Last Olympian

A breathtaking final entry in the series that started it all. Our favorite demigod Percy Jackson fights the final battle in New York City. The final confrontation between Luke Castellan and Percy takes place in this book, the last time we see Percy in first person for a looong time and the last time we ever see our favorite baddie, Luke, on screen ever. Only surfaced by a hair by Blood of Olympus, this finale is a wonderful example of how character arcs can tie into important elements of plot. Percy shows that he is a leader, Annabeth shows that she can be confident and will be able to use her knowledge to help everyone else, Grover finally gets over being shy and gathers all of the plant people to save the day.
And, most importantly, Percy chooses mortality over godhood, simply because he wants the other demigods to have parents in their lives. A truly selfless choice by our protagonist. And, hopefully, we can emulate him.

2 The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief is what started it all, giving us a stellar beginning to characters that will mature and grow stronger as the books go on. When Ares and Percy fought, I was cheering. This shows what to expect in the rest of the series, getting us all excited for the next of Percy's escapades. We get a lot of great characterization in this wonderful book.

Read this book when I was 10. While not Percy's age at any time during either series, I know that he and I are so similar. This is the most inspirational book I have ever read, despite being a children's fantasy. It is my favorite book of all time.

3 The House of Hades

Everyone goes into how amazing the Percabeth stuff is, and that's true, but the part that stuck out to me, was the biggest plot twist in any book I've ever read. Nico saying he's gay, not only works with the rest of the book, but it somehow makes the original series a million times better. It's so sad how he hid his feelings for so long and after I read that page, I sat with a dropped jaw for five minutes straight, unable to comprehend the amazing writing I had just witnessed. This book is my favorite book of all time, and while it's not the best, (that spot goes to To Kill a Mockingbird) this is definitely my favorite. 10/10

4 The Mark of Athena

The action, the pure drama, the CLIFFHANGER! The characters and relationships were so well developed in this chapter of the series!

The 7 heroes met each other in this book. This was where the heroes gathered up. Sometimes they would have fights with each other but would then resolve them. It was fun to see how the Romans and Greeks would team up.

This was just wow, it is definitely my number one book, the love story here was at its peak. God, I really miss Anabeth and Percy, in the new books (trials of Apollo) we rarely get to seem them.

5 The Battle of the Labyrinth

Despite The Last Olympian being the perfect ending for a series, this one impressed me more. A last book may be the most entertaining for others, but for me second-to-last books in a series have the power to prepare the reader for the grand finale, having more emotional stuff (for me) and having lots and lots of cool action scenes.

Close one between this and The Titan's Curse. Think both are better than the Last Olympian. I often times don't read the last book.

The Best Book by far by Rick Riordan. Dadaelus was just perfect! People hate on Rachael but she's really good to me!

6 The Titan's Curse

The Titan's Curse shows a lot of humor and action, as well as showing very human emotions in all of our favorite characters. We get introduced to key players later on in the series, such as Nico. Nico is so good in this book, it shows the beginning of his journey as a character.

You get to meet the bad ass Thalia. It's so full of adventure. One of Riordan's best books in the Olympians series. I love the part where they are the Dam and they make jokes and how Percy meets Rachel.

The titans curse is awesome full of amazing character like Nico di Angelo, the Hunters of Artemis, and Thalia daughter of Zeus. Honestly the battle of the Labyrinth is my favorite Percy Jackson book but this is a second contender.

7 The Son of Neptune

I love this book so much. Percy is there, Nico is there (though not for long), Hazel and Frank! The story is really fun, the characters work well off of each other, and I finally get to see Percy again! Whenever I reread the Heroes of Olympus The Lost Hero always feels like a bit of a slog. I like the book, it's fun, but I'm always trying to kind of get through it and finish it so I can read this one!

The maturity and higher stakes of the Heroes of Olympus seamlessly blended with the image charm of Percy Jackson. How couldn't I adore it?

8 The Sea of Monsters

Really underrated book. The Percabeth chemistry was at its peak in this book, and the plot itself was good. More light-hearted than the rest, but it's good at what it accomplishes.

9 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

This book was just hilarious. The characters, their backstory everything was just great. While reading the book you can almost imagine the characters in here. I have read all the three books and this was the origin story of Magnus Chase. I liked it more than the others. This should be in Top 5. Concept of a talking sword (Jack), who calls Magnus senor was just great. The book had humour also in the intense scenes.

It is more funny and has better stories than the Percy Jackson series...only in my opinion (maybe I am wrong), but really, I love this book. I have read all the three books in this series, in which the all the books are good. The fight scenes are also described more dramatically and has better dialogues. Thank you...

10 The Red Pyramid

This series may not be better as popular or better but was written well, fast paced, and it kept me hooked right till the end of the book. This was probably the one of first Rick Riordan books I'e ever read.It was so awesome and memorable. Can't wait to read it again this Summer as soon as I finish Magnus Chase.

The first time I read this book, I didn't like it as much as I like the others. However, I liked it a lot more once I read it again.

It's so fast paced. At the start I didn't read quickly but by the end I was going through the book in a day!

