Best Excuses to Get Out of School Swimming Lessons

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1 I'm on my period

My high school requires a written note from your parents for this to qualify as an acceptable reason to be excused.

As much as I hate getting periods, I'm still thanking them to this day for all the chlorinated hell they saved me from.

Will only work if you're female, hit puberty and only used once a month as that's how the menstrual cycle works.

Add on that you forgot panty liners and you're out of your lesson for the week!

2 I forgot my trunks

This method is not great. My teacher just ask me to go get some spare pants from the thousand-year-old lost and found and wear it in the pool.

Ah, the classic, It usually can work if done once, but if done again, they might make you put a spare pair on.

But then you'll hear the dreaded "Spare costumes. Put one on." from your teacher.

I've had one and they'll just ask you to try on embarrassing spare costumes.

3 I'm allergic to chlorine

This one would probably work, don't quote me on that though, it depends on the teacher sometimes.

I used to really hate swimming because of many ridiculous reasons including my race.

20 percent of people who use swimming pools have admitted urinating in them.'s actually a misconception that chlorine in water turns your eyes red, it's actually a mixture of urine and chlorine.

My friend is allergic

4 I'm feeling nauseous

Make it look like you do and act like you do as well.

5 The water pressure hurts my ears

This could work especially if you have an earache.

6 I pulled a muscle

Like the nausea excuse, act like you have.

7 I've got a open wound... down there

To make sure they don't look, say that you've got an open wound down in the groin.

8 I’m dead

Definitely going to work

9 I have an ear infection

What if the teacher looks at your ear?

10 I am feeling unwell
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11 I’m pregnant
12 I have swimmers ear

It's a pretty good excuse especially if you come to school with an earplug.

13 I turn into a mermaid when I’m in water so I don’t want to freak anyone out
14 I have STDs

This will get you out of swimming for sure. You most likely got STDs from the gym teacher anyway.

Make sure to shout really loud so all the other students hear you. "I HAVE (insert STD here)! "

15 I’m allergic to the teacher

Definitely doesn't work

16 I don’t want to
17 I don’t know how to swim

Alright, then get that life jacket on and do 10 laps!

This would never work

Does not work

18 I've got a migraine

My teachers won't care.

19 I have a headache
20 I don’t have my legs
21 Oh No! I accidentally pooped my pants! I need to go home!
22 My mom wants me home...
23 I have diarrhea
24 My friend can’t swim

Teacher: What does that have to do with YOU swimming? Me: I just, like, don't want to make him feel left out...

25 I’m depressed
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