Top Ten Hobbies of Musicians

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1 Lemmy - Collects Nazi Memorabilia

Yes, he did. He used to collect Nazi memorabilia, but he did say, "I only collect the stuff, I didn't collect the ideas." Nineteen years' worth of daggers, swords, guns, flags, and armor fill the walls and cabinets of his apartment. The items included a general's cap, bullet belt, and the iron crosses, which he used to wear around his neck and encrust on his bass guitar.

2 River Cuomo - Knits

Once he said in an interview that he enjoys knitting in bed beside his wife.

He is exactly the sort of musician I can picture knitting.

3 Steve Vai - Keeps Bees

The hobby started when he noticed a hive of bees in his neighbor's wall was descending upon his wife's garden and then started fertilizing it. He now proudly talks about having had one hundred thousand bees. He maintains five colonies of bees in his backyard and harvests the honey himself. Vai auctions all the honey he makes, named Fire Garden Honey after one of his records, and donates all proceeds to charity.

What?! I never knew he collected bees.

4 Bruce Dickinson - Fences
5 Flea - Plays Chess

The entire lineup of the band has a thing for chess, but Flea stands out with superior skills. They challenged the world's number 1 chess player, Magnus Carlsen, and Carlsen won. However, Flea impressed everyone by displaying great creativity in his defeat and lasting longer than any of his bandmates.

6 Kerry King - Collects Snakes

He owns a reptile house and herpetology nursery called Psychotic Exotics.

7 James Hetfield - Customizes Cars and Motorcycles

Among others, he built a car that could survive nuclear blasts and earthquakes.

8 Bruce Dickenson - Flies His Own Planes

Fully licensed to be a captain for an aircraft, it is actually his hobby. He owns a plane named Ed Force One. When asked why he would want a second job, he said, "Sadly, I can't afford my own airport and jumbo like John Travolta, so I thought, I'm going to have to get a job." His dedication has earned him some high-profile flights, which include returning a group of British RAF pilots from Afghanistan in 2008 and 200 UK citizens from Lebanon during the Israel/Hezbollah conflict in 2006.

Yeah, "Scream for me passengers!" But yes, I watched BBC videos about his high profile flights - there was one from North Africa, too.

9 Eric Clapton - Fishing

He also loves watching cricket. But he never plays cricket. He said, "I love watching cricket but I hate playing it."

He even caught the largest salmon recorded in Iceland this year.

10 Dave Mustaine - Skydives, Breeds Horses and Practices Martial Arts
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11 Brian Johnson - Races and Collects Cars

His show based upon his love for cars used to come on Discovery Turbo.

12 Cozy Powell - Races Cars

He even raced for Hitachi on the UK saloon car circuit. He was quoted as saying, "I drive like I drum - madly."

13 Kirk Hammett - Surfs and Collects Horror Movies
14 David Bowie - Played Chess

This one should be first, people. Seriously, of all people...

15 Rob Stewart - Builds Model Trains

He likes model trains a lot. His Beverly Hills estate is home to a 1,500 square foot model he calls "Three Rivers City."

16 Steve Harris - Plays Soccer
17 Lars Ulrich - Plays Tennis
18 Slash - Collects Pinball Machines
19 Nicko McBrain - Plays Golf

Usually with his bandmate Dave Murray.

20 Courtney Love - Dolls
21 Nick Mason - Race driving
22 Bill Wyman - Goes Metal Detecting
23 Frank Sinatra - Completed Crossword Puzzles
24 Ronnie Wood - Collects Stamps
25 Billie Joe Armstrong - Skateboards
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