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1 King Ghidorah King Ghidorah is Godzilla's Greatest Enemy of all times since 1964's Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster.

He IS evil. He is doom. He is mother nature. He smiles when he kills characters. He was so feared that ancient cultures wrote basically nothing about him. He killed Mothra. HE ALMOST KILLED GODZILLA MULTIPLE TIMES. He's awesome. Have you seen the scene after the end credits? Two words: gravity beams. "Oh Sh-" is all you have time to say before he kills you. His music is OFF THE CHARTS Satanic and disturbing. Have you seen how fast he can regenerate his head? Did you EVEN NOTICE how long it took for Godzilla to burn him up... and even then his middle head still survived. I COULD KEEP GOING... but I'm too busy starting a cult for the TRUE king of the monsters; Ghidorah, the one who is many. #Longlivetheking #Letthechantingbegin

This guy beats up Godzilla the first time they meet in the movie but in the end Godzilla makes a huge comeback when ashes rain on him.

One of Godzilla's strongest foes and certainly his most recurring adversary! In the Showa Era Godzilla almost always need help to defeat him, and if we're counting Keizer Ghidorah he's also Godzilla's deadliest enemy.

The hydra, he is a giant yellow dragon, a giant atomic oversized lizard vs a yellow hydra. Plot twist: the oversized lizard wins

2 Destoroyah

There was a part that was supposed to be in the movie that was in the comics.
Destoroyah chest open up and fired a powerful beam that took out godzilla tail
I don't know why it was taken out from the movie

Destroyah is without a doubt the most powerful Godzilla enemy. He fought Burning Godzilla and almost won. If it wasn't for the fact that Godzilla got more powerful the closer to his meltdown Destroyah might have won. He has 4 forms though his most iconic and most powerful is his 4th form. Destroyah could take 7 red spiral beams while other villains like Mecha Godzilla and Space Godzilla took like 2 before they died. Destroyah is the most powerful Godilla foe. Oh he also killed Godzilla's son.

It took the Burning Godzilla and freezer weapons to bring this monster down, and it was probably not done evolving. If the Monsterverse continues, and Legendary rents the rights to more monsters, Destoroyah will eventually show up.

He looks like the devil and is extremely powerful. He is also based on the Oxygen Destroyer, the weapon that killed the original Godzilla. He is awesome and super strong, even the Burning Godzilla struggled against him.

3 MechaGodzilla

He is like Venom. He is an evil counterpart to Godzilla. His arsenal is massive. He almosted killed Godzilla! He has a beam a cannon, chest cannon, missiles, electricity, eye cannons, and can combine with another vehicle to make Super Mecha Godzilla.

Destroyah didn't kill godzilla, godzilla died of natural causes plus king ghidorah has never gotten close to beating godzilla. See godzilla vs king ghidorah 1991

How come it was said that godzilla had a brain in his hip that would kill him if it was damaged, then they never bring it up again.

This Bionic Titan (The 74 version) was the one who framed Godzilla into a Villain!

4 Gigan

It was a close call between Gigan and Spacegodzilla but everyone knows Gigan is badass. He worked with KG to kill Godzilla and Anguirus. He also worked with Megalon to kill Godzilla and Jet Jaguar. And in final wars he worked with Monster X to kill Godzilla. He also got cool chainsaw hands. Its obvious Gigan is more of a sidekick to the main villain but that doesn't stop him from being a threat.

I think that gigan was a touth oponent for godzilla although he was the side kick of monster x he was very tough with those two bladed seriously sharp chainsaw hands and the knife like ones it was so cool that it had three wings I think it was the coolest monster that fought with godzilla.

My favorite godzilla villain and really powerful foe to.

Gigan be all like, puts his sunglasses on

5 SpaceGodzilla

Like Mechagodzilla he is an evil incarnate of the hero. Space is one powerful foe to. He has a twirling spiral beam. He can use telekenises to lift Godzilla and throw him into a building. Godzilla needed Moguera's help to kill him. He also kidnapped Godzilla's son. Spacegodzilla was created when Biollanete's cells floated up to space. He is a very cool monster.

The brother betrayal happened here space gojira wanted to kill his older brother

This guy should've been number 5.

Space Godzilla vs Godzilla

6 M.U.T.O.

Did you see what M.U.T.O did to Godzilla? People thought he DIED because of them!

M.U.T.O is awesome but Godzilla wrecked him by breathing his atuamic breath into his mouth R.I.P M.U.T.O.

I think the M.U.T.O. is Godzilla's enemy because it was in the movie

So awesome that everyone should vote for it no matter what!

7 Megalon

Megalon, the giant killing, destructive beetle, I mean like beetles are scary, they attack random people, pretty good kaiju, strong, and he is pals with gigan. And he can dig

One of my favorite Godzilla enemy's

How can you not love this guy

8 Biollante

Biollante is the largest Godzilla monster ever. Large enough to fit Godzilla's head in it! She also punctured Godzilla's hands with her vines. She can also spit acid on Godzilla. And she is Godzilla's genetic sister.

Bigger is better!

