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1 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a major character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus / Vulcan, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

Leo is so amazing! He thinks that he is the worst of the seven and that he is a failure, but he is freaking immune to fire, and can summon it as well. Also, who else have you met who is this hilarious?

He sacrifices himself. When my little brother overheard about it, I lied and told him Jason died along with someone else. It is also memorable how he saves Calypso/

So it was just sad. Leo's past was sad, and his whole "seventh-wheel" and "no girlfriends until the end but then in the end he died" thing was just sad. I ship him with Hazel since they were incredibly connected, and... how can I explain it? It was just complicated... nobody's past was as sad as his (even Nico's), and he wears a mask of laughter to hide his pain. He was hilarious, but that was just one side of him he created to hide his true feelings, and that was what made me love Leo. Just think of it. He was the only character that (Hazel doesn't count, she's a daughter of Hades... and she ends up in Elysium) ACTUALLY died and caused ACTUAL grief among a lot of people. You know, only Sammy mourned about Hazel death? I'm sure I'm gonna lose my appetite for weeks about Leo's death... a loss of an excellent character! But thankfully he revived

It's... it's Leo, guys. What other proof do you need?
Well, in depth, Leo is super smart, and a lot of people don't realize that. He's been a mechanic since he was walking, and I'm pretty sure that kind of knowledge requires a lot of brain power. Also, he's a perfect combination of personality traits. He has been through a lot, which makes him relatable, and he isn't all dreary and showy about it. He isn't focused on a love life, and if you asked him, he wouldn't be able to choose just one of the seven to save, while the others would choose their significant other in a heartbeat. I get that they love their lover, but Leo loves all of them like brothers and sisters, and isn't focused on just one of the seven.
Plus he's downright adorable. Team Leo for life!

2 Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Percy is actually a pretty incredible main character, which is unfortunately kind of rare. He provides a lot of humor without being overly obnoxious, he's incredibly dedicated to his friends, and he proves just how much he really loves Annabeth by falling into Tartarus with her. My top ten favorites are (1) Percy Jackson, (2) Annabeth Chase, (3) Hazel Levesque, (4) Frank Zhang, (5) Mrs. O'Leary, (6) Buford, (7) Blackjack, (8) Ella, (9) Rachel Dare, and (10) Chiron.

Honestly, I have favorite parts in every single book of HOO about mainly him. In the Son of Neptune, I love the way he talks about Arion. And that the only thing that kept him going was just Annabeths face. In the Mark of Athena, I love his little diet coke escape plan, it had me dying. And he sneaks out with Annabeth. Love that part. In the House of Hades Percy is just so caring about Annabeth I nearly cried. And in Blood of Olympus he is just the normal Percy I love. Shame on those who don't vote him, even if he's 1st!

Percy has done SO many accomplishments such as defeating Ares and leading an army against Kronus. He has done things that are even considered impossible such as diving from high distances. He was offered immortality! He is such a good swordsman. Nico and many other characters have stated how Percy was the most powerful demigod they have ever met. That is how powerful he is. He has done every quest you can think of. Percy is also a noble character and is very humble and kind.

Percy Jackson is the best. Even Nico said that Percy was the strongest demigod he ever met. Percy was offered to be immortal or choose any wish he wanted. Since he had a good heart and (liked Annabeth) he refused being immortal and made sure the gods determined their children by the age of 13 and freed Calypso. Also, Percy is cool and awesome. He makes sarcastic jokes and it is funny (to me). I think he deserves to be #1. After all, Leo and Percy are both 20%.

3 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

What I really like about Annabeth in this series is that she's almost out of her element. Like, her companions can harness the power of the sea, fly, manipulate the earth, summon fire, mind-control, and shapeshift...whereas she has to rely entirely on her wits. This idea really shines through in The Mark of Athena, when she is forced to leave the protection of all other six heroes of Olympus and seek the lair of Arachne all by herself. That was incredible, and the cliffhanger was jaw-dropping. Usually I hate it when some really powerful villain gets stupidly tricked and is like, "Aww, man!" at the end. But this felt a lot more plausible and it shows how brilliant Annabeth can be, even in the worst situations.

