Top 10 College Marching Bands in the United States

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1 Western Carolina Pride of the Mountains

With a growing band of 480+ members, As of 2016 it has been considered the largest College Band in America.I mean, they even have a backup Marching Band for their Marching Band. This group incorporates technology as well as a rock band to blow away the crowd at every game. Just look up any of their videos on YouTube and see why it has been dubbed "The Baddest Band in the Land" and Number One on this list.

This band is phenomenal! Never seen amy band like this one. Their size alone is mind boggling as you watch them do their formations. If you are lucky enough to see them in person, you Will be blown away!

They are one of the best bands right now. There shows are amazing to watch and blow you away. They are bringing 535 members to the 2019 Thanksgiving Macy's day Parade in New York.

Love, love, love this band. They are amazing! Love watching their halftime show every Saturday in the fall.

2 Ohio State The Best Damn Band in the Land

The fact of the matter is this: when you look up a list of top college marching bands, it isn't a question as to if Ohio State is on the list; its how high up on the list they are going to be placed. This band might not be the best playing, nor the best marchers, but they are by far the best marching and playing band in the country. Most college marching bands will move for one or two songs in their show, then plant and play for the rest. The only time this band plants and plays is if they want to give their drum major some sunlight. The shows are as intricate as they are impressive. Just watch the way this band carries themselves on gameday. They know they are the best.

Living up to its hype is The Ohio State Buckeyes Marching band, the largest Brass and Percussion Band in America. This band is in the top of the list for its ability to keep creating innovative shows that can tell stories and bring smiles on anyone's face. Also it helps to know that they also make formations of characters like Thor and Michael Jackson that move. If that doesn't appease you, just watch what the drum major does and then you will be impressed.

This band will always blow your mind. There is never a dull or boring moment. When they come on the field they own it!

The iconic "Script Ohio" gets all the press, but the Ramp Entrance kick starts the adrenaline!

3 Southern University Human Jukebox

The loudest Band on this list, you will not struggle at any point in time to hear them on the field, in the stands, or in a parade. This Band is one of the hardest working in the country and it shows in their performances. When you are from Mardi Gras Central, you know that a party must be given at every performance.

4 Texas A&M Fightin' Texas Aggie Band

Known for their Military Like Precision, the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band(WO! ) is the only band to be played on Sports Television during halftime. In order to join this Corps you have to be trained in Basic Military Marching among other things.

Superior precision, excellent musical selections!

Best band in the world

5 Jacksonville State Marching Southerners

Jacksonville stands out with its jaw-dropping Halftime Shows. It is one of the few bands to not use traditional Marching Tubas or Sousaphones. This doesn't stop their shows as it stands out as one of those shows that you have to stay seated for. As their 2016 show has been considered the best college show of 2016 (Until number one came around)

Should now me the one of the largest, if not the largest, with 556 members marching this year!

6 Jackson State "Boombox of the South"

Dubbed as the loudest band in the HBCU world, you know it's showtime when they step on the field. Errr... I mean take a thousand of them, as that is one of their famed moves. With Music that could bring together anyone and everyone from the past, present, and future

The boom is the best!

7 University of Michigan Michigan Marching Band
8 Tennessee Pride of the Southland Marching Band

Tradition, Sound, Degree of difficulty in their performances. They have a high standard and strive to measure up each time they perform.

9 Purdue University Purdue All-American Marching Band
10 Notre Dame Band of the Fighting Irish

How could one leave out the oldest band in America from a Top Marching Band list. While not towards the top this band is like a senior citizen who can still skate better than most pros. This is the Oldest College Band in America and it tends to show too. Packed with tradition in everything they do, its no wonder Marching Bands have stayed along for so long. A pre-game show they do is all that's needed to get into this band. Or just go to visit a well-noted tradition, the Trumpets under the Dome.

The oldest and best band this far down! What a shame.

Best band in the land

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11 Florida State University Marching Chiefs

They have some of the best stand songs and music that they play! they also have a very powerful and excellent band! shutout to my friend Austin who plays trumpet as a marching cheif!

12 The Spirit of Troy, The University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band
13 The Ohio University Marching 110
14 Penn State University Blue Band
15 Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band

Excellent sound from top to bottom. Leadership had been excellent for 40+ years and continues to excel. You'll want to follow THE Spartan Marching Band the entire day of a game.. beginning w/ the traditional 'March to the Stadium' and then THE AWE DROPPING 'kick-step' into Spartan Stadium. Check them out on YouTube...

Strong history of tradition, innovation, and excellence. The Kickstep, original chair step, The Series, home of patterns in motion, amazing award winning drumline, traditional a capella singing of the MSU Shadows alma mater, Big 10, supportive alumni, alumni band, This is an outstanding band! Give Sparty some love!

Easily beats UofM! These guys (and gals) are supes amazing live! Unlike UofM, I can stay awake while they play! Usually, I fall asleep until the game in Ann Arbor! MSU is top 5 easily. Peace out!

16 The University of Massachusetts Amherst Minuteman Marching Band The Power and Class of New England
17 Texas Tech University Goin' Band from Raiderland Red Raider Marching Band

I cannot believe that this band is not ranked any higher. The are amazing.

18 University of Arizona The Pride of Arizona

Magnificent, contemporary show. Pink even thanked the Pride for using her music in their show and making it sound so good!

19 North Carolina A&T Blue and Gold Marching Machine

Lower on the list, but certainly not forgotten is the Blue and Gold Marching Machine from NC A&T University. This band has gone down slightly in performance level but are known for their ability to switch up their Marching style and even perform amazing percussion tricks performed during most shows. Their range is almost insane, especially for their size.

20 Grambling State University GSU Tiger Marching Band
21 University of California Marching Band "Cal Band"

Plays classics, marches, and popular music. Real musicianship. Balanced instruments, unlike Ohio state and u$c, which are heavily weighted toward brass. Cal Band marches and performs moving formations, unlike bands that call themselves marching bands but actually mostly stand around and blow hard.

22 Cal Poly University SLO Cal Poly Mustang Band The Pride of the Pacific
23 University of Texas at El Paso The Marching Miner Regiment
24 Rice University Marching Owl Band (The MOB)
25 Spirit of San Antonio (SOSA) University of Texas San Antonio Roadrunner Marching Band
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