Movie Review - Belle's Magical World

MegaSoulhero Belle's Magical World is the third Beauty and the Beast movie that Disney has released and, well, it sucks. Let's just get this over with.

Originally there was going to be a Beauty and the Beast TV series but it was never picked up. So they decided to use the episodes that they already finished and made a movie with them. And it sucked hard! This is one of the worst Disney sequels ever made! It is another low budget straight to DVD Disney sequel that has no reason to exist! This is a very bad movie! As we all know, Beauty and the Beast is a very beloved Disney movie, but this sequel doesn't do it justice at all! Each of the stories in this movie are just terrible and I don't care about a single one! The first one is about Belle and Beast arguing. The next one is about Fifi being jealous Lumiere and Belle. The next one is about Belle throwing a party for Mrs. Potts. And the last one is about a bird with a broken wing. That's it! There's not much of a plot! This movie is very unnecessary!

Now let's talk about the animation! It's horrible! Absolutely horrendous! It's not just bad, it's laughably bad! I couldn't help but crack up at how bad the animation was! Even Enchanted Christmas had better animation! It wasn't as good as the animation of the original, but it was still pretty smooth! Here, they weren't even trying! Why did they think that putting episodes of an unaired series into a movie would be a good idea! After watching this movie, I can see why the series didn't happen! It probably would've sucked! It really looks like very little effort was put into this movie! It's not as bad as Mulan 2 but if you know my thoughts on that movie, that's not saying much!

Belle's Magical World is terrible! There are certain parts here and there that got a good laugh out of me, but overall, I didn't enjoy watching it! It sucks! I really hope the live action Beauty and the Beast movie will be better! It's been getting good reviews so hopefully it will live up to the hype!

Score: 3/10


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Wait so in other words this is just Cinderella 2 with crappier animation? - Anonymousxcxc

Dreadful film. - iliekpiez