Annabeth is such a strong character. All the rest of the seven have supernatural abilities (e.g. flying, charmspeak, shapeshifting) whereas she only has her brains. Yet I feel she is the strongest out of all of them because she uses common sense and logic to win battles, and she outsmarts the enemy rather than beating them in a battle of physical strength. For this she can be underestimated, but she always manages to come out on top. Annabeth is a highly determined and ambitious character, and she will stop at nothing to reach a goal and get what she wants. She has had a hard time trusting people at times (which is probably due to her past relationships with her family and with Luke) and often prefers to work independently. I think for this she is misunderstood by people such as Leo, who find her intimidating and stand-offish. But Annabeth feels she has to do everything herself, for fear if she allows someone else to carry out a task that they will get hurt or won't carry it out as ...more

She is such an under appreciated character, unlike the others, Annabeth is highly dependent on herself. Even though she has no supernatural abilities of her own, her brain makes her the most valuable demigod out of the seven. Let us also not forget what she has been going through throughout the entire series, by far, she has had the most difficult journey, and for the most part, she had to do it ALONE. She deserves more recognition, that's for sure! Annabeth definitely deserves a rank in the top 3 at least!

How can you not like Annabeth? Right from the first few lines when we meet her we just know she is a good character. She will do anything to protect Percy's life and she cares about her friends and family. Annabeth fits really well into the series, she is smart and kind and cares about her friends and will do anything for them. Annabeth is powerful and can somehow keep Percy more or less under control, that takes skill!

4 Nico di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting Titans, traveling back and forth camps and during the war with Gaea he had to transport the Athena Parthenon to Camp. In the beginning, Nico was shy and scared. He had lost his mom and sister, and he couldn't trust anyone. Overtime, Nico became respected from feared and shy to confident.

I simply love Nico. He is so full of emotions, pain, sorrow, and, despite this, he is an important presence for the Seven with his powers and his love too throughout the whole series. He can fight everything and he always exits from every single battle - with monster or with feelings - a little bit weakened, a little bit more broken, but still there, with his grin, his tears and a lot of problems he never asked for but anyway has to deal with. Besides, even if I didn't know him, I would love him only for saying that "those who are heartless, once cared too much". A sentence which means a lot to me. If I were a character in any book, I would probably have the way of thinking of Annabeth - curious, smart, a bit brave too - but totally the heart of Nico.

I want to hug Nico. After all he's been through I think that's all he needs. The poor boy is from the past and spent 70 years in the lotus casino, then loses his sister, then runs away into the Labyrinth and then fights in the war, then runs away from camp not knowing where he belongs and then falls into Tartarus alone and gets captured, is forced to admit his feelings about Percy and only finally finds a better ending after all this with Will. He earned it. I love that he represents the LGBTQ+ community in the series

Honestly, Nico is hands down my favourite character from the books. He has so much character development, we see him slowly change from the curious, enthusiastic little kid to the survivor of Tartarus. He's strong, capable, cunning and skilled but he's also relatively understanding, relatable and I love the fact that he is gay. Some people insist that it was sudden but I had realised by the end of the Last Olympian I simply could not see Nico with a girl, though I did think he was just going to stay single. He's a well thought out character who is flawed, can be horrible and is quiet, but he's great representation for introverted people, LGBTQ+ people, Italians, goth/emo people and more. Also, the fact that he's so loyal to Percy and Hazel really warms my heart and it seems to me he's just as loyal as Percy is.