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11 The Lost Hero

Personally looking at this list I was a bit surprised that the lost hero was voted at no. 10 for most of these because I really enjoyed this book. Jason was cool and all but we all know Percy is better, however I don't think it's fair that some people hate Jason just for that reason. In short, I really enjoyed the start to Heros Of Olympus and the feeling followed all the way through to the end. Great author, great series, great books. More should read.

I liked it because it showed us Piper, Leo, Jason and Festus of course.

12 The Serpent's Shadow

The way everything is explained is just amazing!

I'm only voting for this one because I couldn't find the Crown of Ptolemy.

A nice conclusion, though not Riordan's best.

13 The Ship of the Dead

The plot is straightforward, the twists and turns are nice. Especially the Magnus and Alex twist.

14 Trials of Apollo: Tower of Nero

SPOILERS! Read the book before you read this comment. Ok, good. Oh my gods, the last two chapters pull your heartstrings so much! The whole character arcs of Lester/Apollo and Meg come to an end. My personal favorite character, The Arrow of Dodona makes the ultimate sacrifice in the final EPIC fight and the arrow talks about how it was kinda 'bullied' in the grove. Which makes it all the more satisfying. It also sets up future adventures with a Chiron, Mimir, Bast crossover and a little Will and Nico adventure

15 The Throne of Fire

This book is just straight up great despite how a lots of people hate this series! READ IT!

This is an amazing book. Kane chronicle, the whole series shold be in the top. Why is this such an underrated series? come on, an old god yelling zebras and weasels? This is the awesomest thing EVER!

Very awesome book with tons of action!

16 The Tyrant's Tomb

Without a doubt, my favorite Rick Riordan book. The action felt so real, Apollo's sadness and regret also jumped out at me, and I really felt the sacrifices. This is one of the few books that made me stare off into the distance for a few minutes after reading it, just awestruck.

Brilliant book with an amazing new character and some sad deaths... if you have not read it, you should do so ASAP.

Tyrants Tomb should be number 1! Rick explains it so good I can imagine it around me!

17 The Blood of Olympus

Leo shined in this book. Scratch that, Leo shined in all of the books, but especially this one and the previous entry in the series, HoA. Leo showed that he was willing to sacrifice everything for those around him. And, yet, in the end, he got happiness too. He lied, but for their good. This conclusion to one of my favorite series of all time is something worth rereading time and time again to get all of the action, the humor, the characters...
Rick Riordan kept on outdoing himself in each entry of Heroes of Olympus

18 The Hidden Oracle

HATED THIS BOOK! It felt more like a political statement rather than an actual story. The new characters were annoying and the old ones weren't in it enough to make up for it. Camp was way to depressing in January. There weren't enough meeting with gods for my taste cause I felt like that was one of the best parts of PJO and HoO. The quest didn't go that far. The climax was to weird. It's probably not a good idea to use Nero as the villain for a kids book cause he was bad even for me. There are to many plot holes. And I ship Reynico (Reyna+Nico) not Solangelo (Will Solace+Nico) the quest Reyna and Nico went throw felt like real love, Will only told Nico some doctor orders. I haven't even bothered to read the next one cause I hated the first one so much.

19 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 2 The Hammer of Thor
20 The Burning Maze

Had an amazing plot with awesome characters and a villain terrible enough to kill one of the book's main characters. So sad...

Good book, it's the best cause Jason dies. He was always my least favorite character... and the weakest.

Such an awesome book but it is so sad. I can't wait for the Tyrant's Tomb!

21 Sword of Summer

I found the Sword of Summer more appealing to me than The Lightning Thief, as a start to a series. Magnus is my second favorite Rick Riordan character, the first being Alex, the third being Percy. I loved the book so much! 10/10

A great series in all because it brought new characters to the game.
It is just sad how it ended too quickly, if you ask me, it should've been more than just a trilogy.

It had lots of jokes and made you want to learn more.

22 Trials of Apollo Dark Prophecy

Honestly Riordon keeps getting better. I was originally going to vote for House Of Hades, Last Olympian or Ship Of The Dead but this is the best. The humour and action are excellent and Riordan's use of them keeps improving. The characters are great particularly Lit and Apollo both of whom undergo serious character development. This book also gave is Riordan's best villain since Luke Castellan. Menacing, sympathetic, charismatic and focused entirely on destruction Commodus is one hell of a villain. I enjoyed Nero but Commodus is far better. So far I'm really enjoying Riordan's villain emperor team up and the final emperor of the trio is getting a lot of hype which I hope he lives up to. Riordan is my all time favourite Author.

23 Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

Percy narrating all the greek gods, both complementing, and insulting them. It's one of the books not to be missed

24 Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

Another Percy Jackson narration. A son of Posiedon named after a son of Zeus. Who knew?

25 Demigods and Magicians

Really fun book. I love to see the different worlds intersect and these characters I love come together and interact. It's always fun. Frankly, I hope more demigod/magician stories come out, because they're awesome!

Great story about Percy and Annabeth meeting the Kane siblings, Carter and Sadie. A powerful story by Rick!

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