Top 10 Worst Types of People In School

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1 Bullies

Another crowd I can't stand. They deliberately hurt others to feel better about themselves, which is just plain pathetic. And they probably don't realize it, but when you have to make others feel like crap just for yourself to look and feel good, you actually just make yourself look worse. It shows how rotten and petty you are. No wonder they don't have real friends. They're too mean and two-faced.

Just no questions, no doubt that it's going to be number one. Because of my autism, I'm pretty much a popular target for bullies. They made me short-tempered. They made me not trust people, and they made me disgusted with how my academy was. Worst of all, they made me lose friends because 90% of them were just individuals who I thought I could trust. They pretty much changed the way I think of the academy.

2 Popular girls

These girls are just mean, obnoxious, and over the top. They seem to believe they're the epitome of beauty and "preppiness". They leave behind a trail of perfume everywhere they go and take pride in buying every color Stanley bottle.

However, in reality, they're the only ones who appreciate their behavior. Everyone else seems to have a strong dislike for them.

They are extremely stupid, cruel, bullies, backstabbers, and they dress like hookers. I mean, really, about 85% of my advanced class is filled with popular people! Mostly girls, but some guys who play sports a lot, but they're alright. The guys actually like me, but the popular girls don't. In fact, I'm one of 4 people who actually deserve to be in advanced classes anyway.

Popular girls think the world revolves around them and believe they are a goddess. They cry over the littlest thing ("Don't take my poster down! Mine's the prettiest!" Actual quote from a girl at my school). They cause the biggest types of drama in the world.

3 Attention seekers

I'd like to critique the name of this group a bit. We've all accidentally or foolishly done a lot of the things on this list, including trying to seek attention. Even to a few people, wide crowds, or even yourself personally just for something to enjoy for the moment.

It is very immature, though, and I see this every day at my school. Even from people I don't expect it from (or myself) that immediately die down or feel embarrassed after, even if it wasn't very discouraging to the eyes of others. We just tend to love having glory or taking "risks".

If I had the power to change the name of the choice, I would call it "Consistent Attention Seekers", which are the worst type of people at school. Simply put, everything you see in this top 5 is just a sub-type of this, so it should be #1. Bullies are seeking attention and glory, which is what this is all about, and so are jocks. Popular girls want attention for their looks, and teacher's pets want glory for themselves personally and fulfillment of the nature they probably were raised in, etc. This is the ultimate wrongdoing you can do at school: be a "Consistent Attention Seeker".

4 Teacher's pets

I went to Environmental Club in my secondary school, and there was this year 8 kid who was a teacher's pet. He always criticized me for the way I was helping the environment. He was okay later on, but he was pretty annoying at the start. He was kind of short for his age, and I was about two inches taller.

Teacher: Here is a question. Please answer it.

Teacher's pet: Puts hand up and gets it right.

Teacher: Another question here. Please answer it.

Teacher's pet: Puts hand up and gets it right.

Teacher: Last one now. What's the answer?

Me: Puts hand up.

Teacher: Looks straight at me, then looks away to someone else.

Teacher: Picks the pet despite me putting my hand up for once.

Teacher's pet: Gets it right.

5 Know it alls

This and teacher's pet. Teacher's pet has one thing that's different though. They don't get in trouble for being an ass. Even though that makes it seem like they deserve more votes, know-it-alls still win it for me because they don't know it all, which makes them liars and asses.

I have a lot of respect for academically smart people, but ZERO for these. Just blabbering information and nothing else. Sometimes the info can even be off-topic or wrong! If you really want to teach others, get a teaching degree.

These are the worst. There are two know-it-alls in my class, and they're so arrogant. There's this one kid who looks up a bunch of conspiracy theories online and yells them out, thinking he's a great philosopher. He also calls people who don't think exactly what he thinks "stupid". And he gets like 60% on assignments because he's gaming the whole time. Wow.

6 Backstabbers

Backstabbers are disgusting. I once had a "friend" who would attack my brother when I wasn't around. I was so angry that when I saw him, I wanted to kick his rear end to heaven. My parents said that I couldn't talk to him until he talked to his parents. Considering he's a lying, cow-brained buffoon, he never did, and I've never seen him again.

I nearly stopped going to school because of this. My friend did this, and as soon as I entered secondary school, I cut off all communications with her because of all the things she did. It's still going on but not as bad now. This should be in the top 10 because this could ruin somebody and make them feel insecure.

7 People who won't leave you alone

There's this girl that goes to my school and I would call her an okay friend (when she isn't being irritating). She can be nice, but she is the type of person who wants to be by you 24/7. She calls me her best friend, and even though that is nice, EVERYBODY knows who my best friend is. She doesn't see it.

She wants to sit by me at lunch 24/7. She put her locker right next to mine to be by me. This might just be a paranoid thing, but she copies some things I do. She says she's my best friend to other people (including my best friend). She seems okay, right? No, this is the type of person who puts you down for all of your insecurities, who steals your food, who is aggressive, and posts very embarrassing things about you that are private.

