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1 Aslan

I'm really happy to see that Aslan is #1 on this list. Aslan is a representation of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us on the cross. I honestly think that Aslan only dying to save Edmund's life is also symbolic of the fact that if only one person existed and sinned, Jesus Christ would have still died and rose again to redeem that on soul. I also love that he's a lion. Really unique writing on Lewis's part!

Aslan is representing God. NO one can beat him, that's for sure. I love him, Susan (Anna Popplewell), and Peter (William Moseley). William Moseley is so cute. Why isn't he married yet? He should've espoused Anna Popplewell, but the relationship he used to have with her obviously didn't work out because Anna married a Sam something. Go ASLAN! He died, like Jesus Christ, and rose again, although not in three days. C.S. Lewis was a Christian, like J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien and Lewis were BFFs. :D

Aslan is very powerful and strong! He is very kind, especially with the Pevensies and he is always making the right things. He will do anything for Narnia and for the creatures that are living in it. He is amazing!

NO one can beat Aslan the great lion. He is the King of the Kings. I even say he is like a God. He can almost do anything. He is EASILY the best Narnia character.

2 Edmund

When I was really little, Susan was my favorite character because I only knew her from the BBC Narnia adaptations, and hadn't really read the books yet. However, Edmund became my favorite character when I was about 8 years old, after I read the books all the way through and realized how his character developed and his attitude changed. When I was 11, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was released by Disney in the theaters and became only one of 3 movies I have seen 3 times in the theaters. Edmund's character was really put forth as an excellent transformation and it just caused me to love his character even more. I feel like he really shone forth in the movies, and that Skandar Keynes did a spectacular job in doing the character justice! I love watching all his scenes!

He was not a perfect character, but his betrayal was forgiven, and from that point on, he was one of the most courageous, just, and kind characters in the books!

I don't like him at first, he's such as brat, and even betrays his siblings. But he actually learns his lesson and becomes a much kinder person later on.

Edmund is awesome. I think he is the perfect example of how a traitor can still come back and he a hero. Long live King Edmund The Just!

3 Lucy Lucy Pevensie is a fictional character in C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia series. She is the youngest of the four Pevensie children, and the first to find the Wardrobe entrance to Narnia in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

I think Lucy is one of the best character in the Narnia stories. She is so open minded and she always believes in the good in people. She is always ready for the adventures she truly believes in. She always forgives people for their mistakes and is always willing to help anyone who needs her help. She would be willing to die for her loved ones and she has had to save them awful lot's of times.

I think Lucy is a really good inspiration for kids in the 21 century and she is always so positive. On top of that is she funny and so valiant like in her title: To the glistening Eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy the Valiant.

Lucy is the most faithful in the whole series of Narnia. She always believes in Aslan, and was the first one to get into Narnia through the wardrobe, the first one to see Aslan when they were fiding their way to help prince Caspian.

Lucy is the sweetest, most loyal character in the whole series. I hate the fact that the other three siblings almost never believed her, that always annoyed me when I was reading the series.

4 Susan Susan Pevensie is a fictional character in C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia series. Susan is the elder sister and the second eldest Pevensie child.

Susan is probably my favourite Narnia character in the movies, but in the books she is more negative and closed mind person. So I think that Anna Popplewell who played Susan in the movies did a really great job.
About Susan stop believing in Narnia in the last battle does not change much because I know that always when you forget something it comes back to you on the most surprising moments. And even though she will not remember Narnia again is the memory still in her head she just can't reach it but she will still end up in Aslan's country anyway when her time will come

I think Susan is a great character in the lion, which and the wardrobe and prinse Caspian. We don't hear much from her in the voyage of the dawn treader. But in the last battle she has come to grownup for the stayle of the series. But in the lion, which and the wardrobe who is the most famous and popular narnia book Susan is a great character most of the time. But she is still one of my favourite.

Susan is very brave, kind, strong and beautiful! She is a great character and one of the best that ever existed!
She is awesome!

She rejected Aslan and chose to forget Narnia in the end. Still a well written character, but very tragic.

5 Peter

I think what I like about Peter and all his siblings is that they are by no means perfect. They are flawed and impatient with each other and C.S. Lewis wrote them to act like ACTUAL siblings act. I love how Peter is the big brother who looks out for his siblings. He honestly reminds me so much of my own older brother and think that's the main reason I enjoy his character so much!

I seriously don't understand why Peter is so under appreciated. I understand that he's already High King so C.S. Lewis tried to take some of the focus off of him, but he seriously needs MORE APPRECIATION. He stood up for his siblings when they were in trouble, he fought for Narnia even though he literally had only been there for a day, he's a great leader, he has a good balance of common sense and intellect. Like please people we need a Peter Pevensie appreciation post ASAP

Okay, I wonder why he is UNDER Susan. Do you guys even KNOW what became of Susan in the Last Battle?! Read the BOOKS, movie lovers!

Anyways, I vote for him because he is just like ME. He is loyal, and infact he is the High King Peter!

He's a Knight, the eldest of the Pevensie children, and as he wrote his title in the book Prince Caspian:
High King over all Kings in Narnia, Emperor of the Lone Islands and Lord of Cair Paravel, Knight of the Noble Order of the Lion.

