Top 10 Things Many Students Can Relate To

School is quite the interesting time of our lives. We meet a lot of people during our time there and make both friends and enemies, and lots of memories, good and bad. This list talks about the experiences and feelings most of us share related to school. There's a lot to add to this list, so I encourage you to do so.
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1 Stress

I am currently a 10th grade sophomore in summer school for the said grade/year. I had a very rough start with the workload during my freshman year because I was in the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program, which meant that I was assigned more challenging work than the average class.

There are many things that cause stress in students, whether it's homework, grades, what people think of them, or something else. It really sucks, but just do things that help you when you're stressed.

For me, it's drinking water, breathing, and walking outside, and some other things.

2 Being tired in school

You have to wake up early in the morning, and I think it's BS, honestly. I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me. There's no good reason for this, and it's hard for students to focus when they are half asleep. Something really needs to be done about this. I hate it.

I sometimes feel tired at school. Even though I still try hard, I keep thinking about what time I will finally get home to relax in my free time after some tiring day at school.

I have such a big problem with this, and teachers have ZERO sympathy. Like, I can't work very well in my first class at all.

3 Being excited for summer break

It's just really nice to get away from the stress of school and learning about boring stuff we probably won't even use later in our lives. We can be absolutely free to do whatever we want, as long as it's legal. It's one of the reasons why summer is my favorite season.

The monotony of school is prison. Summer break is amazing. It gets really hard to focus around late May.

And being annoyed or tired when it ends.

4 Procrastinating

We all just did whatever we wanted to do and put off every assignment until the day it was supposed to be turned in. "Due Tomorrow = Do Tomorrow." Please put that on my tombstone.

The only reason I'm on this site is because I'm procrastinating.

Oh yes. In Pre-Calc I didn't do homework until the block before.

5 Not paying attention

Often in class, I just drift off into my own world instead of listening to what the teacher is saying. Why? Because I don't care about Billy and his 57 watermelons! Why does he have so many anyway!?

So true. I always daydream at the most random times, including during class when I'm bored. Yes, I'm aware that my daydreaming is addictive and causes problems in real life, but oh well.

I do this quite a bit, especially when the teacher has been talking nonstop for a long time.

6 Playing flash games

I remember playing flash games in school, and they were pretty fun. I played CoolMathGames and other sites just like every certified epic gamer. For example, World's Hardest Game, the Run games, Checkers with the most insane AI imaginable, and Duck Life.

The 4th Duck Life game is the best one, and no one can change my mind. R.I.P Flash, we will miss you.

I remember the good old days when I would play some random games on my family's Windows 7 laptop, or play Papa's Pizzeria and deliberately mess up the orders until 9th grade when Adobe Flash died earlier this year.

R.I.P. Adobe Flash (1996 - 2021)

7 Hating Back to School ads

This REALLY bothers me because it reminds me that summer break isn't that long. It's even more annoying when they show up not very long into it. Stop it, oh my god. Just let me enjoy my break and shut up!

This is another reason why I am glad I don't have mainstream TV anymore.

Yeah, especially when I was younger.

8 Being bored

This is easy to say. Bored all the time. But that is not what matters much for me in school.

9 Wishing you had the Death Note

Honestly, thinking about owning a Death Note in real life is a really cool idea. The anime show is very good, and the overall idea of owning a notebook where you can write other people's names in, especially if they are villains or someone who tries to get in your way, reminds me of Light Yagami's original intentions to make the world a better place by murdering criminals. Then again, that would probably make the user of a Death Note a murderer themselves.

I know there's that one teacher or student in your school who you absolutely despise. Don't try to deny that. It would make you a liar. I definitely wish I had the Death Note so I could write a certain student's name in it. I'm obviously kidding, but I hate him.

10 Carrying heavy things

Later on in school, you'll have to carry a million textbooks and notebooks, and it's very hard to carry it all. I'm not kidding about this. My backpack got damaged one time, and I'm pretty sure it's from literally holding all that crap.

A lot of us do, especially when we have all these textbooks or whatever in our backpacks that we need for our homework.

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11 There is always at least 1 annoying classmate
12 School blocking websites

It's even worse when your school blocks educational websites that your teacher tells you to go to.

This happened a lot. They blocked kid-friendly websites. They used overzealous web filters, and they are sometimes underzealous too.

13 Moving away from your friends

Unfortunately, I'm going to move this summer, and I will definitely miss some people. I made some great memories with other students, and I will never forget those great moments of my life.

This won't be the first time either, but I will still miss them, and I probably won't ever see some people again. I might go back to my old schools and remember the great times I had. Nostalgia is a crazy feeling, man.

Or in my case, having your friends move away from you. This happened back in early 2012 before I eventually moved in August 2012, shortly after my 6th birthday.

14 Hating school
15 Losing stuff

Messiest locker ever over here. I can never ever find anything, and everyone looks at me when I have to dump out my bin to find something.

I lost jumpers, shoes, water bottles, and blazers!

16 Idiots on the school bus

I remember before the pandemic happened, riding the bus was completely awful. There were these stupid kids randomly screaming outside the bus's window. It got so bad, our bus driver had to stop driving to yell at everyone to shut up.

17 Lockdown, tornado, and other drills

Recently the lockdown alarm went off. We followed the protocol, and then a teacher said, Never mind, that was a test! Actually, someone accidentally set the alarm off.

Each year there's always a fire drill.

18 Dreading end of grade tests
19 Bullies and school fights

I hated my middle school years, especially 6th grade, where there was constant bullying and fights. At the middle school I used to go to, every girl in my grade would always give me the stink eye, make fun of my big forehead, and just be mean to me.

I broke up my friendship with several of my friends because they completely changed that year. Some didn't like me because I kept telling everyone to be quiet.

I like how one of the loading screens from the game Bully is used as an example.

20 Finding a girlfriend or boyfriend

Only to find out your crush (who looks just like you and listens to the same bands as you) doesn't love you back.

This is based on a true story. At least we can still be friends.

No need to. It depends on whether you want to have a relationship or not.

21 Screaming in your mind but never saying the words aloud
22 Dirty restrooms

This didn't happen very often at my school, but it happened every once in a while.

23 Squeaky shoes in the hallways

I'm guilty of this. It's like the shoe assembly line is meant to produce a pair of squeaky shoes every 20 pairs or so.

It actually makes me die inside when it happens.

24 Hating the Respondus LockDown Browser
25 Shopping sprees for back to school
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