Top 10 Reasons Why Using the Bathroom at Home Is Better Than Using It In School

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1 More privacy

Yesss. One time I was using the toilet. When a bunch of seniors bunched into the bathroom laughing and doing stupid things. Then they were looking through the stalls. I tried to make pooping noises. And it worked they stayed away but they were looking for someone else. Then I started smelling and I didn't have a mask. I used my shirt to breath fresh air from my home washing machine.

Peter: I can't poop in strange places

Quagmire: Strange places

Peter: I can only poop in my home

It's as though I'm watched by strange faces

Quagmire: Strange faces

Peter It's why I never roam

Patron: Excuse me, I just wanna grab one of those newspapers

Quagmire: Just grab one and go!

Patron: I'm looking for a job, okay?!

Peter: I've left Stewie alone with strangers

Quagmire: Strangers...

Peter: To satisfy my fecal needs...

Together: I've put my whole family in danger

To poop before my anus bleeds

Home bowl, home bowl

You know just what I need

Home bowl, home bowl

Poop before my anus bleeds

2 It's clean at home

Could not agree more. In my school people are DISGUSTING in the worst possible way. There is graffiti in every toilet block and, even worse, one day there was BLOOD inside the sinks and all over the floor. Also worth noting that people do not flush in the toilets in school so it always smells like a sewage plant. While at home, everybody doea flush, doesn't write all over the walls and there is no blood. Home in general is juat cleaner than school by a country mile.

This will be disgusting. Be warned.
Once, I was walking in the bathroom, only to see 3 boys just rubbing poop all over the walls. I even saw them throwing the poop at each other. I went in the stall to go, and there was pee all over the toilet seat, and nobody flushed.
It's not even worth vomiting in there.
Yep, it went as expected. I held it in until I got home.

3 The sink isn't dirty

Yeah. But in my home the sink is pretty dirty. Also I please read this at school I don't feel safe using the bathroom you do not want to know what my seniors and other kids in the school do in there. Same for the girls washroom everywhere in the school. It's so nasty! At home, it's really clean. Expect for my sink. And the toilet is not always clean or flushed.

Ever since kindergarten, people I know have gotten into trouble in the bathroom. In second grade, a few boys thought it would be really funny if they started a wet toilet paper fight. In fourth grade, a girl went to the bathroom, and didn't come back until a half hour later. Turns out she brought a book into the bathroom, and don't ask me why, but that's strictly against school rules. And in fifth grade, this one boy stood on the sink, leaning against the wall. He slipped, and pulled the fire alarm. He didn't get hurt, but he got detention. Good thing the school closed last year.

4 It doesn't smell like dirty diapers

One of my friends is 10 years old and she has a baby sister that just turned 2. When her sister was born, she was 8 and a half. Their old home was an apartment with only 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. For them, it does smell like dirty diapers. That was when they were 9 and 1 and before that. So her parents had the master bedroom and master bathroom. While the kids were left with the other bedroom and bathroom. When friends came over to their apartment, they would ask, "Why does it smell like stinky diapers in here? ", then she replied, "Because I have a baby sister." And because they are left with that one bedroom and bathroom, they have to share it even though they are so far apart in age. The older daughter is also getting at that age in which she is too old to share a bedroom, especially with someone way younger than her. Not to mention, the mom is pregnant right now with a baby boy. I don't have to experience this but I can just imagine. Having to be in a bathroom with stinky diapers in the garbage, and sharing a bedroom with a baby who may cry in the middle of the night. That's what had happened at the time. Now they moved to a bigger house to prevent this. It has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. (one bedroom for the parents, one for the eldest, one for the toddler, one for the new baby once he is older, one guest room, and an office since the mom works from home most of the time, and a bathroom for the parents, a bathroom for each child, and a guest bathroom)

5 The tissue at home is better

The toilet paper at school is like Kleenex. One time, there was a really long line to was our hands, so the teacher let four of us go in the teacher bathroom and there was REALLY good toilet paper! That's not fair.

I TOTALLY agree with this. The toilet paper at home is really soft and thick. The school toilet paper is so thin that I need to fold it up four times just to make it thick enough.

True because when I need to use the bathroom, in a stall was NO toilet paper no joke and I had to use ANOTHER stall.

6 No need to ask to use the bathroom at home

Me: May I please use the bathroom?
Teacher: No. Were working right now.
Me: But I finished my worksheet and now I'm reading...
Teacher: Don't sass me, young lady!
This was in 5th grade, by the way.

One time, I teacher wouldn't let a girl in my class go to the bathroom and she ending up going in her pants. It's funnier because she was one of the popular girls!

Mrs. Meanie can I use the bathroom?

No, sit down and read about this boring history you will never use in your life.

7 You can fart without the embarrassment at home

This MUST be number 1 guys!,
I fart in extreme crucial situations!
I farted when my name was called during attendance
I farted in an exam hall
Lot of my farts are loud so it is a torture to me
But still, it feels so good to fart!

Who's embarrassed? I just let 'em rip wherever, whenever - I LOVE to fart, on the can is even better as it makes them even louder!

Honestly whenever someone passes gases everone laughs and goes nuts and if they find the poor person who farted that's all they'll ever hear. My class are idiots

8 The toilet is more comforting at home

One time at school, all of the toilet seats had poo on them. I didn't use the bathroom all day and almost peed my pants.

