"Octavarium" Album Review

Alpha101 I just recently started getting into Dream Theater. They are truly one of the most underrated bands that I know, and this is a great album.

"The Root of All Evil" is a good song, but it does not open the album as I had planned it. Whenever I heard it, I thought "Well, this is pretty good. Is that all the album is, pretty good?" I could not have been more wrong, but it is still just an average track.

"The Answer Lies Within" is the second best on the album. It's a very beautiful song, and it's one of the best ballads that I've ever heard in my entire life. it's very heart warming, the message is inspirational, and the voice fits perfectly with this masterpiece of a song.

"These Walls" have a killer opening. It's pretty heavy and slow at first, then things really kick off. The riff is simply mind-blowing, the drums are perfect, the vocals are fantastic, the chorus is superb, the solo is slow but perfect, and it's simply too good of a song. Yes, I said it. This song is too good! Best song on the album.

"I Walk Beside You" has another great opening, and a great chorus, but it's among the weakest on the album. It is still a great song, but it does not live up to expectations.

"Panic Attack" was my first Dream Theater song that I lied. The opening riff is heavy, and really fun to bang your head to. The vocals are among some of the best I've ever heard, because it really makes you feel like you're having a panic attack, which I do pretty often, so I absolutely adore this song. It perfectly captures the feeling of not being able to breathe or move whenever you are frightened by something. It kind of reminds me of Rush for some reason.

"Never Enough" has fantastic vocals! The chorus is exceptional, the riffs throughout the song are simple but they hook you. I also have a deep emotional attachment to this song, so it's one of my favorites.

"Sacrificed Sons" is another slower song similar to "The Answer Lies Within." The message really hits me hard, especially after the attacks on Paris not too long ago. The violins are fantastic, the pianos add a great depth to the song, and the vocals are smooth and melodic. This song is a gem, and among the best on the record. The chorus is also enchanting!

"Octavarium" closes the album off perfectly. It's very soothing, melancholic, and gut wrenching, which I was not expecting from a progressive metal album. Well, it;s not the first time that the album surprised me. It's not one of the best on the album, but it is definitely worth a mention, and was a great closing track.

This album was just one big surprise for me. I went into it not planning to enjoy it at all, but it's quickly become one of my favorites. If one wants an album that has some meaningful songs with great guitar work and a few surprises here and there, then you will definitely love this album as much as I do.

9/10 - Great Album


Great album, but they have better ones before this. My favourites on this disc are the title track and Panic Attack. - IronSabbathPriest

Those are great songs. What albums do you prefer over this one? I'm trying to get into some newer music. I've recently been listening to a lot of Oasis and Blur. Two pretty good bands. - Alpha101

My personal favourite DT album is Awake. Although a lot of people don't share that opinion. A lot of people like Scenes From a Memory, which is also a great album. Basically DT have done a lot of stuff on their albums, it's down to preference really. - IronSabbathPriest