Nico had a really hard past and you can't help but just feel sorry for him. His hard past is what makes me love his character so much. Without him the quest to bring the Athena Parthenos to camp would have failed many times over. I am very happy that he finally got a happy ending. I totally ship Solangelo! All of this started when Bianca died. Then he never thought he would have a place to call home anymore. Then when he went to find the Doors of Death he was captured. But the part that shook me the most was in the House of Hades, when he had to confess his feeling that he had a crush on Percy. This was probably the bravest thing anyone has done because the time Nico is from looks down upon being gay. I may have freaked out when at the end of The Blood of Olympus when I it said Nico was staying at Camp Half-Blood. Then when I was reading The Hidden Oracle and found out Solangelo was canon I fell off my bed. Don't judge. I was happy. And I am a huge fan girl. I take this fandom WAY to ...more

5 Hazel Levesque

Hazel has a really cool background. I like the guilt that plays into her story, and how she feels responsible for everything that's happening. When she sees Leo and is like, "Aaaah! Sammy!" that was amazing. I also loved when she took Frank with her into her flashback and he entrusted his wood to her.

I never understood why people don't like her. She's amazing! She came back from the dead after SEVENTY YEARS. She was bullied and was rescued by Leo's great- grandfather, she had to move away from the one person who actually loved her, after she comes back she runs into a descendant of her old boyfriend but is still an awesome fighter!

She's a badass. She would help Leo teach me about making stuff, and help Percy teach me to fight. then we'd just crash and watch horror movies.

At first I really didn't like Hazel, she had no backstory that we knew of, we didn't know really anything about her. However when we got through the story, we find out her backstory, her pain and her joy and she really starts to grow on you

6 Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano

Reyna is such a strong independent character who is vital for the heroes of Olympus series. She is such a queen I mean not only does she have such a sad past but she grew from it. She became praetor of the twelfth legion fulminata and keeps on doing the impossible. I mean going to the ancient lands alone and surviving is amazing but traveling the Athena Parthenos to camp half blood just because it was the best chance at peace is pretty freaking heroic. Not to mention all the struggles with the wolves and her past and Orion. She had enough guts to share her past and gain a the trust of her crew ( nico and coach hedge) and taking down Orion when both the amazons and hunters of Artemis combined wasn't enough

Reyna is honestly one of my favorite characters in the series. Look at her life. Her backstory is one of my favorite ones. She had to kill her father to protect her sister. She then is imprisoned by pirates. She goes to Camp Jupiter. She has such a tough personality. She became praetor along with Jason. She loved Jason. But when she realized Piper and Jason were dating, she didn't let her grief ruin her. And, I think that she and Jason would've actually had a better relationship than Piper and Jason. She is a strong, confident person on the outside, but when you know her better, you realized how damaged she is. Like I said, she killed her father. Because she loved her sister. Then Jason goes missing, leaving her basically in charge of the camp alone. Then he comes back- BUT WAIT! He has a girlfriend. And she really loved him. But she never showed it. Think about if your life-long crush, went missing for almost a year. You are paranoid, but trying to stay calm. But then he shows up ...more

Reyna is the best female character(after Annabeth of course). She is a fearless and bold queen, and doesn't really have powers except granting other people strength. She usually only has her wits and her power to use for war. Sure, she was crying after Jason disappeared, but if your crush/best friend disappeared, would you cry? Probably. This gives us insight that on the outside, she is a strong praetor, but she's still a teenage girl on the inside. She kept on looking for Jason and still led a legion alone. She was rejected by Percy, but she became friends with him later. And let's not forget that she and Hylla were abused when she was a little girl by her father, but she eventually killed her father's mania. I LOVE HERRR

Reyna is such an underrated character. She is such a queen- it's rare for a female to become praetor of the Legion, but once Jason goes missing she manages to run the camp by herself for months. She's strong and smart, but she hides her emotions and will always put other people first. She's an amazing character and I love how Rick makes sure to state that Reyna does have flaws (unlike Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, Frank, Jason and Piper who have obvious flaws that are never touched on in Heroes of Olympus).

