Top 10 Best Things Done by Firestar / Fireheart

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1 Killed Scourge

It's sad he had to kill his own brother, but it had to be done. Firestar is so awesome! Killing his own brother and all, and it's not just that. There's tons of other reasons why he's so awesome.

Morgan, proud leader of ForestClan
P.S. I was almost going to call Scourge Firestar's bro. That's weird!

This is one of the best things Firestar has done. Scourge would have taken the forest if Firestar didn't step in.

Yes, I hate Scourge. He never knew Scourge was his half-brother, but if he did, that proves how loyal he is to the clans. If Scourge took over the forest, the kits, elders, queens, and guards would have been killed.

So, Scourge-obsessed people, yes, Scourge was bullied, but is that an excuse to kill innocent cats and kits who didn't do anything? Anyway, yes! Firestar is the best.

2 Saved Bluestar

Bluestar would have died even earlier without Firestar! Firestar saved anyone he could that was on the good side. Yay Firestar!

3 Helped RiverClan during the forest flood

That was so nice for RiverClan! He also saved three kits by doing so!

To the Firestar haters, he is overrated but not bad. What's that? Oh, Firestar only introduced you to the series, saved all clans, brought SkyClan back, and bringing kitty pets in isn't breaking the warrior code. The warrior code says: A true warrior rejects the soft life of a kitty pet. You hear that? Life, not the cats themselves!

Firestar, oh Firestar, you broke the warrior code. But for a good reason! The forest needs all of the clans, and Firestar would break the code to make sure they all survive!

4 Saved Ravenpaw

Oh Ravenpaw, you would have met an untimely death without Firepaw. Ravenpaw is a great character, and I'm glad that Firepaw saved him.

I hated how Tigerclaw spread all of those mean rumors about Ravenpaw. Firepaw was a great friend to Ravenpaw.

5 Mated with Sandstorm

Since Squirrelflight mated with Brambleclaw, that means that Tigerstar and Firestar are step-parents/brothers!

SandxFire forever! This couple had Squirrelflight and Leafpool. Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze rule! Sandstorm is totally awesome!
-Lindenheart, proud deputy of ForestClan

6 Led ThunderClan

Firestar was the best leader. He wasn't weak, but he chose peace over war, which is what one should do. Firestar was a great warrior, and he protected ThunderClan and all of the clans at the cost of all nine of his lives.

7 Killed Whitethroat
8 Did not kill Tigerstar

Tigerstar is gone forever, but sadly Firestar lost his ninth life to him and died. May he hunt with StarClan and come back in dreams.

He was right to kill him. I remember when he made dogs attack ThunderClan.

Scourge killed Tigerstar the first time. Firestar killed him the second time.

9 Brought the Clans to the lake

Squirrelflight, Bramblestar, and the others found the lake, yes, but Firestar kept the clans together and gave them hope on the journey.

Come on! Seriously, it was Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Crowfeather, Stormfur, and Tawnypelt who made the journey to the sun-drown place. They talked to Midnight and moved the clans. Sadly, I was left behind in the mountains…

10 Brought SkyClan back

Firestar was heroic and sacrificed one of his precious lives to save SkyClan, a clan he hadn't even known existed! Firestar is awesome!

The Contenders
11 Stopped the dog pack
12 Saved the Clans multiple times

Firestar saved the clans so many times! Three or four! Firestar is truly awesome. He chose peace over war, but when the time came, he would fight and die for not only his clan, but for all of the clans and the entire forest too.

13 Did not kill the Rat King
14 Brought WindClan back
15 Left Smudge to prevent him from becoming too fat

Haha! I knew he wouldn't want to become fat.

16 Died to save every cat in "The Last Hope"
17 Lost his life saving his Clan
18 Fathered Squirrelflight and Leafpool
19 Invited Clans to Sunningrocks
20 Trained Cloudtail
21 Brought Yellowfang to ThunderClan
22 Brought the Clans to peace
23 Survived an attack by rats
24 Invited Cloudtail
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