Top Ten Things That Defines Facebooks Admins In a Nutshell

There's many types of Facebook admins that all have different traits but all of the each group's do the same thing over again but why?
The Top Ten
1 Like & Share
2 Skocking Videos
3 Girly pages
4 Bullcrap stories
5 Fangirl page
6 GTA 5 news
7 Lets complain about todays society and how much this generation reeks

Stupid 90's kids…They will never learn that not one single decade is perfect.

8 Misleading titles
9 Creepypastas with ruined fanarts
10 I hate Justin Beiber but im going to go on and on about how much I hate him

Annoying. You are just giving him more attention. I hate these people. I'm not a Belieber, but the hate's going too far. I'm neutral about JB, but he's certainly better than Hitler, Miley Cyrus, Donald Trump, e.t.c e.t.c.

TheTopTens in a nutshell.

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11 Politics
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