Best Death Songs with Which to Shock Mainstream Pop Fans

I have not listened to their songs but I have heard of the band. I am much more of a mainstream pop fangirl.

The Top Ten

1 Voice of the Soul

Nah. This one's not really shocking enough to scare them.

This is one of the dumbest lists I have seen on this website - christangrant

AH! sweet instrumental with awesome guitar! I'm SCARRED FOR LIFE! I mean really the creator of this list is just such a moron - SoldierOfFortune

Nah... - NikoX

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2 Crystal Mountain
3 Lack of Comprehension
4 Spirit Crusher
5 Painkiller
6 Empty Words
7 Trapped in a Corner
8 Flattening of Emotions
9 Bite the Pain
10 Living Monstrosity

The Contenders

11 Spiritual Healing
12 Evil Dead
13 The Philosopher
14 Open Casket
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