He has to be in 6

There is No way she is weaker than the M.U.T.O.s

9 Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah

Monster X or Keizer Ghidorah is the final enemy Godzilla faces in the the entire Japanese series, so is it any suprise he would be on here? Monster X, his first form, is so strong he can go toe to toe with Godzilla, he can also shoot lasers from his eyes. After 'Monster X' is defeated he transforms into Keizer Ghidorah. Keizer is shown to be very powerful as he throws Godzilla around with his gravity beams like he's nothing. Keizer also technically beat Godzilla. If it wasn't for the humans then Godzilla would have basically died. So you may be wondering why he is only #8? Well he has only occurred once and is basically just a grey KG with four legs.

This guy is cool but I want to know how he transmogrifies

Monster X is cool, but Keizer Ghidorah is stupid

He is a cool guy

10 Hedorah

Hedorah is kind scary with those eyes. He almost beat Godzilla if it wasn't for the military. He can shoot poo at you and an eye laser to. He was kinda unkillable as Godzilla's atomic breathe did little damage to him. He can also fly to. Hedorah was a great monster and also spread a message about pollution.

Cool! Thanks for your kind explanation!

He was disgusting so no wonder

He smells like thrash

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11 King Kong King Kong is a giant movie monster, resembling a colossal ape, that has appeared in various media since 1933. The character first appeared in the 1933 film King Kong, which received universal acclaim upon its initial release and re-releases.

Okay first of all their is a new movie of King Kong vs Godzilla and they are both the same height so which means this is going to be better than any other fight that Godzilla had a fight with

King Kong was the first 'foe', since Anguirus is shown to be a close friend to Godzilla later on, he deserves to be on this list. He is also a major movie monster as well. Though if we were to think this out King Kong is like 20 ft tall while Godzilla is like 100 so he could stop King Kong

King Kong would be eaten alive, he's not even half the size of Godzilla.

But he is strong enough to defeat godzilla

12 Mothra

Mothra should be one of the bottom ones cause she’s not really an enemy that much anymore. She’s officially Godzilla’s ally in the MonsterVerse and some films.

Mothra beats Godzilla every time they fight so why isn't she at least number3

Mothra is actually is very strong and is one of the top 20 strongest monsters

The only enemy to ever truly beat Godzilla, both as an adult and as a baby.

13 Rodan

Rodan may not be one of Godzilla biggest rivals, but his number may raise after king of the monster

Rodan should have been ranked #2 behind Ghidorah. #12 is a slap in Rodan face

He's not a villain. Though he can't get along with him.

Godzilla can never get along with Rodan

14 King Caesar

Well in godzilla final wars he is a villain

He need to be in 10 place

W WAIT he is a allie not a enemie

15 Orga

How can we forget about Orga?! After all he did suck on Godzilla's energy and almost became him

Orga is just badass who could eat godzilla

16 Titanosaurus

He is a forgotten monster even though Godzilla was jumped by titanosaurus and MechaGodzilla he still brought a little fight to the king of monsters

He really gets his butt kicked😂
and he has the worst roar ever.

Titanosaurus be like “ME ME MOO”

17 Zilla

He did good in his own movie...but godzilla 2004 was too OP. In 2020, he can officially test his strength on King Kong! Thank you Legendary!

Zilla is not the Legendary Godzilla. Godzilla 2014 is basically Godzilla. And yes, he's fighting King Kong in 2020.

He's cool. But he's one of the weakest monsters ever.

Zilla is the fastest monster I want to see in godzilla 2

he is the best Godzilla

18 Gamera Gamera is a giant monster or daikaiju originating from a series of Japanese tokusatsu films of the same name.

Who doesn't love a turtle, a mean one to that! Cute and fearsome at the some time.

In the movie gamera vs godzilla in the end gamera ends up killing godzilla by bringing him up to space and dropping him down on earth

19 Battra

Battra is the evil Mothra so he has to be here. Like Mothra, Battra starts out as a larvae and then transforms into adult. He can also shoot lasers from his eyes and horn. Although Battra eventually turns to good he is a true villain deep down.

Battra is the coolest flying kaiju ever and is the most evil looking

20 Bagan

Strong as godzilla earth and stronger than king ghidorah

21 Kumonga
22 Red

King Ghidorah is number one for many reasons: Legendary made him better, ancient cultures never wrote about him 'cause he's that evil, Satan himself basically rejected him, "his storms were told to have not only brought Men to their feet... but even gods", he CARRIED GODZILLA TO THE HEAVENS, THEN DROPPED HIM LIKE HE WAS A BASKETBALL!

He killed Godzilla by devouring him in the story.

Howcome he's not higher than that show-off named king ghidorah

23 Ebirah

In son of godzilla we see a scene of godzilla fighting Ebirah and taking him down in a couple of seconds

He is quite the underrated monster I have to say.

24 Megaguirus

In an Godzilla game when Megaguirus uses his attack with his tail, not only does its tail get the enemies, but it charges its power, so you get to use its special attack again and again and again and again!

To be fair, if this was Heisei era movie, it would’ve been received better

25 Kiryu

One of the best kaiju, great and strong, a human creation with power of the military

Why is he so low he kicked Godzilla ass

Kiryu is the original Godzilla

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