7 Calypso

I love that Rick freed her from her curse and brought leo back to her.

Kind and caring but also tough and don't-you-dare-mess-with-me.

Calypso is pretty cool! She is strong and lovable.

8 Frank Zhang

Frank is really cool, but I feel like a lot of people don't appreciate him like they should. I love the whole baby-face cuddly vibe that he gives off even though he's the son of Mars and just wants to be taken seriously. I'm sorry, but honestly Leo Valdez annoys me SO MUCH, and he's such a pain to poor Frank, tormenting him at every chance he gets. And it drove me insane when he was starting to get interested in was like, "Back off dude! Frank and Hazel were a thing WAY before you came into the picture." But it turned out all right. Oh, and one of my favorite lines EVER is "So your name's not Sammy?" I was dying laughing XD

Frank is underrated. He deserves more credit. Yes, he didn't suffer as much as other demigods such as Annabeth, Nico, or Leo, but he did so much AND his power to shapeshift is very overlooked. That power could be used for so much and he demenstrates it constantly.
Also, the fat that he did all of this while trying not to light a stick on fire is impressive! especially since he was almost always around Leo.

Come on. Frank does NOT get enough credit. He connects to a lot of people because he has so many flaws, and yet he's still a hero. And he definitely proves his heroism by saving everyone SO MANY TIMES. He is an ultimate shapeshifter AND a son of Mars. Frank is awesome.

I think Jason and Frank should swap.
In my opinion, Jason is a slightly less powerful Percy with a more serious attitude. And I prefer snarky, sarcastic people like Percy and Leo.
I also really like Frank. His life depends on a piece of wood, and he can shapeshift. Thalia can basically do everything Jason can do. But is there anyone else who can do what Frank can?

9 Piper McLean Piper McLean is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan in The Heroes of Olympus series. She is one of the Seven of the prophecy and is the daughter of Aphrodite.

To be honest she really does a lot, she is just not portrayed as a badass, so people don't take her as seriously as she deserves. She stopped so many battles within the groups and outside. It's important to know that she takes care of the gangs emotional state, as well as helping them kill the enemies. She is a daughter of beauty, but is also super smart. This is unique and unpredictable. Anna Beth is smart because she is the daughter of Athena. Piper goes against those odds of being a typical daughter of Aphrodite and is clever and down to earth. She is also the only reason Leo stayed at wilderness and didn't run away, its because he found a sister.he found family after a long time of being alone. She also risked her own life to save nico, who she didn't even know at that point.

Piper so deserves more love. The seven wouldn't have been able to sussed without her. She's done so much and doesn't deserve the hate she gets. People say she just sits there and looks pretty and I'm like, dude, did you read the book. that is her entire internal thought the entire series. one of her main goals is to prove she's is more than her parentage. At the beginning of the story, Jason says that she was pretty and she was obviously trying to cover it up. She hates the fact that her father is famous because it makes people not take her seriously. She also hates her mother a bit for branding her and a 'child of aphrodite' because she wants to be more than that. and she succeeds. At least for me, she did. I admit at first I didn't like her that much. I felt like she was a bit boring and flat. But then I reread with the intention of not focusing on Percy, Annabeth, or Leo but focusing on the whole of the story and I realized that Piper is so much more than everyone sees her as. She ...more

I honestly don't understand the hate piper gets. she's a really good character. the thing I hate most is people who say 'I hate piper because she said percy was unimpressive' because she didn't say it out loud or anything, and it's literally her opinion? she barely knew him by this point and she didn't openly say anything rude or unkind, and she was really nice to percy through most of the rest of the series, not everyone is going to love percy as soon as they meet him. (of course, I love percy, so don't come at me and say that I'm disrespecting percy. I'm not, I love percy)

