Most Annoying Things About Facebook

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1 Letting your friends know every single detail about what you're doing

"I'm taking a shower"
"I'm brushing my teeth
"I'm bathing my dog"
"I'm eating at this Mexican Restaurant"
"This is my prom dress!"

This is why most people on Facebook don't get what a "Private Life" is. This is also why I block my friends sometimes when it get very annoying and why I bearly log in too.

Friend:*posts picture of him in pool* go on! Like it!
Me:why would I like that? Ugh I'm logging out
Friend:*sent to my house and unplugs mouse*you're NOT LOGGING OUT UNTIL your LIKING IT!
all those selfies and dumb posts are annoying! Why? Do you think a face could have a million views? Do you think a little hashtag could be so popular? This is the main reason I'm not using FB a lot. I just use it for my mom or dad or my relatives.

No Karen, we don't care how addicted you are to TikTok. No we don't care where you went for dinner last night. No we don't care about your views on politics. Please shut up now.

Yeah it's none of their business!

2 Invitations

Listen Karen. If I cared about your "super addicting game", I would've already downloaded it. Now quit blowing my phone up with invites.

That makes me so annoyed!
Computer: You have a notification.
Me: Oh yay!
Computer: Somebody sent you a request to play Diamond Dash.

, worst thing ever- Bilk wants you to milk his cow... First thing love ya cow ain't real, secondly no milk the cow you're self and thirdly if I delete your first request you don't have to send me 15 of the same request!

No, I'm too busy to plant corn. One guy asked me to milk his cow at "12:28 a.m." ET aka MY TIME.

3 The Twitter-like Layout

Totally unnecessary and annoying.

4 Can't Change the Background
5 People who you hate that friend you

Even those I dislike annoy me - I don't have too many who I hate.

6 Event Invites
7 IS
8 People sitting on facebook 20 hours a day

The remaining 4 hours is spent on Tumblr.

OMG that's the truth. they're better things in life than sit @ the computer all day

This is me with the Internet in general.

I remember some people were on facebook like all day when I had an account

9 Your Friends

You feel obliged to add people you haven't spoken to in 15 years, or at all for that matter. You only add them because it makes you look like you have a lot of friends

You gotta know that people don't even talk to the many friends they add.

10 Cyberbullying

I hate social networking. GO Minecraft! Anyways, the people who get cyberbullied can be really stupid. It's their fault they have Facebook! I'm never gonna be cyber bullied. But if the bully looks you up on Facebook and see that you aren't there than it's super funny. Heh heh, L O L

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11 Stupid Wannabe Bands That Send You Friend Request

I usually get this on Instagram, but it's still annoying either way.

No, One Direction, I will not be your Facebook friend.

Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Some people send a friend request to people that there friends are friends with

12 Teen Swag Pages

Man, these things are so stupid...

These pages are so stupid!

13 Females Getting Hundreds of Likes for Stupid Status Updates

My aunt always posts pictures of food on Facebook. After a while it got really annoying so I blocked her. And she was getting hundreds of Likes.

People can be so shallow

14 Too Much Justin Bieber and One Direction

My friends just keep posting pics on one direction and it is so annoying! I just want to kill them! Stupid people!

Instead of them, can we have some Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne?

I hate One Direction and Justin Bieber

Why not Shrek memes?

I just hide those posts.


My mom never figured out what pokes are. So they are annoying if you get one.

Oh pokes annoy me

16 People who like everybody's birthday post except you

NONE of my CA relatives know my birthday only each other's and my mom's and aunts' and uncles' and cousins' birthdays. That's why I have to constantly remind them if they ever call on my birthday (or a few days before)

17 Poor, pitiful me-type statuses

You have internet connection, a device for connecting to it, you have Facebook friends.
Your not in Africa wondering when your next bowl of rice or drink of water is coming. Get over yourself!.

I specifically hate people who upload a statuses about how much there life sucks and then when you ask them what the problem is. They say they don't want to talk about it.

Someone puts a status about oh my life is filled with drama I hate my life.
Why don't you get of Facebook and telling all your damn businesses
You only making it worse and it gets annoying

The woman who complains about how she has been done wrong by her man, over and over and over, even though she got herself into that situation.

18 Lost my cell phone number groups

Wouldn't it just be easier to message all of your friends to get their numbers? Or write them down somewhere?

19 People chatting to each other on your wall

I don't want people's meaningless chat to one another to be related to me and I certainly don't want to be notified each time one of them says something to the other. Keep it private guys.

20 #SWAG
21 No face-to-face communication
22 Stalking People's Lives All the Time, Which Ends In a Decrease of Self-esteem
23 Kids aged 4 to 13
24 Adults Uploading Awkward Pics
25 Embarassing Comments
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