Top 10 Worst Types of People In School

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1 Bullies

Am I glad this suggestion's top on this list? I've been dealing with these jerks since childhood. And boy, do I hate it? What I also hate are people who support bullying, especially if they force anyone to do that.

Whoever claimed that tattlers are the worst is a liar. It's bullies who are the worst because they go out of their ways to terrorize their victims without help from anyone. If anybody asks me, this world's better off with them. Those who claim that they're necessary to society are big fat liars.

Another crowd I can't stand. They deliberately hurt others to feel better about themselves, which is just plain pathetic. And they probably don't realize it, but when you have to make others feel like crap just for yourself to look and feel good, you actually just make yourself look worse. It's shows how rotten and petty you are. No wonder they don't have REAL friends. They're too mean and two faced.

Sometimes bullies don't actually realise they're bullying. Thye might do it verbally and make jokes abouot people then laugh about it with they're friends then not realise how much it can effect someone. They consider it banter, my class has banter all the time and when someone makes a mistake (like buckle really badly) they'll make jokes. I wouldn't consider that verbal bullying but sometimes people get teased because of looks and it can hurt on the inside.

Even though bullies can be hypocritical, selfish, atrocious, try to have a bit of sympathy and try to understand him or her. The bully might be facing bullying themselves, abuse, or depression. These might influence their actions. There is a quote from Karate Kid that says: "There is no bad student, only bad teacher." The reasons I listed above are the teachers in this case. ( by the way don't say I don't know what it feels like to be bullied I have been bullied several times.)

2 Popular girls

They are extremely stupid, cruel, bullies, backstabbers, and they dress like hookers. I mean really about 85% of my advanced class is filled with popular people! Mostly girls but some guys who play sports a lot but they're alright. The guys actually like me but the popular girls don't. In fact I'm one of 4 people who actually deserve to be in advanced classes anyways. Popular girls think the world revolves around them and believe they are a goddess. They cry over the littlest thing ("Don't take my poster down! Mine's the prettiest! " Actual quote from a girl at my school) and they cause the biggest types of drama in the world.

They ever try to make me one of them and it's because they try to make this "silence & awkward ugly faced girl" being different and getting more popular because what they did.
I mean, let me be me! I'm an introvert!
all they talking about is instagram, boys & hang out in malls which I really hate. I love talking about history, book I write & interesting memory.
THE WORST IS they won't stop questioning why I'm so quiet, why I hate make ups, why I like a guy that's not attractive and why I can't focusing when other people talk and talk nonsense. I can only say "I don't know" because the answer is always deep and personal.

I hate popular girls. They act like they own the place. For me, the way to get ride of popular girls is to teach them a lesson, or better yet, get better at something they aren't

There was some stupid girl in my grade, (not gonna say her name) but she was so mean. She bullied fat people, and there was some Muslim girl in my class this year, and she made it her number one priority to ruin her life. Also, my friend came out this year as gay, and she bullied him, too. And 5 months ago, she gave me a black eye because I told her to shut her stupid mouth. The teachers do nothing about it, and I am starting to dread going to school.

3 Attention seekers

I'd like to critique the name of this group a bit. We've all accidentally or foolishly done a lot of the things on this list, including trying to seek attention. Even to few people, wide crowds or even yourself personally just for something to enjoy for the moment. It is very immature, though, and I see this every day at my school. Even from people I don't expect it from (or myself) that immediately die down or feel embarrassed after, even if it wasn't very discouraging to the eyes of others. We just tend to love having glory or taking "risks". If I had the power to change the name of the choice, I would call it "Consistent Attention Seekers", which are the worst type of people at school. Simply put, everything you see in this top 5 is just a sub-type of this, so it should be #1. Bullies are seeking attention and GLORY, which is what this is all about, and so are jocks. Popular girls want attention for their looks and teacher's pets want glory for themselves personally and fulfillment ...more

I think these people would do anything to become popular. I have one in my class - I won't name him but he keeps using whatever he sees the popular guys using, like fidget spinners. And he kept accusing everyone of playing games in class when he was playing himself while he was trying to get attention. In my opinion, (really I don't want to be a know-it-all because I know that's on the list) it wasn't the most clever thing to do.

So, there's this girl at my high school (Her name is Sophie) who tries to get some other girls to be her friends. I remember she went to my middle school and sometimes, she wouldn't leave me alone (PS: She has autism)

My boyfriend and I went to a spring dance a couple weeks ago (on a Friday night). We went to a photo-room and she saw me, so she tried to give me a hug (which felt awkward to me). I quickly backed away and she asked if something was wrong, but I replied no, just to shut her up.

