10 Funnest Things to Do On Facebook

The Top Ten
1 Like Stuff

Whenever I'm bored I just "Like" Stuff

2 Chat

When we chat we have lots of fun with friends!

3 Post Photos
4 Play Games
5 Have Lots of Friends
6 Keep Up-to-date
7 Talk to Friends
8 Video Chat
9 Become Popular
10 Create/Join Groups
The Contenders
11 Post Funny Status Messages
12 Play Activities/Applications
13 Tell People What You're Up To
14 Post Videos
15 Post Random Stuff On Someone's Page
16 Make New Friends
17 View Friend Profiles
18 Stay In Touch
19 Change Your Name On You Account

My brother did this d my dad said that he had to keep it like that for six months!

20 LMS
21 Truth Is
22 Rates
23 Be Annoying and Make Multiple Accounts Because Nobody Likes You...:d
24 Flirt
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