Best Classic Doctor Who Companions


The Top Ten

1 Sarah Jane Smith

My iconic queen wow

I love love love her. - Anonymousxcxc

2 K-9
3 Jo Grant
4 Romana II
5 Ace

Beat a Dalek with a baseball bat laugh out loud - RickyReeves

6 Jamie McCrimmon
7 Zoe Heriot
8 Steven Taylor
9 The Brigadier
10 Harry Sullivan

The Contenders

11 Leela
12 Tegan Jovanka
13 Victoria Waterfield

She got captured by daleks and her father got killed in front of her at the age of 14, she deserves to be in the top ten

14 Romana I

So good

For me, she's much better than Romana II.

15 Vislor Turlough
16 Susan
17 Ian Chesterton
18 Barbara Wright
19 Liz Shaw
20 Nyssa

So underrated best companion to best classic dr

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