Sometimes they do it just because they get the feeling of it being real and the feeling of getting attention mixed up. It happened to me once. I definitely realized that that was what happened and stopped, then I apologized to anyone involved (I felt really bad).

4 Teacher's pets

Literal logic of a middle school I used to go to:
If a boy says the F-word (I.e. a word that EVERY middle schooler uses several times a day), to another student, without there being a teacher around, not even INSULTING her with it, he's a juvenile fugitive piece of scum and should be suspended because of that alone.
If a girl physically assaults multiple boys, teases them while the teachers are ranting behind their back, and literally ruins their social lives as a whole by spreading rumors without even having a REASON to do so, or if another boy sends someone a DEATH THREAT right in front of a teacher, pfft, that's just youngsters these days playing (scoffs).

I'm very quiet and just do what I have to do in class. I don't cause any BS or run my mouth, so teachers tend to adore me more. People would make fun of me by saying that I'm a teacher's pet, but all I do is mind my own business and pay attention to class. I don't do anything extra, I don't bother getting into the teachers' situations and snitch on other people. I'm just quiet and do what I have to do.

I went to Environmental Club in my secondary school and there was this year 8 kid who was a teacher's pet and he always criticised me for the way I was helping the environment. He was ok later on but he was pretty annoying at the start. He was kind of short for his age and I was about two inches taller.

There's nothing wrong with being a teacher's pet. Actually, it is the education system's fault for that. Students are pressured to get good grades because of said system and naturally, they will want to be nicer to the teacher in order to improve their chances.

5 Know it alls

I'm specifically talking about people who know little or nothing of what they're talking about, yet act like they know everything.

This and teachers pet. Teachers pet has one thing that's different though; they don't get in trouble for being an ass. Even though that makes it seem like they deserve more votes, know it alls still win it for me because they don't know it all, which makes them liars and asses.

I have a lot of respect for academically smarties, but ZERO for these. Just blabbering information and nothing else. Sometimes the info can even be off topic or wrong! If you really want to teach others, get a teacher degree.

Not sure what your definition of know it all is, but it is a school. If you mean someone who keeps answering the questions and seems to be smart, they are just doing their job as a student.

6 Backstabbers

Backstabbed are disgusting. I once had a "friend" who when I wasn't around would attack my Brother. I was so angry that when I saw him, I wanted to Kick his Rear End to heaven. My parents said that you aren't going to talk to him until he talks to his parents. Considering he's a lying Cow brained Buffoon, he never did. And I've never seen him again.

I nearly stopped going to school because of this. My friend did this and soon as I entered secondary school I cut off all communications with her because of all the things she did. It's still going on but not as bad now. This should be in the top 10 because this could ruin somebody and make them feel insecure.

Yeah so I told my friend about my crush and she goes around telling everybody, and ends up telling my crush I like him. thing are awkward now and whenever we bring that topic up she always laughs at me saying he didn't like you he didn't like you, it hurt and I couldn't believe she would do that.

The backstabbers I know are manipulative liars who are good at hiring others. Then they build defences so I have to hatch elaborate plans to put them in their place.

7 People who won't leave you alone

There's this girl that goes to my school and I would call her an ok friend (when she isn't being irritating), she can be nice but she is the type of person who wants to be by you 24/7. She calls me her best friend and even though that is nice, EVERYBODY knows who my best friend is, but she doesn't see it. She wants to sit by me at lunch 24/7, she put her locker right next to mine to be by me, this might just be a paranoid thing but she copies some things I do, and she says she's my best friend to other people (including my best friend) she seems ok right? No, this is the type of person who puts you down for all of your insecurities, who steals your food, who is aggressive, and posts very embarrassing things about you that are private. I used to be good friends with her but ever since 7th grade she has gotten worse. I don't know what to do and she will never go away. I even feel like I'm losing my best friend :(

OH MY GOD the last week of school we do this activities thing and I was stuck with the most annoying boy in my class and 2 others. and he wouldn't leave us alone, I told him to go away and make some friends (I swear I tried to be nice in the beginning) and he started crying. And as soon as you try to have a conversation with him he's stuck to you like glue until another victim walks past and takes your place. Its funny watching how he doesn't leave individuals along and watching try to lose him.

