Best Witch and Wizard Characters

Who is your favorite character in the book by James Patterson, Witch and Wizard.
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1 Wisteria "Wisty" Allgood

Awesome, cool, and fun character. I couldn't pick a better person to be a great scary witch with the gift of fire. I can't wait to see her in the movie! I also hope she ends up with Byron!

I love her! Starting on fire is such a cool power to have. Or floating above ground, while sleeping, wouldn't it be cool to be her!?

My favorite character is Wisty she is a fiery tomboy that takes no crap from people she is just so much fun to read about I love the books there awesome, and her character is just awesome I love her

Wisty is the best!

2 Whitford "Whit" Allgood

I love Whit! His personality is so unique from all the other jocks. I mean jock and poet, James Patterson is a genius.

He's a classic Jack of all trades character. I think almost everyone can relate to Whit in one way or another.

He is the ponzor of all ponzorz! He is the epic duck of all epic ducks, he is totally AWESOME!

He's tough, rough, strong, fast, and caring, he's cool (awesome)
Needs more powers though because wisty has it all so I think he should get more

3 Byron Swain

BYRON is the best character here ever! (except for Wisty & Whit) He may be evil before but it's just because his father forced him to. He always shows his love for Wisty, always getting jealous w/ other boys liking Wisty like Heath aka Pierce. He is just so sweet and reckless when it comes to Wisty. I just hope Wisty sees it.

I didn't like Byron in the first book, but in the second book-and on- You really see a good side to him that is sad and lonely. And I so think he and Wisty should be together! Wisty should NOT be with Heath! But I don't know how it all turn's out. I'm still on the last book.

Byron is my favorite book character ever. he is so loving and reckless and loyal, I know he was evil before but that was only because his dad beat him. I wish wisty would finally realize that byron loves her and that she would give him a chance because he deserves to be happy

I LOVE Byron! He is the best one in the book (besides Wisty). He's akward, but at the same time caring. He's almost always there for Wisty. There's not one thing I would change about him in the book. He's Amazing

4 Janine

Exactly, Janine and Whit are ment for echother. I don't see how Whit can't see that. I mean he already cares for her, a lot. He tells her secrets, they kissed. Do I really need to spell it out for the boy? But I kind of wish something would happen to Janine. Like, an almost death and Whit will save her and my heart will sigh 'Awhh. ' In other words, (I mean it in the nicest way possible. ) Celia, girl, don't let the door hit ya on the way out! Bye Bye! (Ha that's funny 'cause Celia's a ghost. Ha! ) Okay I'm just gonna stop typing now, Whit and Janien make a heart. Bye!

God, I love Janine. Seriously, I don't know why the hard headed boy (Whit) can't just let go of Celia. Hello.. ? Shes DEAD. And she needs to LET him move on. Anyway, Janine IS BY FAR my favourite character ever!

So much better than Celia. Great girl for Whit!

5 Sasha

I honestly wish Wisty and Sasha were together. I loved him from the second he was mentioned. I don't think he had a big enough role in the book. He was majorly mentioned in what, 4 pages of the first book? Around 3 when he helped them with the bombs and a bit when he was introduced. The other was when he betrayed them. I wish he had a bigger role, if nothing else.

Man, Sasha and Wisty should be together. I mean, just look or feel by the way he held her on her waist. Does that say crush or not? In some point of the story, he has to admit feelings for her. He has to be with Wisty, NOT Bryon

I still like Sasha even though from what he did in the first book. I don't see why Wisty can't forgive him.

6 The One Who Is The One

He's evil but is he your favorite?

7 Celia

She has me confused. Is she good or evil?

8 Mrs. Highsmith

I love her, she's great

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