I also hover over the seats. I hate public bathrooms so much.

Never actually make cheek contact with the seat at school, just kind of hover

9 At home the toilets are flushed

OMG I once saw this weird thing in ALL the stalls (except mostly closed one) but I flushed one repeatedly then did number one and it was gone. Pretty good bathrooms though.

I know right.I go to school (boys) and I think its's absolutely horrible It's disgusting when you need the toilet and you see pee and poo still there. Who in there right mind would not flush the toilet. There was this kid in my year and he got poo on his shirt. I was horrified. People cover it with tissue and honestly it's a waste. I sometimes have to look for good cubicles ( It's flushed, no pee and Poo and there's still tissues)

10 You don't hear people groaning when they take a poo

Yeah here it is

God. can hear people either groaning, or the sounds of them pooping...oh and this happened once:

Student 1: HA! I can hear you pooping, dude!
Student 2: Heheh, yeah, it feels great!

The idiots that make up our society...

Once I was in the restroom and I was in a stall and I heard a girl RUNNING into the restroom in a stall. She was pooping and groaning. It was unpleasant.

Really awkward when it sounds like someone is dying when they take a dump.

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11 You don't need to hear anyone else peeing

When the toilets are full, all you can hear is the sound of aerosol spraying, talking, peeing sounds and farts. so GROSS and ANNOYING!

Even better if they crank a few butt trumpets while peeing!

Eh, this isn't a big deal. Better than hearing someone crapping!

12 No one can hear you grunt while you poo

I know! Every time I take a dump at school, I have to bite my lip just to prevent me from grunting (when there's other girls in the restroom)...

I haven't Pooped at school All year, All last year, and probably all the year before as well.

Is it just me who does not poop at school?

13 No bullies

This should be a high number.
This might be a surprise, but at homes, there's no bullies able to beat you up. At school, it would be what I'd call a lose-lose with cameras. Without cameras, bullies can bully and get away with it, but with cameras, they literally watch us poop.
At home, we don't have to worry about any of that stuff.

14 No little kids will look under the stall and watch you

I was sitting on a toilet and some Little kindergartner boys snook in while I was replacing my tampon they happened to look under my stall and saw everything I was doing the scream was so loud.

When my cousins were little they opened the door on me while I was on the toilet. AT MY HOUSE.

15 You get a toilet to yourself without someone banging on the door

That happened at school. I was in the washroom urinating, I wasn't taking my sweet time, I was just waiting for the stream to stop, and then there are these obnoxious girls banging on the door impatiently. Then I flushed the toilet and washed my hands and I wasn't wasting any time at all. Then they are still banging on the door nonstop. With that happening, I feel like I never want to use the bathroom at my school anymore. HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE TIME! HOW MEAN?!

When I was at school there was an annoying kid who hung around in the toilets just to bang on the doors and ask who was in there taking a pee. Every. Single. Day. So annoying and embarrassing!

16 No one can hear you opening your pad

It's like a fireworks show is going off in the bathroom. Everyone can hear it and you can't escape.

It's like a fireworks show. Everyone can hear it, there is no escape.

17 No chewed up gum in the urinal

I'm a girl so
But I do find gum all over the place, specifically under desks and chairs.

I'm a girl, so I don't know what it's like in the men's bathroom.

I like the selection of gum in there, and often exchange for the one I am currently chewing

18 No idiots writing stuff everywhere

There is one in my favorite stall but the graffiti is why it is my favorite it has a nice message saying you are beautiful and a queen and other things.

In elementary, the boy's bathroom closed three times in two months because someone wrote words in the bathroom!

There was some graffiti on the walls but the janitors destroyed it.
It was a joke about lost unicorns and drugs.

19 No one doing stupid voices outside your cubicle
20 More time to spend while pooping

Yes! At school kids are so impatient when it comes to the bathroom. Kids are always barging in and saying, HURRY UP! I need my time to poo! Its even worse when they fidget with the stall door while I'M in there!

You must poop fast in school, but not in home!

21 Don't have to wash your hands

Whether you're at school or home, not washing your hands after going to the loo is beyond disgusting. Just ask yourself what's worse: squirting soap on your hands and running water over them for twenty seconds, or catching a disease and vomiting for three days straight?

EWW! Don't you wash your hands? If it's the soap and the wrinkly hands you get afterwards I have a solution...use hand sanitizer! It worked for me and it dries up super fast! This is a must have and I would definitely recommend it!

You should wash your hands no matter what! Why do people hate washing, just put you finger under water, that easy!

22 There's no pressure

Like at school you have about 5 minutes and at home you have infinite time.

You don't have to be afraid at home. All is god

23 No one hearing you say push

Who the heck says push at the bathroom?

Babies probably say push on the potty.

24 You can use the bathroom without people saying you stink

What do you think it's gonna smell like when someone takes a crap? Flowers?

It's crap. It's going to smell anyway.

25 No time limit

At my school, when you go to the bathroom (I'm a female), they have a time limit. Like, they tell you, "Hurry up! " When you're at the bathroom for more than the time limit, my teacher gets mad and gives us a stupid punishment. And when we're at home, we get to do our crap whenever we what, no time limit. Woo hoo!

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