Top 10 Reasons to Leave Facebook

The Top Ten
1 Political drama

One of the only things I ever see on my Facebook feed anymore.

They tend to be immature, one-sided and full of anger.

Facebook is for boomers.

2 People posting constant pics of their kids.

See this all the time. Glad I quit facebook 4 years ago.

They're YOUR kids. Keep them to yourself. Who cares.

3 Vanity and insecurity.

You struggle financially to see someone on a vacation in Bermuda. You gained weight just to see everyone skinny in their bikinis.

Pretty much universal in all social media sites.

4 Statuses are gone. Memes are in.

People used to write their own material. Now they just share photos in the laziest detached way possible.

5 Young people are out ; old people are in.

I don't want all my aunts and uncles being my friend.

6 Business and marketing

So many people are using it as a vehicle to plug their business, and it's like a guys in a chatroom.

Facebook is hell!

7 It's the establishment.

It was cool back when it was the new thing. Now other forms of social media are coming out and Facebook is slowly aging.

8 Stalking

Is it really everyone's business what you comment on other people's walls?

9 Most of your FB friends are irrelevant

Is the guy who had a western civ class with you 10 years ago really that necessary to your life. Why not move on?

10 Constant promotions

Ads, game requests, FB algorithims changing the order of posts to get you to view certain things.

The Contenders
11 It's too distracting

I deactivated my account yesterday (May 1, 2019) for this exact reason. I was addicted.

Procrastination forever

12 Inappropriate pictures
13 People hardly ever respond to your messages
14 Your posts hardly ever get any likes
15 Hypersensitive people
16 Losing interest
17 It keeps you from being productive
18 Too Much Hoax, Propaganda, Racist Etc.
19 You Get Hit with Emails that Say that Someone Posted Something
20 It Adds Some "New Features" Which are Not Good at All
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