I used to be good friends with her, but ever since 7th grade, she has gotten worse. I don't know what to do, and she will never go away. I even feel like I'm losing my best friend :(

8 Girls who cause drama

One time in my school, this person was crying because she sat down. Everyone was weirded out. Then the next day, she was crying because she was typing the first word in her essay. On Friday, she was crying because this kid told her to give her personal space. On the whole week, every national anthem we do, she would cry emotionally.

Later, when we were doing math, she was crying because she just walked towards the class. And later, when she lost a game, she didn't cry, but when she won, she cried!

This annoys me so much, and this doesn't just go for the girls in my grade - pretty much everybody, actually. People in my grade usually make up things like who likes who, who hates who, who likes what, etc.

So many people in my class hate people for their opinions, too. You like that TV show and they don't? They hate you. You like that book and they don't? They hate you. I'll be lucky if I survive the rest of my school years.

9 People who stare at you

There is a guy that keeps staring at me while I'm studying, reading, or even talking to people. It creeps me out, and I can't focus. One day, I was going home and realized that he keeps following me for no reason. It just makes me so annoyed! So, I talked with my best friend about it, and she said that guy just likes me. I don't know what to call him, maybe creepy guy.

Like if you're sitting in the library and someone walks by and stares at you for longer than a second, it's creepy and annoying as heck. Like, what are you staring at? Mind your own business. But I guess they're checking to see whether or not you're attractive.

10 Perverts

I have a classmate in my science class, and my God, he is such a perverted weirdo. He probably has the biggest ego in the whole school. I'm pretty sure he just went to my science class to take advantage of the fact that it doubles as a sex ed class. He is constantly harassing the other girls in my class.

Now, being in seventh grade, this is something you'd probably expect, but not to this degree. Even my science teacher (whose name I'm not going to mention) thinks he is a perverted child. He is constantly asking really perverted questions, mostly about sex, in my class. It's comedy for some, and a total nightmare for others. And even worse, whenever I tackle the situation, I could tell he's trying his best to avoid it, as if he's in a hurry or frustrated about something. Although he is funny at times, he's definitely troublesome.

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11 Tattlers

Once in 5th grade (or 4th), I punched myself in the face as a joke because I hated writing and had to do extra credit with some other kids. I accidentally made my nose bleed and asked to go to the nurse but was too scared to say, "Oh yeah, by the way, I punched myself softly in the face to get out of an assignment." This was the grade where people had to have a partner to go anywhere, so this girl named "Bailey" (yeah, I don't care if I say your name, you're a jerk) helped me think of a small lie on the way there. It was like I slipped and fell or something (thinking back on it, it was my stupid 4th/5th grade mind talking, and I should have just said it randomly started bleeding, because that happened to me a lot anyways). Keep in mind, SHE NEVER SUGGESTED TELLING THE TRUTH.

In the nurse's office, she went back to class, and a few minutes later, the nurse got a call. Guess who tattled and acted like a hero when she never even told me to tell the truth. I should have ratted her out, and I still regret not doing so and hold a grudge TO THIS DAY. I was homeschooled all of middle school, and I'm going back to a public high school this year. If I see her, I'm going up to her face and reminding her that I hate her guts. What made it worse was that the principal called my dad, who has a strict "NO LYING WHATSOEVER" policy, and I was rewarded with 4-5 hard spankings with no pants on and with either a belt or a ruler. I hate you, Bailey. P.S., that's a boy's name.

12 People who ignore you

At school, one of my teachers seriously hates being ignored. If you try to avoid her, she will talk to your parents if they are with you and give you extra homework. Also, if her neighbors ignore her, she will go up their driveway. She has the right idea. The least people could do is nod their head!

There used to be a few guys in my school... you called their name, started talking to them, they looked at you... you were waiting for their answer... and they started talking to someone who was standing behind you! As if you hadn't said anything to them. That used to make me very angry.

13 Cry babies

I may have had my mental breakdowns in classrooms, but at least I had a real reason! It is usually the behavior of the classroom that really makes me uncomfortable, and sometimes I can't take it. I have an anxiety disorder myself, and I know what it is like to have a panic attack. Some people are just using mental disorders as excuses, and that really, REALLY offends me!

These people cry over something that doesn't make sense! For example, someone took their seat by accident. When the so-called "person with a mental illness" walks in and finds the person sitting in their seat, they don't nicely ask the person to move. They go ultra BALLISTIC like they witnessed the death of their own friend! Yes, crying over the behavior of a classroom seems stupid, but I can't control my anxiety! It's pretty easy to spot a person who is faking an illness, by the way.

14 The guy who thinks he is so hot

Ugh. Makes me sick to my stomach. In my school, there are plenty of these guys who are arrogant and sexist and just act like apes sometimes. While in PE, I was playing badminton because it's my favorite gym class game and this guy, Nick, gets my friend out with a spike, and he just yells and flexes. I do not understand how on this green earth people like him. We were playing badminton again one day and one of Nick's friends dares him to play. And do you know what he said? "Uh, there are girls in line", implying as if he could just beat them all if his hands were tied behind his back. They say that girls are kitchen workers too.