I once got paired with a girl in my class to do partner work. She seemed nice, so we started hanging out together. But she had a problem with my other friends, and she wanted us to be best friends even though I'd barely known her for two months and I already have a best friend.

Clearly, it wasn't working out, so like any normal person, I told her, "I don't think this friendship is working out, and I want to go my separate way."

SHE LITERALLY WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE AFTER THAT. She left me notes begging us to become friends again, after I left our chat, she kept adding me back and begging. It got so annoying I had to block her. She still acted like we were besties.

She's such a pick me and I still don't like her.

Look, if you are going to stalk me like the no-life creeper you are, please, at least clarify the reasons for your actions. I'm not particularly popular, I'm not particularly hot, romantic, and I don't bring the best snacks, and for those reasons I fails to see as to why you are making my walk home such a daily pain.

8 Girls who cause drama

One time in my school this person was crying because she sat down. Everyone was weirded out then the next day she was crying because she was typing the first word in her essay. On Friday she was crying because this kid told her to give her personal space. On The whole week every national anthem we do she would cry emotionally and later when we were doing math she was crying because she just walked towards the class. And later when she lost a game she didn't cry but when she won she cried!

This annoys me so much, and this doesn't just go for the girls in my grade, pretty much everybody, actually. People in my grade usually make up things like who likes who, who hates who, who likes what, etc. So much people in my class hate people for there opinions, too. You like that T.V. show and they don't? They hate you. You like that book and they don't? They hate you. I'll be lucky if I survive the rest of my school years.

My old best friend thought my new one almost killed her sister and she wouldn't forgive her no matter how hard I tried and she forced me to choose a best friend. When I chose her and I said I will still be friends with my best friend she FORCED me to tell her I didn't like her, which I didn't do and I just shut her out and she chose for me- my other friend O_O She could have just done that earlier because for almost a full week I had SO MUCH stress it was crazy.

There was this girl (who's a freshman) that bossed me and my other friends around 24/7. She always told me to go get her some food for no damn reason. And she caused drama for me, my boyfriend, and friends. She transferred to another school, so thank god! She's like a 15-year old version of Caillou

9 People who stare at you

There is a guy that keeps staring at me while I'm studying,reading or even talking to people.. It creeps me out and I can't focus. One day, I was going home and I just realized that he keeps following me for no reason and it just makes me so annoyed! So, I talked with my bestfriend about it and she said that that guy just likes me.. I don't know what to call him, maybe creepy guy

Like if you're sitting in the library and someone walks by and stares at you longer than a second is creepy and annoying asf. Like what are you staring at? Mind yo business. But I guess they're checking to see whether or not you're attractive.

Yeah, I just enjoy making them look away, glance towards me for a split second to see if I'm still staring, then looking around the room as if they don't notice me.

Can the people please stop this! In our class when people get told off everybody stares at them except for me and my friend who just mind our own business. Really it is just creepy

10 Perverts

I have a classmate in my science class, and my god, he is such a perverted wierdo. He probably has the biggest ego in the whole school. I'm pretty sure he just went to my science class to take advantage of the fact that my science class technically doubles as a sex ed class. He is constantly harassing the other girls in my class. Now, being in seventh grade, this is something you'd probably expect, but not to this degree. Even my science teacher (who's name I'm not going to mention) thinks he is a perverted child. He is constantly asking really perverted questions, mostly about sex, in my class. It's comedy for some, and a total nightmare for others. And even worse, whenever I tackle the situation, I could tell he's trying his best to avoid it, as if he's in a hurry or frustrated about something. Although he is funny at times, he's definitely troublesome.

I once had a pedophile teacher who wanted all the girls with the big breats to sit in the front of the class. Guy was a massive creep.

I don't appreciate anyone showing me their bottom cheeks & Anus, testicles or private parts, there is no way that I can have sex, so I won't let Perverts in my place.

I mentioned that boy, a boy in my class, he's a crybaby. He's very perverted, though. He once said he wanted to have sex with me. He also had a crush on almost every girl he saw, obviously, he had a crush on me, I would never be with him for infinity years. I already have a crush who pretty much loves me back. Anyway, the crybaby even told me the size of his penis! YES, HE DID, I AM NOT LYING! I asked him what body parts he wanted from he, he said my 2 private parts, and no, it did not include my butt. =_=

The Contenders
11 Tattlers

The worst types are the dumb ones. The ones that do something to antagonize and you tell them to knock it off and they tell on you. And they straight up say I told on you. They also may even do bad things too but you don't tell because your a good person.

