Top Ten Most Needed School Supplies

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1 Pencil

Pencils are the main thing to use in school because we need it for many things that may come up. Most of my classes in middle school use pencil all the time I have never been in any of my classes without having to use a pencil even in P.E. or my outdoor class.

Pencils are critical for school. Like, I literally had a pack of about 30 pencils, I let people borrow them, and 2 weeks later, there all gone. Never making that mistake again!

Pencils are always needed for school. If you don't have one, you'll be like "Someone! I need a pencil to take this test!" or something like that. That is why you need a pencil.

2 Notebook

Notebooks are essential! No notes means you can't study... If you can't study, you fail. If you fail, you don't go to college. If you don't go to college, you're not smart. If you're not smart, you can't get a job. If you can't get a job, you won't have money. If you don't have money, you will starve. If you starve, you get super skinny. If you're super skinny, you become ugly. If you're ugly, nobody will love you. If nobody loves you, you become sad. If you're sad, it soon leads to depression, and depression leads to death!

If you didn't have notebooks, you couldn't write stuff down. And then you couldn't study it, and then you'd fail.

3 Eraser

Well if you don't have erasers then you would have to pay attention

4 Backpack

A backpack is VERY important because if you have to carry a whole bunch of textbooks home with your bare hands, you'll end up very tired. A backpack... all you need to do and put your stuff in and then put the handles on your back. Simple!

Make sure to get a plain sturdy one! If its pretty but weak, then its useless.

Backpacks. What else will you carry your stuff in?

5 Paper

I almost always carry scrap paper along with pencils and tin foil in my pockets.

Hey, I have to survive plus I probably will get stranded on my bike if I get into an accident since my phone don't work and people are often jerks.

Paper is more important than a pencil. You could just use things like pens and crayons a substitutes.

Paper is the most used I'm in 6th grade and I used almost 500 sheets of paper with the front and back!

6 Pen
7 Folder
8 Highlighter
9 Clorox Wipes
10 Calculator

Some teachers require there students to have a calculator. I just enjoy doing less math honestly.

You won't understand the beauty of these things until you reach middle school.

These are just too useful in middle school.

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11 Computer

Technology has so much more things you can do, which is pretty true. In just a few taps, you can call, game, and text on your phone.
Pretty cool, no?

Why do you need a textbook if you have a computer? Everything is electronic nowadays.

12 Sanitizer
13 Binders

You can put paper and homework in here. Try to fine a pencil case with rings on it so you can attach it to the rings inside of your binder. Pens, glue, scissors, you can put many things in the pouch. And try to get tabs (separators), so you can keep organized of all the homework in each class, this works best if you are in junior high or high school. Try to collect as many pencils and pens as you can because, high chance you might lose one or two throughout the year.

14 Scissors
15 Crayons

Only if you're in elementary school. In middle school, high school, and college, you either use them for projects or your own personal enjoyment.

Crayons are good but holy cow, colored pencils are just- s o g o o d .

16 Markers

A lot of teacher go through these fast. They are Greatly appreciated when donated

17 Pencil Case

You need this to keep track of your pencils or else yo lose them!

18 Sharpener
19 Glue

Squirt some on someone's finger then pick nose finger stuck there forever

20 Text Book

Text Books are arguably more important than pencils. If pencils didn't exist, we could just use pens or something like that.

21 Ruler

I use a protractor because it has the protractor and a ruler too! (Mine Also has a compass too but that's not common.)

I need rulers like crazy but I do not have one I makes me unhappy

22 Planner

A planner so that you can know what homework you have that night and when you have tests

23 Sports Bag
24 Mechanical Pencil

I would put this in the 1first place and a regular pencil in second place! these are so good!

25 Staples
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