Top Ten Things You Should Do After School

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1 Go online Go online

The first thing I do even in class is go online (despite being back in person). I browse the web before I do my school work.

I think after school you should go outside and play after you are done with your homework.

After school, I check on how my accounts are doing before I watch Paramount+ or do homework.

This should be number one. I always go on the top tens after school.

2 Relax Relax

That is the number one thing everyone should do. Give yourself a break and your brain a chance recharge.

That is my favorite hobby!

This should be 1 what I do. I put in a metal or rock cd and lay down and listen

That's what I want to do

3 Have a snack Have a snack

That's what I do... Cheetos and I end up having a date, except he leaves empty-handed (bad joke, sorry)! Cool list by the way, really creative!

You haven't eaten anything in three hours. What do you do?
A. Getz a snackz.
B. Don't care.
C. Don't care.
D. Don't care.
The correct answer is of course, A. This should be number one.

My school only allows fruit, vegetable or hard cheese just because of food allergies.

Sometimes, I sneak on some chips and other snacks after school.

4 Do your homework Do your homework

I do this first so that way I have a lot of free time later in the day. Plus I don't even get much homework anyway, which is surprising because I'm in seventh grade.

It's one of my resolutions to finish homework once I get home. Something I'm going to need to learn before high school, for sure!

I get it kinda sucks having to do it, but I can chill in peace and quiet while listening to some music.

No one likes homework, but you just have to find a way to make it enjoyable and do what you have to do.

5 Play video games Play video games

Great way to clear your mind after an exhausting day at school. Don't let this become an addiction though.

Only on fridays. But it is still awesome! I like to play stuff like madden and rocket league.

Nothing like coming home and playing a good game of Street Fighter II or Minecraft.

I love playing video games. They are really fun.

6 Go outside Go outside

After sitting in class all day, going outside for a walk will do your body wonders.

I do this to get home, actually.

7 Hang out with friends

It's important to have good friends and to develop your relationship with them.

My group of friends and I hang out at a local park.

To runway for depressed of your day, also you can talk with your friend what happen today and make joke about that

8 Listen to music Listen to music

I bring my MP3 to school so I can drown out the sound of the very immature teens I'm surrounded by for 6 hours and 5 days a week.

I enjoy listening to rock music and hip hop (mostly old school).

I always listened to music in the school bus after school.

9 Watch TV Watch TV

Of course, feeling picky are we?

I always do this.

10 Sleep Sleep

Hard to go to bed early sometimes, but when you manage to do it, you feel way better in the morning.

YES! Every friday after school. My routine is home, shower, food screw you all I'm taking a nap

Sounds like a good idea, but sleeping in after school is rare.

You must sleep should be a law! Sleep is so good for you.

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11 Go home Go home

Well where else are you gonna go?

12 Have a bath Have a bath

Nothing more relaxing than a hot bath.

Yes a nice warm relaxing bath
I read in the bath and its really relaxing

13 Buy something

Sometimes I like to take money to school and after I get off the bus on those days, I go to the Co-op and buy something.

14 Walk your dog

It's good exercise for you AND your dog!

15 Play sports Play sports

Sports are a good way to get all that energy out after a long day of sitting in school. And if you can do it with friends, even better.

I love sports

16 Hit the mall

I would love to go to Hot Topic after a long day of being at school for almost 7 hours (not including the bus ride to and from school, which would total to 7 hours since I leave home @ 7:30 and come home @ 3:10).

The nearest mall(walking distance) will be probably filled with students.

17 Study
18 Ride your bike Ride your bike
19 Go to your neighbor's house and play

I remember how I always used to do this outside of my apartment when I was in kindergarten, but then my friends/neighbors moved away in early 2012. :(

I wish I could do somethings like but my parents are overprotective, though I haven't actually asked if I could go some place after school

20 Go swimming Go swimming
21 Start a new activity
22 Do something you love doing
23 Meditate
24 Play with your pets

I like petting my dog.

25 Dance Dance
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