Once in 5th grade (or 4th) I punched myself in the face as a joke because I hated writing and had to do extra credit with some other kids, and I accidentally ACTUALLY made my nose bleed, and asked to go to the nurse but was too scared to say "oh yeh by the way I punched myself softly in the face to get out of an assignment. This was the grade where people had to have a partner to go anywhere so this girl named "Bailey" (yeh I don't care if I say your name you're a jerk) helped me think of a small lie on the way there. It was like I slipped and fell or something (thinking back on it it was my stupid 4/5th grade mind talking and I should have just said it randomly started bleeding, because that happened to me a lot anyways). Keep in mind SHE NEVER SUGGESTED TELLING THE TRUTH. In the nurses office she went back to class, and a few minutes later the nurse got a call. Guess who tattled and acted like a hero when she never even told me to tell the truth. I should have ratted her out and I ...more

This comment was actually a story I made. It's not true. I had a wild imagination when I wrote it and am very ashamed for writing it. Really sorry. :( I know you may hate me now for this. But I'm quitting anyway so... I needed to get that off my chest. I don't know what I was thinking and I'm sorry for writing that lie. I apologize most of all to Overlordofall, who believed this. I'm eternally sorry. You have every right to report this comment.

This one white kid Snitched on someone for saying f---. It's not your business so you shouldn't be listening in. Also snitched on a girl for using a math answer app. Why do you care? If she fails that's her business not your's!

12 People who ignore you

I absolutely hate this. I mean, when I want to make conversation with someone, they just looked and me and ignored me. LIke, tf was that for?

At school, one of my teachers seriously hates being ignored and if you try to avoid her she will talk to your parents if they are with you and give you extra homework, also if her neighbors ignore her she will go up their driveway. She has the right idea, the least people could do is nod their head!

There used to be a few guys in my school, you called their name, started talking to them, they looked at you... You were waiting for their answer... And they started talking to S.O. who was standing behind you!

As if you hadn't said anything to them.

That used to make me very angry.

My crush pretended to like me and then she said that she wasn't interested in me going out with her and the next thing I knew she's going out with a pot smoker and ignoring me all the time. Even when I say hi she ignores me. WHAT DID I DO?!

13 Cry babies

I may have had my mental breakdowns in classrooms, but at least I had a real reason on why! It is usually the behavior of the classroom that really makes me uncomfortable and sometimes, I can't take it. I have anxiety disorder myself and I know what it is like to have a panic attack, but some people are just using mental disorders as excuses and that really, REALLY offends me! These people cry over something that doesn't make sense! For example, someone took their seat by accident. When the so called "person with a mental illness" walks in and finds the person sitting in their seat, they don't nicely ask the person to move. They go ultra BALLISTIC like they witnessed the death of their own friend! Yes, crying over the behavior of a classroom seems stupid, but I can't control my anxiety! It's pretty easy to spot a person who is faking a illness by the way.

These people make me want to hit them in the head with my book. "Can we have an open book please? " No. We spent on it for two weeks, yet you still don't understand. That's your fault and when the teacher says no, you call them the worse names that you can come up with. It's not fair to those that pay attention and to the teacher that has been going over the same thing over and over for two weeks long.

When I was in elementary school, there was a kid named Anthony and he screamed and cried and threw fits all day. Literally everything made him flip out. He is an annoying spoiled brat that has to get his way or else he will throw a fit. The worst part about is that he is ten years old, he is not two years old. I bet that to his parents, it was like taking care of a baby for over a decade.

This kid in my class cries over everything. Once this kid in my class took his plastic pure life water bottle, and he started crying. He throws temper tantrums over everything. He's also annoying, and has a crush on almost every girl he sees, he even had a crush on me once, and he said he wanted to have sex with me. He also told me the size of his penis. Like, what? =_=

14 The guy who thinks he is so hot

Ugh... Makes me sick to my stomach. In my school, there are plenty of the these guys who are arrogant and sexist and just act like apes sometimes. While in PE, I was playing badminton because it's my favorite gym class game and this guy, Nick, gets my friend out with a spike, and he just yells and flexes. I do not understand how on this green earth people like him. We were playing badminton again one day and one of Nick's friends dares him to play. And do you know what he said? "Uh, there are girls in line", implying as if he could just beat them all if his hands were tied behind his back. They say that girls are kitchen workers too

There is this short kid in my class that tries to get people to like him because he is short. He also pretends that he likes being shot so then I can't see the true meaning of him. Every time he wins something, he just acts like some damn ape and really gets on my nerve. He also says mean things to me and causes me to sob gently. I always get rage afterwards and think about him going to hell when he dies. For some reason, the girls always take me and they completely demise that short kid and hate him a lot. Maybe he is just salty that no one but his idiot friends like him.