Piper Mclean is a horrible character. She thinks Jason is better than Percy. I hate her, Annabeth is so much cooler or even Hazel. The only thing Piper can do is charm speak and that also she failed when she needed kat most. Gaya wouldn't have risen in the first place if Piper has some common sense.Plus, if Annabeth had been the one dealing with Gaia in the first place Gaia might have been dead not asleep. Annabeth smart and epic. Percabeth combo rocks more than Jasper.
Come on Hazel and Annabeth, you are so much better

10 Jason Grace Jason Grace was the Roman demigod son of Jupiter (Roman God of the Sky) and the late actress Beryl Grace, the younger brother of Thalia Grace (whom Beryl had with Jupiter's Greek form Zeus), the former co-praetor of Camp Jupiter, the Counsellor of Cabin 1 at Camp Half-Blood, the former boyfriend of more.

I don't think people understand that although he's "perfect" with so many characters, there had to be one of them. He's very powerful and I don't think he should be compared to Percy because that's not fair to either of them. I think people often forgot Percy was the original character, so duh he's going to be a bit more OP (overpowered) than is realistic and he also gets more focus in terms of character development since the first series is literally named after him. Jason's very Roman in that he's disciplined and respectful. Although he needed more character development I feel, he was still a good person and very skilled. I think Jason often is unfairly judged, and although I don't think he's the best character he isn't as bad as people say he is. Rest in peace Jason, you were brave and you deserve Elysium.

If I'm being honest he wasn't really my favorite at first, but now I like him a lot because of how I can relate to him. I love his idea of expanding/choosing his family and would love to do the same. I also understand why he's so "perfect". I understand what it's like to try your best not to make mistakes that others have made so that you don't end up like them. He is definitely the character that I connect with the most. People say he is a worse version of percy but I think they are looking at the wrong qualities(not saying that jason is better though. Percy>Jason). Jason has definitely not done as much as percy, but he is still brave. His sacrifice helped Apollo and Meg complete that part of there quest and without it, they would probably all be dead. He tries his best to please everyone and keep peace and I admire him for that. R.I.P. Jason.

People think Jason is SO PERFECT with no flaws, and a pretty useless character who is very arrogant. WELL, I'm glad Jason was introduced into the series cause we've already got enough jokers and why would you want another one of them? Jason is serious because he was abandoned by his mom, raised by brutal pack of wolves, and lived in the Roman Camp which was basically like a Military Camp. You can't expect a person that lived like that to be all relaxed and comedic like Percy or Leo. You need some seriousness in life as well, you can't just live your life like it was some kind of joke, because it isn't.

People say that you can't relate to Jason. I disagree, I know some people that CAN relate to Jason, I think most people can relate to him, but because you probably don't have any famous relative or amazing sibling, you feel no connection to Jason. Here is an explanation:

Imagine if your father was a famous musician, and then everyone just expects you to be as good as him, ...more

I really don't know why everyone hates on Jason. Sure he came in just as Percy left, but that doesn't make him a replacement. They both have completely different stories and backgrounds, sure they have estuary in common but they are two seperate people. I love Jason as a character and I think he is a great fit into the story. He and Piper make a great couple #Jasper

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11 Gleeson Hedge

Hedge should be higher up. HE's not the best but he's SO funny but also protective and understanding.

He technically counts as a main character, since he is there almost as often.

So funny. Definitely stupid but in a funny way

He's awesome! Hilarious! Why isn't he higher?!

12 Festus

OH MY GOD! I love metal fire breathing dragons repaired by my favorite human in hoo. Festus is just amazing.

I want a metal dragon that actually breathes fire and flies and can compact into a suitcase!

I'm so glad Festus was on this list because if he wasn't I would have had to vote for coach hedge.

Doesn't an awesome Bronze Dragon count as a character?

13 Mrs. O'Leary

She is friendly and awesome. I know I want her as my pet.

How dare you! Ms.O'Leary is absolutely cool! Really,a friendly hellhound? That's just so COOL!