15 People that think they are smart but really aren't

Yes indeed. Hate these people. Honestly, I consider myself intelligent (so far I've gotten the highest average in all subjects in my grade for 7 years), but I try to be humble and stay away from compliments. These people are totally the opposite. There's one in my agriculture class named Dominique who's this way and seems completely oblivious to the fact that no one likes him. I can't believe he's in sixth grade. Ridiculous.

The only other people I hate more than them are know-it-alls, religious imposers, and most of all, idiotic arrogant people who love to tell everyone how smart they are and who, unfortunately, have a reason to brag.

16 Drug addicts
17 Fake friends

Some of my friends are fake, but I don't want to make them mad at me, so I don't say anything about it.

There's a song by Bring Me The Horizon about this.

I don't have any real friends because everyone seems fake. I feel all alone.

18 Jocks

These are the arrogant, self-absorbed, cocky, over-privileged, obnoxious, "athletes" in high school. Not all athletes are like this though. Most athletes in my high school aren't like this.

I don't care how many touchdowns you made last night. I'm trying to do my homework so I don't end up like you.

Jocks, you are not smart. You are not funny. You are not fabulous.
You are not jocks. You're jerks. Get over yourselves. Sports are not going to get you anywhere!

19 Racists

God, I had to deal with these people when I was in high school during the late 2000s. There was one person who was a Nazi sympathizer, and he often came into my history class. Once, he got suspended for wearing full German soldier regalia when the time came to talk about World War II, saying that the Wehrmacht weren't bad people. They had to swear allegiance to Hitler, doesn't he know that?

He also silently made fun of black students, and at my graduation ceremony, he shouted all kinds of offensive stuff at me, which caused him to be removed from the school, no joke. Nowadays, he is part of a neo-Nazi group, so I shouldn't be surprised at all...

20 Douchebags

Literally, everyone in my school is like this. This guy calls me kid because he thinks he's better than anyone. He's such a try-hard. Also, mostly whenever someone learns a curse word, they will start using it. One time, this girl called a guy the W-word. You call a guy the W-word, and you just learned it but never knew the definition.

I hate when there are these students who think they are tough, brave, and strongest, and they're popular. Like, I told him to stop picking on me, but he got angry and said he wants to fight in the back of the bus. What did I do?!? I was just telling him to stop picking on me, then he gets mad! Also, my friend decided to talk behind my back and say embarrassing things about me to that annoying douchebag.

21 Popular boys

It's not the girls, it's the boys. They are worse than the stereotypical popular girl.

They think they're smart, but half of them get C's, D's, and F's. Strike one.
They boast about how "good" they are at a sport, yet they ignore people who don't play sports. Strike two.
They "like" popular girls, yet don't know what a relationship is (I know, but don't want one yet). Strike three.
They joke about things just because they're inappropriate. Strike four.
They expect to be treated like gold because they play football or basketball. Strike five.
Being hypocritical and noisy. Strikes six and seven.
They make fun of unpopular sports (i.e., wrestling, cross country, swimming) as well as music programs (band, choir, orchestra). Strike eight.

So, eight strikes, huh? You'd be out more than twice if you played baseball.

22 Morons

This term applies to people who don't use common sense - which is literally everyone in my school except that small percentage of people who can actually think.

Civilization is ending! Three-quarters of the people in my school don't know how many stars are on the US flag! This is the end of humanity!

Applies to the rowdy vermin in my class who think that "Yo Mama" jokes are funny to scream at the teacher for mere attention and "WOAHAHA ROASTED" comments. I'm sorry, but "Yo Mama" is getting quite old now.

23 Kids who curse to sound cool

Seriously, it is not cool to curse every other word. There is this one kid in my school named Nick, and he curses approximately 30 times each lunch period. I am not exaggerating. I am being serious.

When I began middle school long ago, my "friend" began swearing, thinking that now she was old enough, she was allowed to swear. So she swore at nothing for no reason.

This seventh grader on my bus was cussing to sound cool, and the driver heard him. So we had to pull over. When he finished yelling at the seventh grader, we kept going. Then there was a train.

24 Arrogant people

I am so sick of these stupid school kids that are so full of themselves!

I once had two good friends. One was really smart, and the other was average. They both tried to become "cool kids," but it just made them even worse. Something that is more disturbing is that they turned into perverted people that think they are so smart but aren't. Now I'm trying my best to avoid them.

Like me? Obviously, you don't know what you are talking about if you added me, the most intelligent person on Earth, to this list.

25 Mean teachers

I don't know where they think they have the right to do what they please and treat their students like crap. They're there to help the student get an education, not bully them.

These teachers get on my bloody nerves! Those teachers who are overly strict, mean for no reason, have stupid rules, and are just unlikable. They need to be fired!

I was struggling in math, so I asked the teacher for help, but she didn't.

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