I know someone like that. Once he was going to girls that creepy action boys do to flirt with girls and he was trying to do it to ME. I'm not bragging or anything, but I'm 99% sure that SOME boy in my class likes me. And maybe he is one of them. Then, he started to do it to almost the rest of the girls in my class! All of us are either 10,9 or 8! I called him the child version of Justin beiber.

There's someone like this in my grade. Two words, TOTAL douche. I guess girls like him for some reason. He has a huge ego, always brags about how much sports he plays and he flirts with multiple different girls at the same time. He's also a player.

15 People that think they are smart but really aren't

Yes indeed. Hate these people. Honestly, I consider myself intelligent (So far I've gotten highest average in all subjects in my grade for 7 years), but I try to be humble and stay away from compliments. These people are totally opposite. There's one in my agriculture class named Dominique who's this way, and seems completely oblivious to the fact that no one likes him. I can't believe he's in sixth grade. Ridiculous. The only other people I hate more than them are know-it-alls, religious imposers, and most of all, idiotic arrogant people who love to tell everyone how smart they are and who, unfortunately, have a reason to brag.

There's this one girl at my school who thinks she's so smart, but she's really not. She's annoying. Last year, she always back talked the teacher and got in trouble (which I found very amusing) Now this year, a kid in my math class is also this way, except he doesn't back talk the teacher. He thinks he's so smart, races through his work, and then he doesn't get good grades on it. (Also very amusing to me)

You studied, He slacked off.

You got perfect results on a hard test, He got 21 out of 50.

He said he got almost all of them right, You pointed out there were 50 questions and he got 21 right.

He said he was wise then, you gave him an easy riddle.

He didn't get it.

These guys are super annoying. You're not special, you're just obnoxious.

16 Drug addicts

I don't think you get this kind of person in a school.

In high school, you do.

17 Fake friends

Some of my friends are fake, but I don't want them to be mad at me, so I don't say anything about it.

Bring Me The Horizon has a whole song about this.

Don't have real friends because everyone's fake and I'm all alone

I had some like one I made uncomfortable by mistake and then we weren't friends anymore

18 Jocks

These are the arrogant, self absorbed, cocky, over privileged, obnoxious, "athletes" in high school. Not all athletes are like this though. Most athletes in my high school aren't like this.

Your just jealous they made a team have the girls get the party's and popular but stop being so mean to them there's nothing wrong liking running and sports.

Not all jocks are bad people, I know a person who does lots of different sports and is very dedicated to them which is actually a good thing.

I don't care how many touchdowns you made last night, I'm trying to do my homework so I don't end up like you.

19 Kids who curse to sound cool

Seriously, it is not cool to curse every other word. There is this one kid in my school named Nick and he curses approximately 30 times each lunch period. I am not exaggerating, I am being serious.

When I began middle school, long ago, my "friend" began swearing in middle school, thinking that, now she was old enough, she was allowed to swear. So she swore at nothing for no reason.

This 7th grader on my bus was cussing to sound cool, and the driver heard him. So we had to pull over. When he finished yelling at the 7th grader, we kept going. Then there was a train.

When I'm at school, almost everyone in my school swears on a normal basis like it's nothing. I have this urge to smash my head against the desk when they just swear for no reason.

20 Racists

Ugh this boy called Hudson was friends was rlly good friends with this Indian boy who was one of my best friends is kindergarten. So yeah Hudson is white and Adi was black one day Hudson just said Adi looked like poo out of nowhere! But Hudson is like that and I'm a Girl who hates Mr Arrogant Naughty Hudson

Racist people suck. I have different friends in all races, and all sorts of orientation. I try not to discriminate. It's hard to be friends with autistic kids at my school though, because they are separated in to a special class, and barely are let into "normal classes", but hey my school has a lot of LGBT pride!