I she was my pet

14 Thalia Grace

#1 favorite character. She awesome and you can't deny it. She is super badass and one of the best fighters not to mention that she's lieutenant of the hunters of Artemis. Thalia's also so noble, she died to save her friends. How much better can you get? Rick needs to give her way more attention. She deserves her own book if you ask me.

Thalia is fierce,fun and great in battle. She is the daughter of Zeus and the sister of Jason. She joined the hunters of Artemis and is my favorite character ever! You go girl!

Thalia is smart and fast. She is a tough girl and doesn't need no man to run her life. She is my kind of girl.

Lobe thalia to death. Wish she got to make more appearances. For now I'll just have to settle with the best book in PJO, The Titans Curse.

15 Blackjack

Blackjack is always there for Percy when he needs him. He even warmed up to Nico, who smelled like death, eventually.

Blackjack may annoy Percy but he's never let him down and will push himself to his limits and beyond to help him.

Oh Yeah! Anyone who thinks that Blackjack is not Awesome is Dead!

Blackjack is the best flying horse ever. He is caring and funny.

16 Luke

I really don't understand why everyone hates him. He has good reasons cus its not like the Olympians are good parents. I personally like Luke as a character. Not my favourite but I still like him as a villain

I mean... He sucked. Then you found out about him and how can you not absolutely love him. He realised how wrong he was and thought he'd save the world and die as an apology.

He saved Olympus! He even was puzzled when he said to Annabeth " You did love me? "

He's not my favourite character but I'm not going to not say he's a hero

17 Tyson

Tyson is by far the most lovable character in pjo. He is so sweet and innocent and would do anything for his friends. I love him

Tyson is just really sweet in my opinion. He's just so lovable.

Do I really need to say anything?

Tyson is caring and loveable.

18 Bob

Bob I said an emotional character who does anything for friends and even when he realizes what had happened he still stays with them and saves Percy and Annabeth's life.

Bob is cool and awesome! It was sad that he sacrificed himself.

Oh Bob. That amazing titan. He deserved more. I love him.

I love this guy. He named a cat Small Bob.

19 Zoe Nightshade

She wasn't in heros of Olympus only in Percy Jackson and the olympians

I don't think she should've died but at least it was to defeat Atlas

20 Small Bob

Small Bob is awesome. I love Bob too of course but Small Bob that little bit more

Best cat ever! Small Bob and Festus are the best.

Small Bob is better than everyone.

He is a good character

21 Will Solace

My friends and I were shipping each other with PJ HoO characters and I got shipped with Will. I love Will, and I don't like the people in the fandom that make him gay and like Nico.

The best boyfriend Nico could ever wish for! He is literally amazing!

He makes Nico happy, he's a ball of sunshine. What's not to like?

Not gonna lie, but Will's really cute.

22 Chiron

Yeah but Chiron is super cool!?!? I mean like,seriously,if it wasn't for him Annabeth wouldn't have really been able to learn how to really wield her awesome fighting skills she already had!

He is a strong brave and always knows the right words to say.

Chiron is strong and brave and knows what words to choose.

Always knows exactly what to say. So wise.

23 Rachel Elizabeth Dare

I don't understand this. Rachel is amazing. we hate her for having a crush on Percy. which is stupid. WE ALL HAD A CRUSH ON PERCY. Rachel just was the closest to actually getting with him and ruining percabeth so we hate her. We need to just freaking let it go. She became the freakin oracle which was super dangerous. Stop hating on her. she is totally amazing

She needs more love. Everything she got she just rolled with like yeah cool. Oh you want me to be the Oracle; whatever sounds good.

I think she and Percy would've also made a good couple. She's really nice

24 Grover Underwood

The whole first series, and Percy's survival would not have been possible with our Grover Underwood! The protector of nature and Percy should never be forgotten!

Grover deserves so much more than he got. Percy wouldn't even be at camp half blood if it wasn't for him!

He is awesome

25 Dakota
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