6 Prince Caspian

Ok guys. Why isn't Rilian the prince here? Prince Caspian is here all right. But can anybody add his son Rilian here please? Jill and Puddleglum is here. But where in the earth is RILIAN?

But anyways I love Caspian very much. Sad he dies in Silver Chair. Also, I'm mad at the movies for making Caspian a MAN and not a ten year old child.

I love Prince Caspian! He is very strong, brave, beautiful, gorgeous and kind! He is a very good king, too! He didn't killed Miraz when he had the chance to do this, even if Miraz has killed his father.
I love Caspian!

I really think caspian is the best narnia character ever.

You who hate caspian do not have a life.

7 Queen Jadis (The White Witch)

She rules narnia in ice and snow for 100 years, has an army of monsters, kills aslan, can turn people to stone, and almost ruins the prophecy. Aslan barely shows his face.

If only Tilda Swinton would return to play Jadis in a hopefully-upcoming film of The Magician's Nephew, then that would be awesome!

I like queen Jadis because of her tenacity.

She's evil as the Devil

8 Reepicheep

Wow... You can't get any better than Reepicheep. He is ADORABLE (even though he would hate me saying that. We all know it's true). He has an amazing sense of honor, but also vanity that Alsan eventually points out. It was the saddest scene of all time to watch him ride over the waves into Alsan's world. I legit cry every single time. He is the best character. Please vote for him, the mouse deserves it.

So valiant, so friendly, and always fully committed to his desire of entering Aslan's country, in his entire life. Always be my inspiration.

Reepicheep is very cute but very brave!
He is also very strong, even he is small.
I love Reepicheep!

What won't you like about him? He is adorable and strong.

9 Mr. Tumnus

Mr. Tumnus is a sweet and underestimated character. Sure he's got his flaws but not everyone can be as perfect as Aslan. He was the first person Lucy bumped into in The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe and should no longer be overlooked. MR. TUMNUS for the win!

He is a very good character, but also too underrated by all of the Narnia fans.

He is a good number nine.

10 Eustace

Eustace was the most annoying character in the beginning. (Will Poulter was HILARIOUS) But he changed his ways, much like Edmund, and became a hero.

I love how he did a 180

He is a smart dude

The Contenders
11 Jill Pole
12 Shasta and Bree

I loved both of them so much! Bree had such a great character development, with all his pride, and Shasta was just brilliantky written

Kidnapped by the Calormenes as an infant, Shasta escapes from being sold into slavery and makes his way to Narnia

13 Digory Kirke

He is the foundation of Narnia with Aslan and overcomes temptation from the witch to do good. C S Lewis modelled Digory on himself. Saving his mother with a magic apple from Narnia brings a tear, knowing the author mirrored Digorys pain with his own mother who was ill and he lost at a young age, and how he would have wished for a magic apple of his own

Most of the MOVIE watchers says he is the old kind gentle proffesor coming in the movie. But hey, he is the FIRST human to find the Narnia. He was there when the world was first created.

He is the character that gave me those mystery vibes. He is the Grandfather.

Yea, he's pretty great.

14 Oreius

Such an amazing character! I absolutely love how he was willing to die for his country, his king, and 4 children he barely knew. Such an awesome character!

He is what I would imagine a True Knight should be. He is loyal, brave and strong. He went straight to his death for Peter, along with the Rhino. They are both awesome.

He is a great warrior and the General of Aslan's army.Moreover he motivates Peter when he leads the way of the army and he is very loyal and I think he should be replaced in rank by jadis

15 Philip (Edmund's Horse)
16 King Miraz
17 Trumpkin

Should be higher

A crazy dwarf

18 Polly Plummer

Polly was always my favorite when I was little. Probably because she didn't take any crap from Digory.

Polly was always my favorite.

19 Trufflehunter

Really such an awesome character! Really great in the book and the movie!

20 Mr. Beaver
21 Puddleglum

Puddleglum is the delightful Eyeore of Narnia--but brave in the end. A delight!

He's so pessimistic it's funny!

22 Aravis

She is amazing!

23 General Otmin

This guy lasted until the final battle. He was a great tactician, loyal to Jadis, and had no problem killing a few Centaurs. Even after being cut off from the queen by that Phoenix, he was still alive. He was the first out of Jadis' entire army to notice the approaching grffions and called it out to the other bad guys. Then, even when he could've ignored Orieus, he clearly took notice that Orieus was heading towards Jadis and rushed to go stop him. He latched himself onto Orieus and held on for dear life. Even when he was stabbed once, it took both of Orieus' swords to kill him.

Otmin is very loyal to Jadis, and clearly takes pleasure out of being a bad guy. Here's a villain that needs to be in Descendants. It would be shocking to see him actually take sides against Jadis.

The guy may not be good but he is loyal to his liege to the last bit of his bones, enough said.

Whoa, I had no idea this guy would make it up to at least this high when I put him on here.

24 Emperor Beyond The Seas
25 Asterius

The first Minotaur to show they had truly changed their ways when he sacrificed himself during the Night Castle Raid scene.

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