These suckers come in all colors. Some of them are just straight up racist, while others think they can get away with racism because of their skin color/gender/sexual orientation/etc. My school is infested with so many different flavors of racists it's not even funny, and one type isn't better than any of the rest :/

I detest racism dearly. I mean, honestly, what does skin color have to do with anything? I hate people who think them and their race are superior to everyone else.

21 Douchebags

When I was in middle school my best friend that I had since 5th grade completely changed. Now he swears and thinks he's cool. I'm tired of this.

Literally everyone in my school, this guy calls me kid because he thinks he's better than anyone, he's such a try hard. Also mostly whenever some learns a curse word, they will start using it, one time this girl called a guy the W word. You call a guy the W word and you just learned it but never knew the definition,

I hate when there are these students who think they are tough,brave, and strongest AND he's POPULAR. Like I told him to stop picking on me but he got angry and he said he wants to fight in the back of the bus and WHAT DID I DO!?!? I was just telling him to stop picking on me then he gets mad! Also my friend decided to talk behind my back and say embarrassing things about me to that annoying douchbag

Why not just rename this: 99% of people today.

22 Popular boys

It's not the girls, it's the BOYS. They are worse than the stereotypical popular girl.
They think they're smart, but half of them get C's, D's, and F's. Strike one.
They boast about how "good" they are at a sport, yet they ignore people who don't play sports. Strike two.
They "like" popular girls, yet don't know what a relationship is (I know, but don't want one yet). Strike three.
They joke about things just because they're inappropriate. Strike four.
They expect to be treated like gold because they play football/basketball. Strike five.
Being hypocritical and noisy. Strikes six and seven.
They make fun of unpopular sports (I.E. wrestling, cross country, swimming) as well as music programs (band, choir, orchestra). Strike eight.
So, eight strikes, huh? You'd be out more than twice if you played baseball.

I'd say that I'm pretty popular, but like Jays... below, I don't use slang or jargon. I guess I'm just a likable (tiny) guy who's a bit of a math/writing/reading/science/gaming nerd. However, there's this popular guy on the other team named Ali (who holds a reputation as the only other individual sixth grader to earn a chant in gym) who is like this, using slang and jargon. He's got an accent and crazy hair, which contributes, but I just can't see what is so special about him. Well, I do, but I don't get why it makes him special. The things people see in some other people amazes me.

I was a popular kid in primary school, but that was only because I was nice to people. At secondary school however, I've gone down in popularity but I don't really care. I've made new friends now.

I don't understand why are they popular. Most of them are just bullying, gossipy, rude jocks who won't leave you alone. They deserve criticism instead.

23 Morons

a dwarf boy named Mikey filming himself, so I have to tell on him about filming, he has been spilling milk on tray not wanting to eat breakfast properly, Marjorie Kranz has to stop letting him eat breakfast on his desk, he hasn't been calming down over a game he's playing so Mr. Copeland has to quit Vine Middle School because of him not doing what he is supposed to do, he is no longer welcomed back to Vine Middle School for rest of his life, so I can have much more peace in classroom without him filming, I have found and deleted all of his recordings and pictures he took on iPad. what an idiot he is not eating breakfast properly.

This term applies to people who don't use common sense. Which is literally everyone in my school except that small percentage of people who can actually think.

Civilization is ending! 3/4 of the people in my school don't know how many stars are on the US flag! This is the end of humanity!

Those dudes sometimes touch you in the weird stuff and it's annoying and got some kids to act like panicky horses.

24 Arrogant people

I am SO sick of these stupid school kids that are so full of their self!

I once had two good friends, one was really smart and the other was an average. They both tried to become "cool kids" but it just made them even worse. Something that is more disturbing is that they turned into perverted people that think they are so smart but aren't. Now I'm trying my best to avoid them.

We had this really easy homework assignment on Wednesday. My teacher asked me what day it should be due, so I said Monday (Though it should have been Thursday) I said that because it would be easier for all the dumb kids to finish it on time, so I was doing them a favor. Then they got mad at me for saying Monday. Ugh.

Like me? Obviously, you don't know what you are talking about if you added me, the most intelligent person on earth, to this list

25 Mean teachers

I don't know where they think they have the right to do what they please and treat their students like crap. They're there to help the student get an education, not bully them.

These teachers get on my bloody nerves! Those teachers who are overly strict, mean for no reason, they have stupid rules and are just unlikable. They need to be fired!

I was struggling in math so I asked the teacher for help but she didn't.

Being a mean teacher is not allowed. They are just strict.

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